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download Space Funk - Bailey* - (Intelligence) (Cassette) full album

Label: Not On Label - none Format: Cassette Mixed, Unofficial Release, Compilation Country: UK Genre: Electronic Style: Drum n Bass

Sometime later, Soundwave was part of the conference of scientists called by Thunderwing in The Transformers: Murphy Gloop, from the show The Herculoids. That can only be in a war and Indonesia is not at war. The investigators were thus able to recreate the bombers activities. See All News. A remembrance garden was constructed at the International School Ho Chi Minh City commemorating teachers from that school who were killed in the bombings. Georgoulis Eduard P.

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The Mitsubishi L van bomb was initially thought to have consisted of C4 , a military grade plastic explosive which is difficult to obtain. However, investigators discovered the bomb was made from potassium chlorate , aluminium powder, and sulfur. The organization suspected of responsibility for the bombing was Jemaah Islamiyah , an Islamist group allegedly led by radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir. The recording did not however claim responsibility for the Bali attack.

He is believed to have assisted the Bali bomber Amrozi in acquiring some of the explosives used in the Bali bombings. Munandar is still at large. General Pastika ordered his men to make the arrest early the next morning, November. Amrozi was asleep in the rear of the house. Bags of chemical ingredients for bombs were found in his workshop and soil samples taken from outside his home showed traces of the primary chemical used in the Sari Club bomb.

Police found receipts for the purchase of chemicals used to make the bombs, as well as a list of expenses incurred in making the bombs. The speeches exhorted listeners to wage jihad. Police also uncovered training manuals on ambush techniques and numerous articles on jihad. Under questioning Amrozi revealed the names of six others involved in the bombing: The investigators were able to identify the location of a number of the telephones, leading to a series of arrests. Indonesian authorities also believe more suspects remain at large.

In , Indonesian police arrested 24 additional people suspected of involvement in the Bali attacks and a bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta. On 13 June , it was reported that Abu Dujana , who might have headed a terrorist cell in Bali, was captured. Just past midnight on 9 November , the three convicted of carrying out the bombings Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim, and Ali Ghufron were executed by a firing squad.

Umar Patek was finally arrested in Abbottabad Pakistan in early Patek is a suspect in other bombings as well as the one in Bali. It was alleged that he tried to overthrow the government and establish an Islamic state. The specific charges against Bashir related to a series of church bombings on Christmas Eve in , and to a plot to bomb United States and other Western interests in Singapore. He was initially not charged over the Bali attack, although he was frequently accused of being the instigator or inspirer of the attack.

On 2 September, Bashir was acquitted of treason but convicted of lesser charges and sentenced to a prison term of four years. He said he would appeal. On 15 October , he was arrested by the Indonesian authorities and charged with involvement in another bomb attack, which killed 14 people at the J.

Marriott hotel in Jakarta on 5 August Secondary charges in this indictment accused him of involvement in the Bali bombing, the first time he faced charges in relation to this attack. On 3 March , Bashir was found not guilty of the charges surrounding the bombing, but guilty of conspiracy over the attacks in Bali.

He was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment. On 30 April , the first charges related to the Bali bombings were made against Amrozi bin Haji Nurhasyim, known as Amrozi, for allegedly buying the explosives and the van used in the bombings.

On 8 August, he was found guilty and sentenced to death. Another participant in the bombing, Imam Samudra , was sentenced to death on 10 September. He also confessed that a fellow leader Riduan Isamuddin, known as Hambali, had provided the funds for the attacks.

He told police,. I do not know for sure the source of the aforementioned money from Hambali; most probably it was from Afghanistan, that is, from Sheikh Usama bin Laden. As far as I know, Hambali did not have a source of funds except from Afghanistan. As noted below, all three were executed on 9 November The Australian, US, and many other foreign governments expressed satisfaction with the speed and efficiency with which the Indonesian police and courts dealt with the bombings primary suspects, despite what they characterized as light sentences.

The Australian government said it would not ask Indonesia to refrain from using the death penalty. He is in American custody in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. On 23 July , one of the convicted bombers, Maskur Abdul Kadir , successfully appealed his conviction. He had been tried under retroactive laws which were introduced after the bombing and which were employed to aid the prosecution of those involved in the attack. These laws were used by the prosecution instead of existing criminal laws as they allowed the death penalty to be imposed and lowered certain evidentiary restrictions.

The highest court in Indonesia, the Constitutional Court, found by a margin of five to four that trying the terrorist suspects under these retroactive laws violated Article 28I 1 of the constitution [2]. The minority judges argued that international human rights documents such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights allowed an exception to not applying retrospective legislation in the prosecution of crimes against humanity.

