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Midwestern mindtrips to the nth degree. Feb The Most Dangerous Game. Live at Leeds was actually an official release, but packaged to resemble a bootleg. The most talked-about G. Red Right Hand. Seven Hells.

Live at Leeds was actually an official release, but packaged to resemble a bootleg. The Grateful Dead played around 2, live performances between and but are relatively under-represented on bootleg. The reason: Reel-to-reel and, later, cassette recordings of most Dead gigs were freely available.

Anyone found recording gigs was threatened or roughed up and their equipment taken, and if Grant found band bootlegs in a record store he would demand they were handed over there and then, or else.

A huge number of performances were bootlegged, however, and this Los Angeles date featuring a guest appearance by Keith Moon stands out. By the early s, many of the first wave of bootleggers had retired, burned out or been closed down by the FBI bootlegging had remained essentially US-based.

Simultaneously, cassette bootlegs, which were cheaper to manufacture and ship, started to replace vinyl. Bootleg LPs became increasingly niche, but treasures continued to emerge…. When Bush found out, she had the album pulled, but not before test pressings had been produced. LPs on the short-lived bootleg label Wild Wind followed a year later.

Not to be confused with a rare but legally released compilation on the East German label Amiga. Several hundred promos were already in circulation, from which various bootleg editions were made over the next couple of years. The album was only officially released, in a limited edition, in November — when Warner Bros offered a free copy to the first people who sent back their bootlegs — and it was deleted three months later.

The most bootlegged album ever? There have probably been more unauthorised pressings of this aborted Capitol release than there have been of any other disc.

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Holland What the Water Gave Me. In Between Days. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Winter Is Coming. Angels We Have Heard on High. O Holy Night. P Quiet Company How Do You Do it. Songs For Staying In. Things You Already Know.

Hold My Head Above the Water. If You Want. The Biblical Sense of the Word. Your Husband, the Ghost Transgressor Shine Honesty Revisited Shine Honesty Winter Is Coming The album Pink Cadillac features two songs produced by Sun Records founder Sam Phillips , who by this time rarely did any studio work. During the recording, one of the guitar amps blew up which is evident on the album track.

Prine continued writing and recording albums throughout the s and formed his own record label, Oh Boy Records. Prine followed in with In Spite of Ourselves , which was unusual for him in that it contained only one original song; the rest were covers of classic country songs.

The album contains original songs plus two covers: The Songs of John Prine. The award was shared with Tom Waits and his songwriting collaborator wife Kathleen Brennan. The album featured country music covers featuring some of the most prominent female voices in the genre including Alison Krauss , Miranda Lambert , Kacey Musgraves and Lee Ann Womack among others, as well as Iris DeMent , the only artist to be featured on both albums.

The exhibit featured a pair of cowboy boots and jacket that he often wore on stage, his personal guitar and the original handwritten lyric to his hit, "Angel From Montgomery.

On February 8, , Prine announced his first new album of original material in 13 years, titled The Tree of Forgiveness , would be released on April In early , Prine was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer on the right side of his neck. He had major surgery to remove a substantial amount of diseased tissue, followed by six weeks of radiation therapy.

A year of recuperation and speech therapy was necessary before he could perform again. In , Prine learned he had cancer in his left lung and underwent surgery to remove it. After the surgery, a physical therapist put him through an unusual workout to build stamina: Prine was required to run up and down his house stairs, grab his guitar while still out of breath and sing two songs.

Six months later, he was touring again. Prine currently resides in Nashville with his third wife, Fiona Whelan. They have three children, stepson Jody Whelan, Tommy and Jack.

Prine also has residences in Gulfport, Florida , and Galway, Ireland. Midwestern mindtrips to the nth degree. And he writes beautiful songs. I remember when Kris Kristofferson first brought him on the scene.

Nobody but Prine could write like that. His is just extraordinarily eloquent music—and he lives on that plane with Neil Young and Lennon. In , at the request of U. In January , he was announced as one of the inductees for the Songwriters Hall of Fame. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. John Prine. Country folk Bluegrass Americana. Singer-songwriter Guitarist. Vocals Guitar. Atlantic Asylum Oh Boy Rhino. Steve Goodman Iris DeMent.

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A Good Day to Die Hard. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Ghostbusters II. Total Recall. Trading Places. Predator 2. Mom and Dad. American Pie 2. Sucker Punch. Dallas Buyers Club. The Ritual. Dragons 3: Fighting with My Family. Le Parc des merveilles. His successor, however, sent it to the minister of education in Berlin who suspended Baumgarten and recommended that he leave the country.

Fortunately for Baumgarten he was able to get a copy of the Heidegger letter through the intercession of a sympathetic secretary. It is only due to this circumstance that this piece of documentary evidence still exists.

It is impossible to guess how many other poisoned letters were penned by Heidegger in this period. Baumgarten was fortunate enough to win back his job after appealing to the Nazi authorities. These facts were brought to light during de-Nazification hearings in He was also an opponent of Nazism.

Husserl founded the philosophical school of phenomenology and had an international reputation equal to that of Heidegger. Husserl was also a Jew. He fell under the edict of the racial cleansing laws and was denied the use of the University library at Freiburg. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Heidegger enthused in accomplishing a mission with which he closely identified.

One eyewitness, Rainer Marten, recounted a conversation with Heidegger in the late s in which the distinguished professor expressed alarm at the renewal of Jewish influence in the philosophy departments of German universities. Nor is any explanation possible that would redeem Heidegger from the shameful act of removing his dedication to his mentor Husserl from Being and Time when that work was reissued in After the war Heidegger would make much of the fact that he resigned his post as rector after June 30, Heidegger was later to maintain that after this date he broke definitively with Nazism.

There is another biographical fact that the Heidegger apologists cannot pass over. Heidegger was a life-long friend of a man named Eugen Fischer.

Fischer was active in the early years of Nazi rule as a leading proponent of racial legislation. Joseph Mengele. It would not be stretching credibility too far to suppose that as a result of his personal relationship with Fischer, Heidegger may have had knowledge at a very early period of Nazi plans for genocide. This was despite the fact that former friends, including Karl Jaspers and Herbert Marcuse, urged him to speak out, after the fact to be sure, against the many crimes perpetrated by the Nazi regime.

Heidegger never did. He did however make a fleeting reference to the Holocaust in a lecture delivered on Dec. Speaking about technology, he said: For the most part Heidegger chose to remain silent after the war about his activities on behalf of the Nazis. The few occasions in which Heidegger did venture a public statement were notable. The first instance in which he makes any assessment of this period was a self-serving document that was written for the de-Nazification commission.

We will comment on that in the next section. The most important postwar statement Heidegger made about his prewar political activity was in a interview with the magazine Der Spiegel.

A great deal of the discussion centers on the question of technology and the threat that unconstrained technology poses to man. Heidegger says at one point: I have no answer to this question. I am not convinced that it is democracy. National Socialism, to be sure, moved in this direction. But those people were far too limited in their thinking to acquire an explicit relationship to what is really happening today and has been underway for three centuries.

If it failed then this was because its leaders did not think radically enough about the essence of technology. Richard Wolin, The Heidegger Controversy: A Critical Reader, ed. Richard Wolin, Cambridge: MIT Press, , p.

Farias, 6. Between Good and Evil, t rans. Ewald Osers, Cambridge: Harvard University Pressm , p. Sheehan Farias, Der Spiegel interview, Wolin, p. The Cover-up. We continue today a series on the life and work of twentieth century German philosopher Martin Heidegger.

The final part will posted tomorrow, April 5. Having reviewed some of the pertinent facts in the career of German philosopher Martin Heidegger, we must now turn to the myths and evasions that constitute the building blocks of his postwar reputation. Within a few months, so the story goes, the young philosopher realized his mistake, resigned his position as rector of Freiburg University and refused henceforth to take part in Nazi activities.

Furthermore, the legend continues, even during his period as rector, Heidegger tried to protect the integrity of the university from the worst predations of Nazism and personally intervened with the Nazi authorities on behalf of a number of Jewish students and colleagues.

Finally, even if one is not convinced by this account of events, the most one can say, according to his defenders, is that Heidegger the man suffered from a character flaw. This is a multi-layered effort at damage control. Marshaling an impressive array of intellectuals in his defense, many with impeccable anti-Nazi credentials, Heidegger managed to maintain his reputation relatively intact until the middle of the s.

Here he wrote: Previously I neither desired nor occupied an academic office. I never belonged to a political party [This is not exactly the full story as we know that in his early 20s he was the president of a right-wing Catholic youth movement.

I accepted the rectorship reluctantly and in the interest of the university alone. The minister insisted that in this way my official relations with the Party and the governing organs would be simplified, especially since up until then I had no contact with these organs. After lengthy considerations, I declared myself ready to enter the Party in the interests of the university, but under the express condition of refusing to accept a position within the Party or working on behalf of the Party either during the rectorship or afterward.

The methods he employed were silence about much of his activity before and after , evasions, half-truths and outright lies. These documents are kept under lock and key by the Heidegger family and sympathetic scholars. One early scholar who did much original research in this area, Guido Schneeberger, found that he could not find a publisher for his book. He eventually published his findings on his own in Nor has Heidegger shied away from out-and-out falsification of his own history.

A well-documented example involves the republication of his lecture on metaphysics. The full statement in the edition reads as follows: Some questioned why Heidegger chose to reprint this article in this exact form.

He responded: When an assistant helping him prepare the galley proofs for publication noticed this phrase, without any explanatory text, he asked Heidegger to remove it. Heidegger responded that he would not do so. Nevertheless, without telling his assistant, Heidegger did change the text a few weeks later. Heidegger always maintained until his death that he never altered the text of this lecture.

He reiterated this point in his Der Spiegel interview. In a later attempt to finally settle this controversy, a search was made of the original manuscript of the lecture. The page containing the controversial phrase was missing. An ironic chapter in this enterprise was played out by the deconstruction theorist, Paul De Man.

De Man did much to publicize Heidegger among the American intelligentsia in the s. He had been a Nazi collaborator in occupied Belgium during World War II and in that capacity had written some anti-Semitic articles for a Nazi-sponsored literary magazine. Beaufret, a former Resistance fighter, published several volumes of conversations with Heidegger before his death in For 35 years he was the most consistent defender of Heidegger in France.

His credentials as a former Resistance fighter lent added weight to his defense of a former Nazi. Yet it seems that all along Beaufret had a hidden agenda.

He had been for some time a secret sympathizer of the notorious Holocaust revisionist historian Robert Faurisson.

Beaufret, like Faurisson, denied the existence of the Holocaust and more specifically of the gas chambers. In a letter sent to Faurisson, Beaufret was quoted as saying: Fortunately for me, this was done orally.

As part of their public relations campaign Heidegger and his apologists were particularly keen to enlist the testimony of German Jewish philosophers who had themselves suffered under the Nazis. As to the world, he was served somewhat worse than Plato because the tyrant and his victims were not located beyond the sea, but in his own country.

He hoped to counsel the tyrant of Syracuse, Dionysus. After a relatively brief experiment in seeking to temper Dionysus rule with a dose of wisdom, Plato returned to Athens, concluding that his attempt to put his theories into practice had been a failure. For the attraction to the tyrannical can be demonstrated theoretically in many of the great thinkers Kant is the great exception.

And if other philosophers did not follow in these footsteps, that can be explained by the fact that they did not take thinking as seriously as Heidegger. She manages to make Heidegger into the victim who fell prey to the greatness of his thought. As if recognizing the absurdity of her position, Arendt shifts the argument from the body of her text into a long explanatory footnote.

In this note she descends from the lofty rhetoric of her musings on Plato to some of the concrete issues surrounding the Heidegger affair.

Heidegger broke off all personal relations with Jaspers and his wife shortly after he became rector. It was only after the war that Heidegger tried to repair their personal relationship. One can only guess. Perhaps there was an element of loyalty to her former teacher, a loyalty that was strained but not broken by her persecution at the hands of the Nazis and her years in exile.

At one point she found herself in a Nazi prison. Later when war broke out, she was trapped in Nazi-occupied France, from which she managed a daring escape. The most charitable interpretation of her grotesque defense of Heidegger is that she turned away from a truth that she could not face. Following the publication of his Heidegger and Nazism in October of , no less than six studies on the subject of Heidegger and Nazism were published in the following nine months.

This should not have been a surprise. The French debt to Heidegger extends from the existentialism of Sartre in the early postwar period to the more recent waves of structuralism, post-structuralism and deconstruction associated with Claude Levi-Strauss, Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida. One could, broadly speaking, break down the type of responses to Farias into three main categories. The first is the unconditional defense of Heidegger by his most orthodox keepers of the flame.

This group is represented by Francois Fedier, who, since the death of his teacher Beaufret, has been the most consistent defender of Heidegger in France. Such thinking has become a common stock in trade of Derrida, Lacoue-Labarthe and their followers.

The notion that Nazism is just another expression of Enlightenment universalism has recently been expressed by the Americans Alan Milchman and Alan Rosenberg.

However, Lacoue-Labarthe then seeks to rescue Heidegger by claiming that the post Heidegger who had overcome metaphysics and humanism, was free from any Nazi blemish. Weighing in on the French debate from the other side of the Rhine was the long-time Heidegger interpreter Hans-Georg Gadamer. P erhaps the most curious and damning recent defense of Heidegger came not from France but from Germany. Ernst Nolte, a historian and long-time friend of the Heidegger family, published a biography of Heidegger in , Martin Heidegger: Politics and History in His Life and Thought.

Prior to the publication of this book, Nolte was already notorious as a revisionist historian of the Holocaust and apologist for Nazism. Nolte has to be given his due as he was much more consistent and far more intellectually honest than some of the French defenders of Heidegger.

To Nolte Nazism was a necessary response to Bolshevism and Heidegger, by turning to Nazism, was merely responding to the call of historical necessity. Nolte even goes so far as to defend the Holocaust as a defensive measure made necessary by the hostility of world-Jewry to the National Socialist regime. This fertile image, introduced by Hannah Arendt, is turned on its head by Nolte. Doubtless he did not wish to let a Jew get in the last word here. Between Good and Evil, first published in English in Once again, we are presented with a schizophrenic division between Heidegger the man and the philosopher.

It is no longer tenable to deny these facts. While avoiding the excesses and logical gymnastics of Lacoue-Labarthe and other deconstructionists, Safranski seems incapable of making any essential judgment about his subject. In its own way, this book is another contribution to the cover-up. To him, as to Adorno, Auschwitz is a typical crime of the modern age. It has nevertheless met with largely positive reviews.

This sufficed to show him that he had overestimated National Socialism. After World War II, he explained, imaginatively albeit monomaniacally, that Americanization, modern technology, the trivialization of life and the utter forgetfulness of Being four names, he thought, for the same phenomenon were irreversible.

What Safranski does say is that over a period of several years following his resignation as rector, Heidegger gradually loosened his involvement with Nazism, without cutting them completely until It turns out that Heidegger has defenders beyond the legion of French deconstructionists.

Rorty represents a tendency that has emerged in recent years among American pragmatists, a tendency that has tried to amalgamate pragmatism with elements of continental philosophy. In his capacity as something of a public spokesman for American pragmatism, Rorty has above all sought to enlist the followers of Heidegger to his cause. In the following section we will briefly examine the philosophical basis for this curious amalgam of two seemingly disparate traditions.

But lots of Germans who were dubious about democracy and modernity did not become Nazis. Heidegger did because he was both more of a ruthless opportunist and more of a political ignoramus than most of the German intellectuals who shared his doubts.

By this time, we have become quite familiar with this argument. In contrast, since the beginning of the s the discussion has continued unabated in the United States, Great Britain and other English-speaking countries. In fact, three separate books have appeared on the subject since We will comment on this book in the next section. Univeristy of California Press, , p.

Safranski, p. Richard Rorty, Rev. Philosophical Papers, vol. Cambridge University Press, , p. Julian Young, Heidegger, philosophy, Nazism. History, Philosophy and Mythology. We are posting today the concluding part of a series on the life and work of twentieth century German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Prior to a discussion of the philosophy of Martin Heidegger it seems necessary to dispose of a possible objection.

This objection can be expressed as follows: When stated in this way, the absurdity of this mode of thinking becomes self-evident. The problem with this type of reasoning is that it takes what is a partial truth, that indeed a thinker does in some way reflect the man and his times, and transforms this insight one-sidedly into an absolute dictum such that it becomes as false as it is true. In general, the relation between a thinker and his action is far too complex to be summed up in a well-phrased maxim.

At the same time, we must reject the opposite, equally one-sided judgment, one that has been championed by Heidegger apologists, that there is no relation between a thinker and his politics.

The proponents of this viewpoint often bring up the example of Gottlob Frege, a vicious anti-Semite whose politics apparently had no bearing on his technical work on logic. It would be particularly surprising to find a discordance between the political activity of a man such as Heidegger and his theorizing, knowing that his theorizing was itself intimately concerned with personal and political activity.

Were we to follow either of these false paths in relation to Heidegger, we may feel vindicated in our judgment of the man and his politics, but we would miss an opportunity to learn something about how his philosophy influenced or was in turned influenced by his politics. In particular we would be negligent in our responsibility to account for a most remarkable phenomena of fin-de-siecle bourgeois thought—namely, how is it that a philosopher who has been called by many the greatest thinker of the twentieth century was in fact a Nazi?

What does this conjuncture say about the kind of philosophy practiced by Heidegger and his followers? Most important of all, what does this say about the state of cultured opinion at the dawn of the new millennium? Broadly speaking, Heidegger appears within the framework of the Romantic reaction to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

Philosophically, both the Enlightenment and the French Revolution had its most profound expression in the work of George Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel. Hegel sought to overcome what he viewed as the one-sidedness of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution while at the same time defending their work as historically necessary for the emergence of modern bourgeois society.

Marx follows Hegel as a defender of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Marx however also recognized that the ideals of the French Revolution—liberty, equality and fraternity—are incompatible with a society based on private property. Henceforth these ideals could only be realized through the struggle for socialism.

The year saw revolutionary movements break out throughout Europe. The working class took its first steps as an independent political force. This had profound reverberations among all strata of society. Following the events of , the philosophical reaction against Enlightenment rationality becomes more conscious of its aims. If the original opposition to the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century came from the monarchists, landholders and the church, the nineteenth century saw a new wave of opposition to the legacy of the Enlightenment emanating from those forces who felt most threatened by the emerging bourgeois society.

They looked back longingly to a mythical golden age in a medieval past. In Germany especially where the bourgeoisie had still to establish its political hegemony, the birth of political Romanticism found resonance among the peasantry and the middle class, which felt most threatened by the democratic revolutions that began to challenge the old order in the Europe of the s.

This played into the hands of the dukes, princes and landholders who had no desire to share political power. Consequent on the defeat of the revolution , the anti-rationalist tendencies expressed in the later philosophy of Schelling found fertile ground.

The promise of the French Revolution, which seemed to inaugurate a new era in human history, was transformed into the nightmare of Prussian reaction. Instead of celebrating new possibilities, the prevailing spirit was one of resignation to a very narrowly circumscribed avenue of political practice. The notion of freedom was redefined subjectively, as an inner state that can be maintained despite the vicissitudes of political life.

This was combined with a deep pessimism toward the ability of human agents to create a more humane society. The name of Arthur Schopenhauer will forever be linked to this strand of subjective idealism. There was a fundamental change in social conditions after Whereas political Romanticism maintained a hostility to capitalism prior to , following the turmoil of that year, which saw the working class rise as an independent political force for the first time, the political thrust of Romanticism, particularly in Germany, was turned against the working class.

All that remained of the anti-capitalist impulse of the earlier period of Romanticism was a cultural critique of bourgeois mediocrity. Aristocratic and elitist values were championed as a safeguard against the threat of the great leveling out of society introduced by democratic and socialist impulses.

Needless to say a palpable fear of the working class was exponentially heightened following the events of the Paris Commune in , in which the working class for the first time briefly took power in its own hands. The mood of the German petty bourgeois immediately following the defeat of the Paris Commune was captured in a letter written by Nietzsche: Over and above the war between nations, that international hydra which suddenly raised its fearsome heads has alarmed us by heralding quite different battles to come.

He begins by unmasking the relations of power lurking behind claims to truth, a technique that was developed by the Enlightenment in its struggle against religious superstition, and turns this against the Enlightenment itself.

Nietzsche despised the egalitarian movements for democratic reforms and socialism that emerged in his time. He saw these modern political and social movements as threatening the aristocratic values for which great civilizations and great people the overman should strive. It is in Nietzsche that the counter-Enlightenment finds its real voice.

And it is to this tradition that we should look in situating the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Heidegger himself in fact recognized Nietzsche quite correctly as a kindred spirit. But whereas Nietzsche saw himself as the prophet announcing the coming of nihilism, Heidegger sees himself as the biographer of a mature nihilism.