The majority found that this argument was inconsistent with the text of Article 28I 1 which states that the rights listed there "cannot be limited under any circumstances.

Following this decision, charges related to the bombings against Idris, who had confessed to participating in the attacks to the police and court, were dismissed. The legal status of Kadir, Idris and others who might have their convictions quashed following the ruling on the retrospective law is unclear. On 24 October , Bali officials announced that three men convicted of carrying out the bombings would be executed by firing squad in November The Denpasar District Court, on 3 November, accepted a reprieve motion to reconsider the death sentences.

Denpasar court official Nengah Sanjaya said the 3-page appeal would be sent to a Cilacap , central Java court. Local chief prosecutor Muhammad Yamin said they would be "executed simultaneously" but at different locations. Allahu Akbar , or "God is great! The execution caused high tension and sparked clashes in Tenggulan between hundreds of police and supporters.

After praying with the crowd, she spent half an hour in the house of the executed man and spoke with his mother. Soundwave also makes a brief appearance in the movie Bumblebee.

His appearance closely matches his G1 counterpart and appears alongside Shockwave and Starscream a non speaking role. He is voiced by Jon Bailey , who also voices Shockwave in the film.

In issue 4 of Transformers: Defiance , it is revealed that the reason for Soundwave to have believed to have been dead is because he was on the Decepticons ship that The Fallen was commanding, and that all of its crew were missing by the time Megatron noticed the emergency signal emitting from the ship while he was chasing the Allspark.

Soundwave first appeared in issue 2 of Transformers: Alliance where he arrived at the crash site of the Nemesis on Mars. Starscream was surprised to hear from Soundwave, as he had been believed dead for years. Soundwave deployed a number of his forces on Earth, leaving others on his ship. In Tales of the Fallen 5 Soundwave, still in orbit after the events of the film, notices someone has reactivated Ravage. Nefarious 1, set months after the events of the film. Arriving first Breakaway is warned by Soundwave to leave, but unwilling to give in the Autobot is swiftly defeated.

Bumblebee and his team fire on Soundwave, who escapes. Soundwave then contacted Ravage in order to discover how he was resurrected. After a battle with Optimus Prime, Soundwave convinces the Autobot leader to join forces temporarily, in order to find "the Initiative". In Revenge of the Fallen , Soundwave spends his time hovering above Earth in orbit. He receives a message from Wheelie about Mikaela Banes possessing a shard of the Allspark and orders him to retrieve it.

He demanded she tell him where Sam was, but Judy did not take him seriously, believing him to be a pervert caller, and hung up. Soundwave did not take part in the last battle, although Ravage did and was killed by Bumblebee. In Dark of the Moon , Soundwave is revealed to have been on Earth since the s.

He discovered the Autobot spaceship, the Ark on the Moon, and forcibly recruited various human servants from the U. During the battle in Chicago , Soundwave and Barricade lead several Decepticons in capturing some of the Autobots. Gould convinces Soundwave not to take prisoners, and Soundwave orders the others to execute their "trophies".

Once Que is dead, Soundwave prepares to kill Bumblebee himself, but a Decepticon battle-cruiser hijacked by Wheelie and Brains drops fighters near Soundwave, distracting him and allowing the Autobots to fight back. Bumblebee attacks Soundwave who tries to shoot him, but is confused among the crushing ships and shoots the other Decepticons. In Bumblebee , Soundwave is seen on Cybertron along with Shockwave and Starscream commanding the decepticons in the war against the Autobots.

He apparently manages to capture Optimus Prime with the help of a small army and Ravage and then Prime escapes from them. Soundwave transforms and smashes the screen projecting Optimus Prime and engages the Autobot. Bumblebee fires a shot, but Soundwave sends it back to Bumblebee as a sonic boom. Bumblebee then fires several more rounds with Soundwave frantically trying to absorb all the bullets, but is finally blown backwards.

In Cyber Missions 2 , Bumblebee trapped Soundwave in a vacuum-sealed electromagnetic bubble, rendering his abilities useless. Like the movie, Soundwave coordinates the mission to the playable Decepticon. His voice is now a similar Vocoder fashion of his G1 counterpart. In Dark of the Moon, Soundwave is a playable character.

He is ordered by Megatron to destroy a Sector 7 nest base that contains information about Sentinel Prime. Soundwave is among the Decepticons that greet Shockwave at the end of the game in South Africa. He shows Shockwave a 3D hologram of Chernobly and the artifact he must recover. Decepticons , Grindor, Sideways, Soundwave and Starscream greet a new Decepticon protoform and send him on a mission.