He was influenced by the right-wing author Ernest Juenger, whose novels celebrated the steadfast, resolute soldier meeting his fate in battle.

The immediate philosophical tradition from which Heidegger graduated was inaugurated by Wilhelm Dilthey in the latter decades of the nineteenth century. The trend launched by Dilthey has come to be known as Lebensphilosophie Philosophy of Life or Vitalism. Lebensphilosophie was not so much a specific philosophical doctrine as a certain cultural mood that affected broad areas of the intelligentsia. For its ideological armaments Lebensphilosophie borrowed the critique of scientific understanding from the debates that were raging prior to In his most important work, Being and Time, Heidegger sets out for himself the heroic task of retrieving the history of metaphysics.

Specifically, Heidegger maintains that modern man has forgotten the meaning of the question of Being. According to Heidegger, the subject-predicate logic which we use every day conceals the true meaning of what existence really is. The experience of Being was reified into a relation between a thing and its properties. Heidegger sees his task as the retrieval of the original meaning of Being which has been lost. From this vantage point he goes to war against the entire history of Western philosophy following the Greeks.

Like Nietzsche, Heidegger turns away from the history of philosophy which he views as hopelessly compromised by a flawed model of knowledge. His method of practicing philosophy also retraces the steps of Nietzsche. He abandons discursive argumentation that try to convince an unbiased reader by the force of their logic in favor of prophetic pronouncements and etymological sleight-of-hand that aim at overpowering the reader. In his later philosophy, Heidegger will go even farther in his repudiation of the history of philosophy.

He will claim that all philosophers after the pre-Socratics have been guilty of falsifying and concealing some kind of primal experience of Being. It is only when we live life at the extreme, and confront our own mortality, that we are able to set aside the inauthentic chatter of our day to day existence and come to terms with our true selves.

This theme, which Heidegger called our Being-towards-Death, is by no means new in the history of thought. It is closely related to the meditations of scores of religious writers from St. Augustine to Kierkegaard to Tolstoy.

It is the soldier above all who is called upon to make a decision that will validate his life as he faces imminent death. Seemingly, one can choose to be either a Nazi, as Heidegger himself did, or a member of the French resistance, as Sartre did, and still remain faithful to the terms of an authentic existence.

The completely empty character of the categories of authenticity and resoluteness have been the subject of much criticism. Given the accepted interpretation of Heidegger, this criticism is correct as far as it goes. However, a remarkable book that has just been published promises to turn upside down the body of received opinion on the philosophy of Heidegger.

However, to readers of the French and English translations that circulated a generation or two later, this political content is completely obscured. Fritsche maintains that whatever the merits of their own works, the existentialists misunderstood Heidegger.

It relies on a very sophisticated historical and philological analysis of the text of Being and Time. After reconstructing the actual content of Being and Time, Fritsche compares it with the writings of two other notorious right-wing authors who were contemporaries, namely Max Scheler and Adolf Hitler.

Fritsche demonstrates that the political content of Being and Time and Mein Kampf are identical, notwithstanding the fact that the first book was written by a world renowned philosopher and the second by a sociopath from the gutters of Vienna. The fate whose call one must answer has been preordained by forces that are outside the scope of the individual. Answering the call is therefore the very anti-thesis of any notion of freedom.

In support of this thesis, Fritsche quotes the following passage from Being and Time: Fate does not arise from the clashing together of events and circumstances. The point is not how to create or break fate [which would be a typical existentialist interpretation. Rather, the problem is whether a Dasein accepts, opens itself for, hands itself down to, subjugates itself to, or sacrifices itself to fate—which is what authentic Dasein does—or whether a Dasein denies fate and continues trying to evade it—which is what ordinary, and therefore inauthentic Dasein does.

For Heidegger, fate had a definite political content. The fate of the patriotic German was identified with the Volksgemeinschaft, a term that was used polemically by the Nazis to denote a community of the people bound by race and heritage. The idea of a Volksgemeinschaft was, in the right-wing literature of the time, often counterposed to that of Gesellschaft, a reference to the Enlightenment notion of a shared community of interests based on universal human values.

Continuing his analysis of authenticity, Fritsche comments: In the next step authentic Dasein realizes that its heritage and destiny is the Volksgemeinschaft, which calls it into struggle…. After this, authentic Dasein hands itself down to the Volksgemeinschaft and recognizes what is at stake in the struggle…. Finally, authentic Dasein reaffirms its subjugation to the past to the Volksgemeinschaft and begins the struggle, that is, the cancellation of the world of inauthentic Dasein.

It entails the destruction of bourgeois democracy and its institutions, the persecution and murder of socialists, the emasculation of all independent working class organizations, a concerted and systematic attack on the culture of the Enlightenment, and of course the persecution and eventual elimination of alien forces in the midst of the Volk, most notably the Jews.

Fritsche has shown, however, that the early philosophy was anything but voluntarist. Rather, as Fritsche has demonstrated, we do not so much transform our destiny as find what it is and submit to it.

Thus, the sense of resignation is already there in the early philosophy. The transition therefore in the later philosophy is hardly as radical as it has appeared. A strikingly parallel conception can be found in the work of another contemporary intellectual who evinced sympathy for Nazism, the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

Lecturing in , Jung provides the following account of the relation between individual volition and our collective fate:


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Streaming quality. Access the complete Album) info 23 songs. It follows the lives of a range of characters from across the social spectrum, focusing specifically on the rivalry between the families of two businessmen: DR television dramas Danish drama television series Danish Culture Canon s Danish television series s Danish television series Danish television series debuts Danish television series endings World War II television drama series Television series set in fictional populated places. The confrontation leaves Mads very upset. See all tracks 47 Export playlist to the new widget.

Mose, who sees potential in Daniel as an haute couture designer; much to the dismay of Mads, who wants his son to focus on business. Misse and Andersen are married. Mads seeks to purchase a seaside farm house and estate, which he wishes to divide up and sell. When the officer leaves, Mads decides that the package and letter should be burned. Iben takes the opportunity to tell Elisabeth that she seeks to end her marriage with Kristen, and that Elisabeth can have him.

The times are lawless, and waiter Boldt is assaulted by hoodlums and robbed of both cash box and his illegal ration stamps. Kathrine refuses, but changes her mind when Agnes tells her of the kroner bet Agnes has made with Mads. Agnes thereby wins the bet, which greatly impresses Mads. Ulla Jacobsen and boyfriend Poul Kristensen wish to be engaged following the war, and Mads Skjern pledges to help find them an apartment. However, Misse is pleased that she is now a widow, just like her mother.

Amidst general rejoicing, Dr. Mads is very nervous about Ellen, since her father-in-law had lucrative business dealings with the Germans and has been arrested as a collaborator. Mads decides to find Ellen and bring her home. Arrested as a collaborator at the instigation of the bicycle repairman next door, Viggo Skjold Hansen suffers a small stroke.

Ellen flirts with the man, and Daniel becomes jealous. Only Ingeborg seems to understand what is happening and reproaches Mads for his lack of awareness. The package contains gifts of food, cigars and stockings, to be shared among Vicki, Agnes and Lauritz, and Katrine and Oluf Larsen. His short letter strangely lacks any special message for Vicki, which disappoints her. A plaque and portrait is hung in the District Bank in honor of the bank clerk and Resistance fighter, Poul Kristensen, who was shot by the Germans.

Agnes soon devises a plan by which she can help Miss. Agnes asks Mads Skjern to put in a good word with the mayor, to allow the tenancy. Daniel Skjern has quit business school to work as an haute couture dress designer.

This news enrages Mads, who is eventually calmed down by Ellen. His father refuses to give him money for an abortion. On the same visit, Ulrik secretly meets with his old flame Ellen Skjern, who is herself unhappily married. Her husband Mogens Lamborg breaks his arm in a drunk-driving auto accident with the company car - while out carousing with Iben Skjern and her friend Jenny.

In the final scene, Mads receives a letter awarding him a knighthood. Ulrik reveals to Ellen that he is to marry Maja, prompting Ellen to sever all relations. Elizabeth reveals her secret marriage to Kristen and moves in with him. The couple hosts a dinner for both families and reconciliation in the making.

The confrontation leaves Mads very upset. Mads comes home from a trip to USA bringing with him new business ideas. Calling on Daniel to help implement the ideas - despite Daniel not having completed his exams - Mads is yet again disappointed when Daniel declines, and opts to go to Paris and study fashion. Mads recruits Agnes to replace Daniel. Hansen decides to fight the pollution of the nearby fjord which has him running the gauntlet as local politicians, union leaders, business owners and industry accuse him of "dirtying the nest," making him choose to leave the town entirely.

Herbert Schmidt is showing his play in Belgium and calls on his old friends to come and visit him. All but Vicki decline and upon her return without Herbert, she reveals that "six years is a long time". Daniel, visiting from Paris where Katrine helped set him up brings along a friend, Francois. Discovering the nature of their relationship, Mads exiles Daniel and severs all ties. This prompts Ingeborg to leave Mads and seek out Daniel in Paris. Alone with Erik, Mads invites Agnes Jensen for supper.

Disillusioned by the abandonment of his entire family Daniel, Ingeborg, Ellen wanting to become a dentist and Eric a nuclear physicist , he turns to Agnes, and in a mental breakdown all but pronounces her as his successor in business. Meanwhile, Lauritz, having run for parliament, is disappointed when the communist party is halved, and Lauritz is without a seat and a job.

Lauritz - reluctant at first - accepts. Ingeborg consults her parents, and Katrine advises her to go back to Mads. However, on that same day, Mads has been pronounced Swedish Consul, something that has gotten him out of bed. Ingeborg then takes a walk with Baron von Rydtger.

The two say how they have missed each other while she was in Paris. It is now clear they are more intimate than Mads knows she tells the Baron "the practical thing with you is that you have your own forest". In his speech, Hans Christian even addresses the Skjern family, provoking Laura, the only one keeping up appearances, to return discreetly to the kitchen. Industrious; almost ruthless businessman who does not "forgive and forget"; a stern and overbearing father who expects much of his son Daniel.

As time goes by he becomes increasingly sterner to his son, as he slowly realizes that he will never be ready to take over the family business. Instead he favors his adoptive daughter Ellen, who is doing good in school, unlike Daniel. Because of this, she can get away with almost everything. When he accidentally finds out about his sons homosexuality, he banishes him from his home. This action almost cost him his marriage to Ingeborg.

Despite his religious upbringing he eventually assimilates into a more moderate lifestyle. His political views are conservative, particularly concerning morals, as he is a firm opponent of abortion, then illegal in Denmark. She is also the mother of Ellen from a previous marriage. Ib Hansen, distributed by Spinnup What Is This. One of Your Kind.

The Other One. King the Clown. Can You Hear Me. Love Was Here. Access the complete album info 10 songs. God Bless You. I Never Wanted You to Go. Sofia Albertina. Who Are You. There Is a Song. My Game. Access the complete album info 9 songs. Carl Nielsen. Act I: Aa ja, aa ja, ja, ja Leander, Henrik. Forst kommer fael og fus Henrik, Leander. Hvad er her for Kommers? Jeronimus, Leander, Magdelone. Fordum var der Fred paa Gaden Jeronimus. Access the complete album info 30 songs.

Sa til kykke Era eguale la voce? Giacomo Puccini. Kongelig Kammersanger - Posas dod Felice ancor. Joseph Mery. Le nozze di Figaro, K. Alt er i or. Den signede dag Christoph Ernst Frederik Weyse. DISC 2. Gluntarne Gunnar Wennerberg. Tosca Giacomo Puccini. Twelfth Night Act 5 Peter Heise. Flaget Georg Rygaard. Da freden drog over lande Helge Bonnen. Christiansborg Lauritz Hovalt. Tosca Act 3 Giacomo Puccini. See all tracks 47 Export playlist to the new widget. About Album description 2 disks - 47 tracks - Total length: Symphony No.


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Label: Tri Angle - none Format: CDr Album, Promo Country: UK Genre: Electronic Style: Ambient, Dub, Downtempo

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. ADD Festival. Favorite Albums by Zaxro. The dance performance is available on to watch on YouTube via Boiler Room and the live performance of the piece has toured An Hour - Forest Swords - Engravings (CDr festivals such as ReWire in Den Hague. Tiny Mix Tapes. Hollow tribal rhythms and a spacious vibe give the sensation of wandering a foggy pagan wilderness. Personal Best of

Engravings is the perfect sequel, cementing his knack for creating complex effects with elementary methods. Every song here is boldly sensual, and each note has a distinct emotional hue.

So singular, in fact, that the task of creating a worthy follow-up must have seemed daunting, which I assumed was why it took him a while. It turns out there were other reasons-- for one, he suffered from hearing problems that made his new work sound different with each listen, and forced him to consider ending Forest Swords.

Matthew Barry. Aaron Martinez. Ex Astra. Heavy Mental. Esther Ouwehand. Purchasable with gift card. Ljoss Irby Tremor Onward The Weight of Gold An Hour Gathering The Plumes English composers English musicians English artists Living people.

Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Nederlands Svenska Edit links. This page was last edited on 13 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Forest Swords. Top 25 Albums of by DiscoMonsterRadio. Personal Best of The Best of by grossmeister2. Metallic Covers Design by gatogato.

The Best Albums by bvrznski. Samuel L. Bronkowicz Presents - finest LPs of thus far Best of by JimmyMagnetar. Lifetime by Anazion. Tri Angle Records. Resident Advisor. Pitchfork Media. The Guardian. Mixing that intensity with dream-like atmospheres lands Engravings in a unique emotional space" [29].


Kissing My Pillow - Warren Smith (3) - The First Country Collection Of Warren Smith (Vinyl, LP), Wenn Das Mein Grosser Bruder Wasste - Conny* - Conny (Vinyl, LP), Wasted Days And Wasted Nights (Original Verion) - Freddy Fender (2) - Love Songs (CD, Album), The Tears Of A Clown - Various - Grandmaster Motown (CD), Ill Give You Hard - Disciples Of Annihilation - New York City Speedcore (CD, Album)

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Label: Pickwick - ACL-7071 Format: Vinyl LP, Reissue Country: Canada Genre: Rock Style: Rock Roll

According to Nilsson, Newman was "tired of the album when we were finished making it. The Best of Randy Newman Guilty: Register New customers, create your Amoeba. Reset password. The cover art was drawn by Dean Torrence ; his sepia tone scene depicted Nilsson driving an old American car through the countryside with Newman in the back seat.

The album included songs by Newman, Nilsson and others woven together to tell the story of the interactions of a famous family; author Kevin Courrier writes that this album may have been part of the inspiration for Nilsson Sings Newman. In August , Nilsson released his fourth album Harry. Years later, Nilsson told Paul Zollo that he was in awe of Newman writing so many songs, ones he thought were better than his own.

His voice in the control room is heard on several songs, instructing the recording engineer to add more echo or remove a voice. Besides piano, other instruments were sometimes used in the studio, including bass drum , tambourine and various electronic keyboards. A number of alternate takes and songs were recorded but left off the album.

Two such songs were "Snow" and "Linda". According to Nilsson, Newman was "tired of the album when we were finished making it. For him it was just doing piano and voice The cover art was drawn by Dean Torrence ; his sepia tone scene depicted Nilsson driving an old American car through the countryside with Newman in the back seat.

Courrier speculates that this was possibly because of the "idiosyncratic quality" of its ballads and the paucity of reviews. He asked a clerk who did not recognize him "do you have any Nilsson albums? In , Newman prepared to record an entire album of Nilsson songs, a returning of the favor 25 years later. Newman had never before recorded a Nilsson song. Everybody Sings Nilsson. To leave room for participation by other artists, Newman sang only one song, "Remember Christmas ", a sad and dreamy tune which opened the album.

He was always putting himself down, making fun of himself. Nilsson Sings Newman was re-released as a CD in One was "Snow", unreleased in for lack of room on the LP, and four were alternate versions of songs that were on the original album. The credits give "special thanks to George Tipton and Lenny Waronker ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ECW Press. All music guide: Hal Leonard Corporation.

Robert Christgau. Retrieved August 9, Nilsson Sings Newman". Cue Publishing Co: Rovi Corporation. Retrieved January 26, Rock Albums of the Seventies. Retrieved March 8, — via robertchristgau. Users Also Bought.

Submers LP Loscil. Sessions Nico LP Blind Melon. Pleasure LP Sondre Lerche. Home Nilsson Sings Newman [ Track Listing Side A Titles. Overall Rating 0 Submissions.

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O Nic Nie Pytaj (Bo Nie Pytam Ja) - Various - Marek Sierocki Przedstawia I Polska (CD), The Oscar Peterson Trio - Tristeza On Piano (Vinyl, LP), Mazeltov - Janos Lehar - From Other Lands - Israel (CD, Album), , Arrastão - Tigres De Bengala - Tigres De Bengala (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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This is, however, told by many texts of Judeo-Christian tradition. The rampant spread of misinformation poses new challenges for navigating life in He opened his eyes, washed the soap from his body and hair, and grabbed the towel from the hook on the wall. Know now that God hath overthrown me, and hath compassed me with his net. The quantum world:

The black man was wearing a pair of black sun glasses, and had a silver chain attached from his belt, leading into his pocket.

He was, truly, a beta bum. I wanna talk to you. This was turning into a very strange day, in deed. Why do you ask? You see, a friend of mine, an artist, is shooting a movie. I just bought them for ten bucks off a friend.

Is it a deal? Very well, thought Jack. The lenses were reflective and the plastic material that encased them in was nearly new. I hear music playing from there all the time. The one that I was playing with has up and gone away. He gave Marc the glasses, and the latter, scrounging for the weed, folded in a little paper napkin, passed that to him with a crumpled fin. Is it a tenor or an alto? What a day, he mused. He was high on weed and had taken ecstasy for the first time. He heard voices coming from walls, and saw ghosts walking down the street.

He gained some pleasure from the light rain that was descending. In one day, he had met the universe. And it was just the beginning of the summer.

His saunter turned into a dance down the road. Jack stumbled down the street leading to his house on Borden. He swung the door open to his pad with great volition of strength. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was rushing out, as they say in rave speak. He was feeling the ecstasy, and could tell that the weed was also kicking in. Wandering south his thoughts again began to wander.

He wondered about George and his contact with Milan Kundera. The man must be a liar, he thought. I guess that they are compatriots. Who knows? And that Marcus, shooting a film with the drummer, who was always pounding those drums around the city — Marcus must have a lot of musician friends.

So, today, he ambled with weak knees, I met artists, literati, druggees, a Hindu princess and a snow queen. He reached College St. He carefully walked around them to the intersection and crossed the street. In the window, he could see Deutsche Marc, the anarchist from the old Arts Alliance crew, sitting with some people, in the corner of Sneaky Disease. He entered the bar. Jack was so youthful looking that the bouncer had to check him for identification of majority.

The man let him pass through the archway and into the congested bar. Let me introduce you to them. Brown, is from the former USSR, and over here, in front of me, is Vlad, the leader of this internet project. We steal information and use it for our own benefits.

The internet, so far, is a relatively free place of unbridled activity. Pornography, academic speeches, independent music and art… all for free.

Say… pull up a chair and join us for a round. By this point, Jack was feeling like he could do just about anything. He was rushing out. A bottle of Stella for my friend! Within only a brief moment, the bottle arrived at the table. Jack nursed it slowly. They kept drifting back to Shanti, who had stolen his heart. Jack was now examining the room, his eyes darting all over the place.

He saw the bartenders serving at the bar, making small talk with their patrons. He examined the graffiti on the walls. He saw the hockey game playing on the television set above the bar. He gazed out into the street. People were passing by back and forth in a blur.

He put his head in his hands. He felt sick, and just when his body went completely numb, his jaw dropped open an inch and he heaved puke all over the table. Jack wished that he was on Star Trek and could beam himself straight to bed. Nonetheless, he got out of his chair, walked through the door, careful to avoid the bouncer, and, the world slowing down all around him, the lights on the street casting a glaze off the wet streets, meandering around the traffic, and managed to find his way home.

He blew chunks in the toilet, washed his face, brushed his teeth, and, finding his bed, made his way resolutely to sleep. He just closed his lids, lay in the foetal position, as if he were a child, and quickly drifted off to sleep. Jack awoke the next morning, flat on his stomach, his face in the pillow, with a splitting headache. He opened the blinds to let the sunshine into his room.

It was no longer raining, and he had to get some work done on his thesis. But first, he went to the kitchen, in bare feet, boxers, and a t-shirt, to make himself some eggs and toast. He heated the kettle and poured himself a cup of instant coffee.

He put the frying pan on the stove, put a pat of butter on the pan, and cracked open two eggs. The eggs were making a nice crackling sound in the pan, and he flipped them over, to make them over easy. Eggs were easy to make, and he usually had them in the morning. He placed two slices of bread in the toaster, beside the stove, and toasted them up. Grabbing a plate from the cupboard, he slid the eggs onto the plate, and when the toast popped, he placed it on the plate as well.