Soundwave directs the new protoform to survive on Earth. In the downloadable content pack for the Xbox and PS3, Soundwave is confirmed to be a playable character. He is probably based on the Deluxe toy. Dark of the Moon: War for Cybertron , Soundwave is a playable character taking the alternate form of a cybertronian truck. He is playable in levels 3, 4 and 5 of the decepticon campaign and is a boss that players have to fight in the autobot level 2.

Like all characters within the game he is playable in escalation mode, and players have to have their decepticon leader look like him in multiplayer mode.

In the game his default weapon is a neutron assault rifle, although he does have an energon repair ray in level 5 of the decepticon campaign. In the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen coloring book Soundwave is depicted hacking into a military satellite. Soundwave appears in Transformers Animated as a modular music-based Decepticon , who specializes in sonic interference.

Whilst his robot mode still retains elements of his original tapedeck incarnation, more so in his toy form, his alt-mode is now a loudspeaker -equipped Scion xB. He also possesses two supporters: Laserbeak , who transforms into an electric guitar he uses for a sonic boom attack, and Ratbat , which becomes a keytar for use in sonic hypnosis. However, the excessive usage of the key to enhance Soundwave caused an unexpected side-effect: Developing almost Cybertronian sophistication at an alarmingly increasing rate to the point of becoming self-aware to the point where he refuses to take orders from Sari or any other human any more.

By then, Megatron introduced himself to Soundwave through televisions in a nearby electronics store as his creator "of sorts" to impose unto him his plan to crush the Autobots. He used his technology-manipulating speakers to summon all nearby labor-robots to convert them into his new Transformer body while using his stereo-system to spark a robot-revolution against their "human-oppressors.

After failing to convince Bulkhead into joining him and killing Sari in the name of all robot-kind, it appeared that Bulkhead destroyed Soundwave with a single blow of his powerful wrecking-ball arm, shattering his body into hundreds of pieces.

However, unknown to the Autobot, his core survived, in the form of a small, almost-invisible media player. With the Autobots now sedated and out of commission, Soundwave proceeded to take them to the basement where he attempted to brainwash them into taking on his ideology as Decepticons by placing them in a virtual program in human form. However, the plan was briefly halted by the attempted intervention of Sari as well as the Autobots learning the truth of where they are. Soundwave succeeded in placing the Autobots under his control, and used the numerous toy replicas of himself to take control of the humans in Detroit.

However, since Sari was techno-organic, she was immune to the mind-control waves. It is unknown what became of Soundwave after that. This Soundwave is an alternate good version of the Generation 1 character from the BotCon exclusive "Shattered Glass" comic, in which the Decepticons are on the side of good and the Autobots on the side of evil. His appearance is based on the white music label Soundwave MP3 player, while Buzzsaw seems to be based on Steeljaw in appearance.

Timelines story "Shattered Glass" story by Fun Publications. When the Autobots are gaining the advantage in an attack on the Arch-Ayr fuel dump he calls in the Mayhem Suppression Squad to help the Decepticons. Soundwave appears in the story " Do Over ". When the ship is damaged in battle with the Ark he escapes in a stasis pod to Earth.

Soundwave is spotlighted in the story The Desert Heat! In this story, having crashed to Earth in an escape pod, Heatwave recovers Soundwave and helps his fellow Decepticon get back online and assume an Earth-style alternate mode. Soundwave appears in the story Eye in the Sky. Heatwave uses his powers to convince the GODS transmitter to fire the weapon on itself and stop the Autobots from taking control.

Soundwave is spotlighted in the story Blitzwing Bop. Finding Soundwave is wanted for a minor offense from long ago he heads to Earth. Thunderwing finds Soundwave involved in a battle the Autobot Blaster for the possession of the malfunctioning Decepticon Blitzwing. Although not interested in the dispute, Soundwave convinces Thunderwing that Soundwave cannot leave Earth for trial on Cybertron until his commanding officer can be notified, and the only way to get Starscream online is to rescue Blitzwing.

Thunderwing is still unwilling to takes sides in the battle against Blaster, merely following the Decepticon, but Soundwave tricks Blaster into mentioning a crime he committed on Cybertron while Thunderwing is in nearby. Thunderwing immediately goes into arrest mode and tries to capture Blaster, but Blaster escapes in a malfunctioning Stellar Spanner. With Starscream back online Soundwave confesses to his minor crimes and Thunderwing passes a sentence of community service on him.

Soundwave was a gladiator around the same time as Megatron. He has many pet Mini-Cons who work for him, particularly Laserbeak. Soundwave is one of the main group of Decepticons in the computer animated series Transformers: The fact that Soundwave does not speak by choice is indicated in an interview with producer Jeff Kline.

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