He made a sandwich out of the eggs and toast, sat at the old wooden table, on the green wooden chair, and ate his breakfast. He thought about his thesis on the Autistic Theatre of Robert Wilson. Basically, the theme of autism dealt with the dissociation between internal and external planes of perception, as the senses between the internal aural and visual cognition were in conflict with the external senses.

But Robert Wilson, who worked with the deaf and mute, and their forms of communication, tried to heal the state of autism, that he believed was overcoming civilization. Autism led to the alienation between the self and the other. He finished his breakfast, rinsed the plate and pan in the sink, and carried his mug of coffee into his room. He called out to the girls, but there was no reply.

At any rate, they must have gone out already. Jack turned on his computer, and then looked at his watch. Holy shit, he thought. He quickly threw on some jeans and a polo shirt. He buttoned them up and taking his keys, shut his bedroom door, and exited the house through the front.

He slammed the door behind him so that it would lock automatically. He ran up the street to Harbord, then east on Harbord, past the fish and chips shop, past the bakery, and straight into the Sugar Bowl.

His stomach was still feeling queasy from the night before, but he tried to act nonchalant. Josh and Shanti were sitting at the corner, just as Jack had left them there the day before.

I tried some ecstasy for the first time. It was great! First, it gave me a burst of energy as though I felt like I could dance for hours. Then, I felt rather dizzy and so I meandered around town. I met a lot of cool people, some artists, a musician, some global conspirators planning world wide revolution over the internet… anyway, I had some dope, and I had a beer… then I went to bed. Then Phoenix came up to the table. Without knowing why, and as if his body were completely not his own, he jumped up and followed Phoenix to the counter.

She poured a bit on the counter. She took the twenty dollar bill, rolled, so that it was like a little straw, and covering her left nostril, snorted the line into her right. She did this by placing the bill inside her right nostril, and pulling the coke into her nose by breathing gently. Without knowing why, Jack followed suit. That powder she wiped on her gums. Jack began to feel numb.

His jaw clenched and his face felt tingly. Go sit down. He did as he was told. You look bagged! He had broken into a cold sweat. It could have been the hangover, from the beer, from the weed, or the ecstasy. But, what he was really feeling was the cold rush from the coke.

He wiped his nostril, as some liquid seemed to keep dripping from his nose. He felt like a rabbit, twitching his nose… his limbs were cold, and his thoughts were once again racing. Even though he barely knew her, he reached over and began to touch the back of her hand, under the table.

Her hand was resting on her knee, and she pretended not to notice. The coke had really sped him up. Phoenix went back to the counter. Phoenix grabbed the sugar and cream from the counter and brought them back to Jack. Now I just need a pad and pen to get back to my work.

He felt her hand return the caress. You need to relax and take a breather. Did you take a pill? And I want you moved out of my house by tomorrow. Is that clear? Phoenix had no choice but to concur.

Tears were welling up in her clear blue eyes. They looked as if a sudden mist had formed over two little seas. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! You can move your belongings tomorrow. Phoenix nodded her head. She walked across the floor to where the three customers were sitting.

Can you help me out? They had some of their jockey friends help them move. Just one question. When am I supposed to move in? Monday sounds great. They both pretended not to notice, but as Jack removed his hand from her thigh, he gave it a little squeeze.

What a doll, thought Jack. Josh was glowering, looking down at his computer screen. Shanti grabbed the cheque from her little brown suede purse.

But I think that Phoenix and I better leave now. High on cocaine, Phoenix and Jack said little to each other. Why bother, with words, thought Jack. They rounded the corner back to the love shack. Just as Jack had thought, the two girls had departed and had taken their stuff with them in a moving van.

They entered the house, Jack opening the door for the nymphet with those dreamy blue eyes, and curly blonde locks. He showed her around the place, and showed her which room was to be hers. He told her the sum that she was to be having to pay per month.

They decided to call and order in for pizza. The girls left their television set for Jack to have until the end of the summer. They were rich and the set was old, so they probably would just be leaving it there for good. The furniture in the room remained there as it went with the house, and Jack sat back on the couch.

Phoenix sat beside him, and curled into his body, beneath his right arm. Then, Jack decided to pull out a bottle of red wine. He got up from his embrace, and entered the kitchen. He took a bottle from his cupboard, and pulled out his knife from his pocket.

It had a corkscrew in it and he opened the bottle with the knife. He carried the bottle with two glasses to the couch. They sipped at the glasses slowly. Neither of them cared to say a word. The buzz from the cocaine was wearing off, and so they decided to do another fat line each. Phoenix pulled out her mirror, and bank card, and drew up two lines.

They took the rolled up bill and snorted the powder. They felt quiet and peaceful. Phoenix was fond of him, took her bony hand, and caressed his stubbled cheek. She kissed him on the lips. Jack was enflamed. He touched her long neck, and kissed her on it; he bit it a little, and sucked at it until it left a mark on her alabaster skin.

The doorbell rang. Jack jolted up, opened the door, paid the pizza delivery man for the goods, and taking the pizza, locked the door. He sat down with Phoenix at the kitchen table and enjoyed his supper.

After he had indulged in a few slices, the blonde not caring to have any herself, without a word the two headed back to the living room. They lay on the couch and began to make out. Feeling wicked, and knowing that he had no real attraction to this girl, he undid his buckle to his belt, and pulled it off his jeans, like a whip. Phoenix laughed. Lying on top of the girl, he grabbed her arms, and pulled them above her head.

He tied the belt around her wrists, and through the arm of the sofa. Pulling the black leather belt tight, he ripped open her silky blouse. He sucked at them gently. He tore open his jeans, as he did hers, and moved inside of her, between her legs. The coke kept him strong and forceful. Kneeling between her open legs, he forced himself into her sex. She moaned out his name. After a few thrusts and pulls, he was finished.

He pulled back on his jeans and untied her arms from the sofa. Jack pulled out a smoke from his pack of Gaulouises. Nah… he mused. He felt perfect satiation. In perfect contentment, the two dozed off into a peaceful reverie. Chapter Five. Jack awoke early in the morning, to find Phoenix munching on a cold piece of leftover pizza, in the kitchen. He was shivering, and felt rather cold. It must have been the withdrawal from the drugs. He wandered back down the hall to lie down in his bed.

He covered himself up with the blankets, and drifted back into sleep. Phoenix, up to her old tricks, kept snorting line after line of blow, on the kitchen table, until her gram of coke in the small plastic baggy was finished. Then, she moved her hands, roving across his muscular pectorals, as he lay on his back, and then reached into his jeans to stroke his cock.

She unbuttoned his jeans, grasped his firm cock in her hands, and kissing his chest, abdomen and groping down further, with her long neck, kissed the tip of his cock with her lips.

Opening her mouth, as Jack just lay flat on his back squirming in erotic frenzy, she swallowed his member and began to suck. After a while, he came in waves in her mouth, and she devoured the fluid. Nearing dawn, as the sun was beginning to shine through the window, she let go of his member, and clung on to his torso with her arms. Her blonde locks sprawled across his naked chest, and they lay beneath the covers. They slept until noon, until the sun was high in the sky, filling the room with bright light.

They got up, dressed back in their clothes from the night before, and walked up Brunswick St, north to the restaurant. They sat on the patio, under the shade of an umbrella, barely speaking a word to each other.

They paused for a moment, and Jack, without much left to do, stirred the sugar into the coffee in his cup. Are you in? Uptown snow. Jack felt blood rush to his face, and he blushed. Phoenix and Jack paid the bill, and went for a walk along Bloor St. He started to explain the ideas behind the Autistic Theatre of Robert Wilson, but she seemed dumbfounded by the explanation.

The collision between those worlds, with the waking mundane reality, created a schism in the psychology of man, and Wilson believed that this movement towards autism in civilization was moving rapidly in society, and creating a world of greater alienation between people.

By extracting the imaginary, and bringing it to light, by slowing down the spectacle, forcing greater awareness and attentivity in the audience, the spectators would conquer their alienation from the self and the other. He explained that drugs can induce this autism in an individual, and that the ecstasy that he had done the other day, had made him feel a sense of the autism that the world was experiencing.

He had gained greater enlightenment into the psychology of the autistic patient. He paused. And then, he thought, I wonder if she has understood a single word that I have said. Then, Phoenix broke the silence,. I get that sometimes when I am withdrawing from Coke. I do find it rather boring. He reached over and grabbed her hand, brought it to his lips and kissed her white knuckles. I myself am incapable of love. We do have a rather gay party to go to this evening.

He took her hand as she rose from the bench, and walking with their hands linked they travelled the windy path down to Harbord, to the love shack on Borden.

When they got home, Phoenix told Jack that she wanted to take a shower. So, she took his red towel, and went into the bathroom. Jack, feeling bored, with nothing to do, the ennui, suffering of tedious daily life, weltshmerz, lay down on his back, and closed his eyes.

The problem was, his mind kept returning to the image of Shanti, the Hindu princess that he met the other day. He pictured her firm breasts, closed taut in her blue shirt. He pictured her in a long skirt, with a peacock print design. Torturing himself with this image of a woman that he had not possessed, and he believed, could not possess, he dozed in and out of sleep.

He lost track of time, and finally, when Phoenix came back into the room, he opened his eyes. Her hair was wet and matted down her head. She asked Jack if he had a hair dryer.

Taking the towel off, she exposed her full naked body to Jack. Her hips were bony, her body was emaciated — he much preferred women with a little meat on them. She stood there with her blue eyes shining, her skin moist from the shower. She wrapped the towel around her hips, keeping her upper body exposed to Jack. Maybe later, or tomorrow. And she took off the towel, and began to dry her ivory skin. She dressed herself in heavy denim jeans, with bell-bottoms, tied tight around the waist by a black, leather belt.

She took out her make-up kit, and applied dark rouge lipstick to her lips, mascara, eye-liner and blue eye-shadow to her eyes, and a little bit of red blush to her cheeks. This made her look a bit like a china doll. Are you up for it? For the party tonight. Do you have some money? She laughed. We need some for the party tonight. Pass me my wallet. He picked it up, and pulled fifty dollars, two twenties and a ten, from the black leather wallet. He threw the money at Phoenix.

With a mad, splitting headache, Jack buried his head in his pillows, pulled the covers tight around his body, and began to snore. In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us.

Editors at Dictionary. And so, we named tergiversate the Word of the Year. Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Thou had been prior to all the past on the heights of always abiding eternity Thy years do not come and go, but ours, to come to all of them, go and go Thou created every time, Thou had been prior to any time, and there was no time when time was not at all.

Confession Allah precedes in the sense of being just as yesterday comes prior to today, but He does not precede in time, for He is the time However, the imagination presents the matter as between the Creator and His creation a temporary extension took place.

This is explained by the custom of sensory perception to assume the existence of temporary lag between priority and transient things. Ibn Arabi For comparison with the quoted text, belonging to the Biblical tradition, we present excerpts from Eastern religious and mystical texts Thou art without beginning, beyond time, beyond space. Thou art He, from which three worlds occured. Yajurveda Thou art neither far, nor near, neither in heaven, nor in earth, neither in samsara nor in nirvana.

Praise to Thou, not abiding anywhere! Who can praise Thou, devoid of origin and not liable to death, who has no end, no middle, no perceiver and perceived? Praise the Buddha and who knows how to walk Sugata , and who leaved the way, who did not go and did not come! Chatuh-stava There is something that exists before Heaven and Earth, which has no form, buried in silence.

It is master of all phenomena, and is not subject to the change of seasons. Zen According to the book of Proverbs 8: Christ was present in the Garden of Eden in Gnostic mythology - as a snake, cf. Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and for ever the same. Hebrews Details of these very difficult questions - about the time, sin and entropy - will be discussed in Chapter So, God dwells in eternity.

But man lives in time and because - in his own world, which he created. This is the mater! And, wretched sorcerer before the magic world, Created by me, I stand. Tyutchev Irresolute hand Brought these clouds And the sad eyes met Their dimmed pattern. Unhappy and quiet, I am the creator of the mine worlds Where sky is artificial And crystal dew is asleep Mandelstam In the heavenly Jerusalem there is no time, the "laws of nature" do not work too of course!

Compared with the Divine world, human worlds "the artificial sky and sleeping crystal dew" are inevitably flawed, but certainly not to the same degree.

Sometimes it is very sad and absurd world say, the worlds of " red conspiracy ", alcohol or drug dreams, which were discussed in the first chapter. Basil the Great. This ability gets most striking forms in the literary and artistic works, as will be discussed further. It is important to emphasize, however, that the ability to create worlds is essential for everyday life.

For it is good to feel that all that gripped her with such a force was not free from the constant hint that this is only an appearance. But the sight undoubtedly contained liquefied, diluted reality - perhaps not yet becoming the earth really, - Agatha thought.

And in one of those marvelous moments when the place where she stood, seemed dissolved in limbo, she was able to believe that beyond her, in the space in which you can never look in, it may be wise God! Man Without Qualities Thesis, which we are trying to prove is this: The world in which you live is illusory. You made it up. Know that there is a hidden reality that is revealed to us as the supreme beauty, to know and to feel it - that is the core of the true religion.

Einstein Anyone creates by an illusion and his power of imagination that does not exist thereof; this is the general state of things. Who knows - does not to co-create the energy that has is and is beyond energy container Ibn Arabi Fantasy remains a human right: Tolkien Unfortunately very mildly, unfortunately!

Jeremiah 5: In this gap a man just creates "secondary" worlds. They form a kind of veil, or veil that separates man from the ultimate reality, which now becomes unbearable for him in fact, this is the tragedy of the Fall Did not you see the one who took his passion for Allah, and Allah knocked him out of the way of His knowledge and put the seal on his hearing and his heart, and laid veil on his vision. Who will lead him after Allah? Do you not come to your senses? It is impossible to God-created beam beamed for us differently than mystically shrouded by medley of sacred veils and correspondingly and suitably prepared for us by Father Providence.

Celestial Hierarchy 1. This motif has been known already in Greek mythology: Truly, there are seven thousand veils of light and darkness that hide the Lord. If He allowed to take these curtains, light of the greatness of His countenance would destroyed and wiped out all life. Islamic hadith In the quantum world, as will be discussed in detail in Chapter 6, we again encounter the "veil" that separates us from the true reality that is too terrible for the mind of the ordinary man to contact it directly.

Tht modern philosopher writes: Condition that must be satisfied If you do not meet these conditions, the meeting itself leads to what I call the annihilation, that is disappearing both the subject of human attention, desire, interest, and the man himself The field [of seeing] If we saw by a miracle, say, in a state of epileptic,- electrons, which are transformed in our field of vision Boom of knowledge Only occasionally divine reality penetrates all veils in some images, shows itself through them, passing in the mind of man.

Sufferings of man at this point can not be compared to anything else. It is these "moments of truth" very distorted and incomplete, of course are sources of high poetry: But we, poets. HЖlderlin, cf. Therefore it is very common for people to refuse to even attempt to approach it - even glimpse the truth is too scary Matt. At the same time, as the biblical prophets say see, e. Rudyard Kipling The desire to withdraw into his own world, isolated from God and from the tragedy of existence, in fact, entails a new tragedy.

We think not so, my lord. To me it is a prison. William Shakespeare. Hamlet Bad dreams - this is very important. It is that sleep of death, referred to in the monologue "To be or not to be In addition to suicide, considered by Hamlet, the progress of science and technology provides additional opportunities to withdraw into a nutshell - to go into virtual reality, the world of their own dreams and desires. Sleg from the "Prey items of the century" by Strugatsky is, if science fiction, the " passing range fiction", very slightly superior with respect to today technology.

Remaining within the materialistic and atheistic worldview , it is not easy to explain what is, in fact, wrong in slang if we exclude the possible harm to health and so on, i. Probably not coincidentally, Boris Strugatsky, judging by his answers to questions from fans on the Internet, now will not find anything particularly awful in the world of "Prey items Reminder and punishment for creature forgetting its high purpose.

The world came about through a mistake. For he who created it wanted to create it imperishable and immortal. He fell short of attaining his desire. For the world never was imperishable, nor, for that matter, was he who made the world. Gospel of Philip 99 Sophia, which is called Pistis, wanted to commit an act alone, without her comrades. And her act was the painting of the sky, [so that] the veil exists between the heavenly and the internal eons. And there occurred a shadow beneath the veil, and that shadow became a matter.

The essence of the Archons Gnostics construct complex hierarchical schemes of the world structure eons with the authorities-archons and distinguish the god-creator demiurge , who represents evil or ignorance, and the true unknown God. In the orthodox Judeo-Christian tradition, with its concept of sin, the responsibility for the gap rests on the human.

However, closer analysis reveals that the two positions are not so opposed. Russian philosopher L. Karsavin, who deeply researched Gnosticism, gives a convincing psychological interpretation of its frightening images: And do not appear our thoughts and feelings as something other? Did not you thought Yaldabaof, a terrible, evil and dark god? Earth and mountain Sophia In this interpretation, the role of the evil demiurge belongs to the man himself: Each of us must recognize that he is the creator of all evil in himself.

Six Days Demiurge of your world is you, shifting the blame to the "archons" fails because archons appear as a personification of your own sinful desires. We expect the truth, and find in ourselves one doubt. We are looking for happiness, and find only misery and death. We are to want the truth and happiness, but are unable to neither true knowledge, nor happiness. This desire is left to us as a punishment, and to give us a feel how much what height we fell.

Thoughts According to the Gnostic and Manichaean mythology, the soul of man plunges down into the evil-soaked material layers.

In the traditional language, the soul is compared to a pearl; this symbolism is often found in the literature, starting from the ancient "Hymn to Pearl" to "Burdened with evil" by Strugatsky. Sparks of divine light are trapped in matter: Such discoveries do not require bribes; silence is in the whole district.

How much light is crammed into star splinter at nightfall! Brodsky Stars are fragments: The hero is able to see the light of something beyond visible world. The brook too had altered in character. A trembling radiance came up from its green water, like some imprisoned force escaping into the air. His vision altered and he came to an automatic standstill. He was perceiving two worlds simultaneously. With his own eyes he saw the gorge as before, with its rocks, brook, plant-animals, sunshine, and shadows.

But with his acquired eyes he saw differently. The green sparks from the brook, when closely watched, could be distinguished individually, each one wavering up toward the clouds, but the moment they got within them a fearful struggle seemed to begin.

The spark endeavoured to escape through to the upper air, while the clouds concentrated around it whichever way it darted, trying to create so dense a prison that further movement would be impossible. As far as Maskull could detect, most of the sparks succeeded eventually in finding their way out after frantic efforts; but one that he was looking at was caught, and what happened was this.

A complete ring of cloud surrounded it, and, in spite of its furious leaps and flashes in all directions--as if it were a live, savage creature caught in a net--nowhere could it find an opening, but it dragged the enveloping cloud stuff with it, wherever it went.

The vapours continued to thicken around it, until they resembled the black, heavy, compressed sky masses seen before a bad thunderstorm. Then the green spark, which was still visible in the interior, ceased its efforts, and remained for a time quite quiescent.

The cloud shape went on consolidating itself, and became nearly spherical; as it grew heavier and stiller, it started slowly to descend toward the valley floor. When it was directly opposite Maskull, with its lower end only a few feet off the ground, its motion stopped altogether and there was a complete pause for at least two minutes. Suddenly, like a stab of forked lightning, the great cloud shot together, became small, indented, and coloured, and as a plant-animal started walking around on legs and rooting up the ground in search of food The sphere was still there, but between it and the Muspel-world in the novel - a world of true reality.

Nightspore knew that it was Crystalman d emiurg e. A flood of fierce light--but it was not light, but passion--was streaming all the time from Muspel to the Shadow, and through it. When, however, it emerged on the other side, which was the sphere, the light was altered in character. It became split, as by a prism, into the two forms of life which he had previously seen--the green corpuscles and the whirls.

What had been fiery spirit but a moment ago was now a disgusting mass of crawling, wriggling individuals, each whirl of pleasure-seeking will having, as nucleus, a fragmentary spark of living green fire. Nightspore recollected the back rays of Starkness, and it flashed across him with the certainty of truth that the green sparks were the back rays, and the whirls the forward rays, of Muspel.

The former were trying desperately to return to their place of origin, but were overpowered by the brute force of the latter, which wished only to remain where they were. The individual whirls were jostling and fighting with, and even devouring, each other. This created pain, but, whatever pain they felt, it was always pleasure that they sought.

Sometimes the green sparks were strong enough for a moment to move a little way in the direction of Muspel; the whirls would then accept the movement, not only without demur, but with pride and pleasure, as if it were their own handiwork--but they never saw beyond the Shadow, they thought that they were travelling toward it Voyage to Arcturus We can try to interpret this passage in a "physical" language: For a detailed description of the Gnostic worldview, traditions of astrology, alchemy and hermeticism introduce special term h emarmen meaning tyrannical reign of supreme Archons-stars over the world of body and soul but not spirit!

The stars are strengthened by deities-creators between the firmament and the ground on a rotating stellar sphere the Wheel. The flickering light of stars is a consequence of that archons own living soul particles, sparks of good light. Similar images can be found in the works of Carlos Castaneda Giant Eagle, managing and eating consciousness. Although usually one emphasizes the incompatibility of the gnostic doctrine and Christian orthodoxy, one has to recognize that the Gnostics struggled painfully with the very real problem - the problem of abandonment by God.

One of the most authoritative Gnostic authors from the orthodox point of view - heresiarch Basilides repeated: Modern man is not protected by traditional faith, and cannot even understand this impulse - not to mention the Christian "God is love" 1 Jn. God is a stranger to charity. Those who say that he is good, they just do not know him. There is nothing more inhuman than god. He is raged and cunning, like lightning. Similar to lightning from the clouds, from which one does not expect lightning.

And then, suddenly, he hits - all of a sudden, suddenly, he brings down on the man hit and represents all his cruelty. Or his love. Or his brutal love. From he you can expect anything.

He can manifest himself at any time and in everything. Sibyl The problem in question exists, of course, in most orthodox point of view too. It should be not ignored, but to be solves by each person individually!

In many places, the Bible says that God has hidden His face from people. And my wrath is kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them and hide my face from them, and they shall be devoured, and many evils befall them, and sorrow, and they will say in that day, that is not the reason why these evils come upon that not [the Lord] God among us?

Deuteronomy Thou didst hide thy face, and I was embarrassed. Psalms Since the World War I, mankind seemed specially defined to demonstrate the capabilities of the creature, abandoned by the Creator as spoken in the Soviet period, abandoned due to numerous requests of workers.

The whole mankind has Mlligrubs and colic, - And the whole story of it is- History of the disease. Sore one lives more cheerfully, Fiercely, and more useless - And enjoys its History of the disease. However, this issue is too serious to talk about it in passing. The whole XX century was the "century of Job" - without the visible yet?

Know now that God hath overthrown me, and hath compassed me with his net. I cry aloud, and no judgment. He blocked my way, and I can not pass, and set darkness in my paths. He hath stripped me of my glory, and taken the crown from my head. He hath destroyed me, and I am going away, and, as a tree, my hope hath he removed.

My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I was left with the skin of my teeth. Have mercy on me, have mercy on me you, my friends, for the hand of God hath touched me. Job 19 According to the New Testament tradition, the promise uttered by the prophet Isaiah "with everlasting kindness I have mercy on you" is performed by Christ, the prototype of which is Job.

However, this does not negate the tragedy of human existence, but gives to it depth and inner meaning. Therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh. He is our peace, who hath made both one, and has broken down the dividing wall, by abolishing in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments and ordinances, that of the two to create in himself one new man, so making peace, and in one body to reconcile both to God through the cross, slain the enmity thereby.

Ephesians 2: The bridal chamber, however, remains hidden. It is the Holy in the Holy. The veil at first concealed how God controlled the creation, but when the veil is rent and the things inside are revealed, this house will be left desolate, or rather will be destroyed. And the whole inferior godhead will flee from here, but not into the holies of the holies, for it will not be able to mix with the unmixed light and the flawless fullness, but will be under the wings of the cross and under its arms.

This ark will be their salvation when the flood of water surges over them. If some belong to the order of the priesthood, they will be able to go within the veil with the high priest. For this reason, the veil was not rent at the top only, since it would have been open only to those above; nor was it rent at the bottom only, since it would have been revealed only to those below.

But it was rent from the top to bottom. Those above opened to us the things below, in order that we may go in to the secret of the truth. This truly is what is held in high regard, and what is strong! But we shall go in there by means of lowly types and forms of weakness.

They are lowly indeed when compared with the perfect glory. There is glory which surpasses glory. There is power which surpasses power. Therefore, the perfect things have opened to us, together with the hidden things of truth.

The holies of the holies were revealed, and the bridal chamber invited us in. As long as it is hidden, wickedness is indeed ineffectual, but it has not been removed from the midst of the seed of the Holy Spirit. They are slaves of evil. But when it is revealed, then the perfect light will flow out on every one. And all those who are in it will receive the chrism. Then the slaves will be free and the captives ransomed.

Gospel of Philip At the same time, the sacrifice of Christ does not remove the problem of the gap with God and, therefore, of being of "empirical" man in the evil because abandonment by God! A person should get out of his own world, where he had locked himself playing the role of demiurge, and reunite with the world the Ultimate Reality.

Considering man as demiurge, it is natural to ask: Primary , that is true , world, created by God, could be anything or non-existent - God did not have to create the world! God is love God does not need anything. He gives the fullness. The teaching that God "did not have to" make world is not dry scholasticism, it is very important It spawned unwanted creatures to love them and improve.

He created the world, feeling or feeling? Have no time for him , as swarming flies at the cross, it hurts to touch the tree scarred back as breath when sagging body as unbearably sore hands, when you have to breathe Here it is, love.

There He is God, the Creator of all love. Love Statement of arbitrary Divine act of creation is very important and, in fact, non-commom even within the Judeo-Christian worldview.

In the Western Christian tradition, two lines are traced that go back ultimately to Aristotle and Plato. Thomas Aquinas, who synthesized in its system the Catholic dogma with the teachings of of Aristotle, stated: In any case, God does not fit the created world, and creation is an act of self-limitation of God belittling - Greek kenosis.

By the very act of creation, God binds Himself. We are talking about the limits of self-restraint. This idea is emphasized in the tales by C. Lewis belonging to the Christian tradition , where Aslan acts - the embodiment of God in the form of a lion: Lucy saw She ran forward with a little cry of delight and with her arms stretched out.

Oh, Aslan," said she, "it was kind of you to come. As if anything I could do would make you visible! The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Under the law, the mighty lion Aslan is even forced to sacrifice humbly himself at the behest of an evil Witch, ruling in this world "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". In a somewhat vulgarized form the same idea is expressed by the well-known disciple of the mystic and occultist G.

Gurdjieff We talked a lot about the idea of a miracle, that the Absolute can not express their will in our world, and this is manifested only in the form of mechanical laws and may not appear in their violation. I do not remember which one of us came to mind the well-known, though not very respectful school history, in which we saw an illustration of this law.

It was a seminarian-age Rules of the game are the essence of the game, and their violation would ruin the whole game. In Search of the Miraculous On the other hand, many other medieval scholastics, and following them - also for the most profound thinkers of modern philosophy, God is certainly above the laws of logic and has nothing to do with them. Well-known scholar St. Peter Damian , the words "philosophy is the maid of Theology" can be traced to him wrote: See, to the claim that God can not restore the maiden after a fall, though consistently, one adds: As if forever one established that if the maid is flawed, she is no longer able to be clean.

That, of course, is true in relation to the nature, and it is correct to assert: Indeed, the opposite of one another, so if one takes place, the other can not be However, this impossibility After all, the one who gave birth to nature, easily, if desires, removes natural necessity.

On divine omnipotence Later, Descartes thought a lot about the relationship between divine omnipotence and human mind see the book by Shestov "Athens and Jerusalem". The problem is whether God can create the world in such a way that its structure, its construction is superior to our ability to understand We can introduce the concept of God as a representation, as part of our structure of philosophical reflection, if we limit him in some way, and attribute to him the need to create only such a world, which we can understand.

We have to assume that he can create any world, including one in which the three angles of the triangle would not be equal to two right angles, and where the mountains would be and valleys would not be. But in our world, by definition, if there is a mountain, then there is the valley Blanco Audioglider , Zehv Vested Recordings. Subdue EP Iglesias Sola. Orchestra Worakls Hungry Music. New Releases. Bangers Vol. Featured Charts. Exclusives Only: Week 11 Beatport. Whats your Frequency?

Michael Bibi. Hype Picks. Phoenix Cosmic Boys Legend. Dice Pt. New Stems. Featured Sounds. Heavy Techno Techno , Hard Dance.


Give U Everything - 3pc. - First Come First Serve (CD, Album), Судья Сказал - Бутырка - Лучшее (CD), Cock Back - Various, DJ E-V - B*tch Im From Cleveland (Vol. 2) (CD), Sweet Dreams - Are Made Of This - Eurythmics - Live (Laserdisc), Hi On Fire - Fiasco Andretti* - Kill Tha Show (File, MP3, Album)

download Switch Technique - Dailybread Series Part One (Vinyl) full album


Alex James talks the band and headlining Big Day Out". Guitar World Presents: Undermind Original Mix. Archived from the original on July 18, May 27,

Future Sickness Records. Headphone Wisdom Original Mix. The Outside Agency. Lenny Dee. Industrial Strength Records. Extermination Original Mix. Genosha One Seven Five. Artificial Flesh Original Mix. Undermind Original Mix. The Outside Agency , Sei2ure. Truth Rising Original Mix. Dub Elements. Dorksided Original Mix. Goldberg Variations. L B Recordings. Receptor , Forbidden Society. Forbidden Society Recordings.

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Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved August 9, April 23, Retrieved April 23, Links to related articles. Ten Vs. Merkin Ball. Book Category. Temple of the Dog. Mother Love Bone. The Love Bone Earth Affair. United We Stand. Brad vs Satchel. Mad Season. Live at The Moore. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — Class of Nile Rodgers.

Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Pages using Timeline CS1 maint: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 16 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Seattle , Washington , U. Problems playing this file? See media help. Current members Eddie Vedder — lead vocals, rhythm guitar —present Mike McCready — lead guitar, backing vocals —present Stone Gossard — rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals —present Jeff Ament — bass guitar, backing vocals —present Matt Cameron — drums, percussion, backing vocals —present.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pearl Jam. Plus, the design is awe-inspiring like a great piece of art. Turntable Lab stocks most available Technics replacement parts.

It still no , but has the functions and performance you need at a more affordable price. You can view our complete selection of DJ turntables here. When Technics were in production, there were two model-types for international customers and US customers. The international model became known as "gray market" because they were less expensive and did not carry the same warranty for US customers both are no longer applicable.

The international model featured a v-style power plug usually with the US adapter included and a voltage control switch underneath the platter that switches between v and v. The international model can still be used in the US with no difference in performance. Everyone seems to have a different answer for this.


Ты Сгоришь - Игорь Куприянов - Белый Ветер (CD, Album), One Way Love - Dexys Midnight Runners - The Very Best Of Dexys Midnight Runners (Cassette), , 5. Allegro - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble - Brass Now And Then (Vinyl, LP), Nobody Knows The Trouble Ive Seen - Mahalia Jackson - Mahalia Jackson (Vinyl, LP)

download Old Timer - Muttley - Nuf A Dem EP (File, MP3) full album

Label: Transient Audio (2) - TRANS002 Format: 5x, File MP3, EP 320 kbps Country: UK Genre: Electronic Style: Dubstep

Are you certain you want to delete this board? Play all XSPF. Have an account? Add to Chart. Clav Riddim - 4:

Mouzon We about to set this motherfucker off in here tonight! It… J. Writer Feat. Sou yume wo utatte! Jadakiss And Styles P Turn the fuckin beat on! Yeah, we back! Ryu] Yo Here we go! Put Your Hands Up! B [All] sondeureo hands up.. Watch artist interviews here.

Metalcore Punk Hardcore Ambient Drone. Muttley is an upcoming rock-musician from Malta. Specta Ciera. Wes Willenbring. Distinct Motive. Juss B. Sir Hiss. Asgaya Gigagae. Hot Air Henry. Mother Sky. Imperialism Muttley. The Wild Bunch Muttley. Nuf a Dem Muttley. Back To Mine Pt. Make Me EP Muttley. Yam Yam Muttley. Straight Up Drum Bass! Commissioner Remixes Muttley. We Are Hood Famous Muttley. Items in wishlist: Items in cart: Downloads See all. Genre See all.

Label See all. Release Date See all. Featured See all. Release Title See all. BPM See all. Sample Packs. Save tabs:. Sort By Artist. View Options. Select format. Schedule One Recordings. Smash It Original Mix - 5: Low Life Original Mix - 4: TEC 27 Apr 18 Bass. Played by: Juno Recommends Bass , Otz. Bristol bass imprint Tectonic is run by dubstep legend Pinch and returns with more dark side, low-end extremities to truly push the threshold. It is mainly about the Young Echo affiliated Ishan Sound here, who on "C5" collaborates with local scene hero Hodge for a moody downbeat affair, featuring spooky horror movie synth textures over booming kicks and trap snares.

This is where you add a track, album, or merch. Got it. Explore music. Lance Batenhorst. Potential Money. Christopher Walsh. Alex Eze. Troy Knox. Phil Girdo. Miguel Ferreira. Bass Ronin. Purchasable with gift card. Tags electronic bass dub dubby dubstep dubwise Bristol.

Joel Bunker go to album.


Морская - Анна Пингина - Мой (CD, Album), Show Me The Way - The Nightcrawlers - The Little Black Egg (Vinyl, LP), Después de la Destrucción - Antro / Begotten (5) - Síntomas Bipolares (CDr), Samba Bamba - Gompie - Life ? You Never Saw My Wife (CD), The West - Blu (2) - Good To Be Home (Vinyl, LP, Album)

download Netherbird - Windwards (File) full album

Label: Black Lodge Records - none Format: 2x, File Single Country: Sweden Genre: Rock Style: Black Metal

A lot more than just bm, acoustic and beauty are at least as many as the "harsher"passages. Around the same time The Ghost Collector was re-issued. Netherbird - Windwards (File) Habersack. Over the years that followed Netherbird made an increasing number of live shows including two tours throughout central and Eastern Europe in — along with a short tour in Russia. Beautiful, sensible mellow vocal harmonies shapeshift constantly, evoking feelings of loss, hope and well, ascension. The Heretics by Rotting Christ. Michael Johnson.

Very special album of "overwhelming ethereal black metal" hot genre right now. Beautiful, sensible mellow vocal harmonies shapeshift constantly, evoking feelings of loss, hope and well, ascension. A lot more than just bm, acoustic and beauty are at least as many as the "harsher"passages. Listen, and just feel yourself soar with the music.

Brilliant piece of art. I love the way the band immerses you in the environment. Very beautiful band, very beautiful the environment that creates. Each song is unique and I like it in different ways. Isolate by Mesarthim. The perfect soundtrack for your interstellar trip Homars. Ruin by Cor Scorpii. The Heretics by Rotting Christ. For their 13th album, Rotting Christ troll the world of religion at large. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 14, Living Tomb by Ossuarium.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 1, This is where you add a track, album, or merch. Got it. Explore music. Windwards Single by Netherbird official. Scott Peterson. Michael Johnson. Roland Habersack. Jan-Hendrik Kopf. Chris Berseth. Andrew Lenoce. Andreas Ahlgren. Fallen Reverie. John Henry McMills Warrington.

Morten Olsen. Kevin Logan. Netherbird is a Swedish melodic black metal band from Stockholm. Their collaboration was already from the formative sessions which focused on writing harsh yet melodic metal to be recorded without any set line-up but instead utilizing session members. At this time, they remained strictly as a studio band and distributed their songs freely via the internet resulting in a fast growing following online.

Consequently they landed a record contract with Pulverised Records based in Singapore releasing the debut album The Ghost Collector in The second full-length album Monument Black Colossal was released in and the last recording session with Erlandsson on drums. Over the years that followed Netherbird made an increasing number of live shows including two tours throughout central and Eastern Europe in — along with a short tour in Russia.

Their third album The Ferocious Tides of Fate was released in By the end of , the band held a final 10 year celebration concert in Stockholm, Sweden at Kraken and simultaneously announced a hiatus on their live activity. Around the same time The Ghost Collector was re-issued. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Swedish black metal band.

Photo by Ina Fleed.


10. Птичник - Любовь Брук*, Марк Тайманов* - В. Моцарт* / К. Сен-Санс* - Концерт Для Двух Фортепиано, Are We Not Serious? We Are Rumah Sakit - Rumah Sakit - Obscured By Clowns (CD, Album), Tired Of Sleep (T.O.S.) - (hed) Planet Earth* - The Best Of (Hed) Planet Earth (CD), That Feelin (Savannah RMX) - Various - Disco-House (CD)

download You May Die (Intro) - OutKast - ATLiens (Vinyl, LP, Album) full album

Label: LaFace Records - 73008-26029-1 Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album Country: US Genre: Hip Hop

Played by: Deep House. Digital recorders. Roses 1-sided 12" picture disc promo. High to low. A to Z Artist: New to old Price:

Support act Cambrai 1974. Concert Guide Blog, Sun, 30 Oct 2016 07 21 58 0000. Zampa asks for the support band in Cambari 1974 I m 66 old and I was among the happy fanatics admitted in the Palais des Grottes for this fab first show I could see with my very best friends of Continue reading.


First Blush - Various - Woo-Hoo The Roulette Story (CD), Till There Was You - Katherine Jenkins - Believe (CD, Album), S.O.S. (All We Need Is Time For Love) - Todays People (2) - S.O.S. (Vinyl), Living Without You - Nilsson* - Nilsson Sings Newman (Vinyl, LP), Där Dom Blinda Barnen Bor - Göran Fristorp - Fristorp Fullständigt (CD)

download Interlude - Chad Valley (2) - Young Hunger (Vinyl, LP, Album) full album

Label: Cascine - CSN025,Touch Vinyl - CSN025 Format: Vinyl LP, Album Country: US Genre: Electronic Style: Synth-pop, Experimental

I recommend this album, as it is fun and well worth your time. Вы хотите выиграть этот аукцион? Great "Tears for Fears" LP vocals with dreamy, full keyboards patches and excellent drum beats. Сведения о компании-продавце. Если страница не обновится сразу жепродолжите делать предложение. To enable Prime Music, you must have JavaScript turned on in your browser.

Every song is enjoyable! Great "Tears for Fears" like vocals with dreamy, full keyboards patches and excellent drum beats. I totally love this recording! Audio CD Verified Purchase. This guy has a fun vibe. I do like his prior disc more This album is flawless. I hope he takes over the world with this album.

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Listen Now with Amazon Music. Amazon Music Unlimited. Glasser Fall 4 U feat. Jack Goldstein My Girl feat. Interlude Interlude. Young Hunger Young Hunger. Active Child Manimals feat.

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Evening Surrender, 6. Interlude, 7. Young Hunger, 9. My Life Is Complete, Больше Меньше. Другие товары, относящиеся к этому продукту Купить сейчас Купить сейчас. Новые Новые. Связаться с продавцом. Посетить магазин. Показать другие товары Больше Показать все. Информация о товаре Состояние товара:.

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Повреждения футляра или упаковки товара, потертости, царапины, трещины и выемки отсутствуют. Обложка и листок с аннотацией прилагаются. Инструкции к компьютерной игре и коробка прилагаются. Зубья держателя дисков не повреждены. Минимальные следы износа внешней части товара. Запись на VHS-кассете без размытых кадров и ряби. Показать все определения состояния — открываются в новом окне или вкладке Подробнее o состоянии.


, Bull To The Weak - Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars - Living Like A Refugee (CD, Album), Gita - Raul Seixas - Maluco Beleza (CD), Preacher - Rick Fowler (4) - Back On My Good Foot (CD, Album)

download Widdecombe Fair - The Yetties - The Yetties Of Yetminster (Vinyl, LP, Album) full album

Label: Argo (2) - ZDA 168 Format: Vinyl LP, Album Country: UK Genre: Folk, World, Country Style: Folk

Items per page: Grows vegetables Fills classrooms Drills wells Empowers women Fights poverty. Music Records Free postage. The area is renowned for outdoor pursuits, including camping, sailing, windsurfing, and surfing, as well as forest walks and horse riding.

The cover is an autographed original by the now retired band and is in reasonable condition. It has normal usage marks and light scuffs to the surface. The inner sleeve is in a good condition with little wear. The vinyl itself is clean and in good working order with standard usage marks. The Gypsy Rover, A2. One Morning in May, A4. Widdecombe Fair, A5. Bread And Fishes, A7. The Gentleman Soldier, B1.

Dark Island, B2. On A Monday Morning, B3. Fling It Here! Fling It There! The Marrow, B5. Lord Of The Dance, B6. Beau Psaltery, B7. The Farming Contractor, B8. This item will be dispatched to UK addresses via second class post within 2 working days of receipt of your order.

Any additional courier charges will be applied at checkout as they vary depending on delivery address. Standard UK delivery is currently free , no matter how many items you have in your basket. You can find out more about delivery and returns in our help section.

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We rely on your donations to sell online so please keep the cycle of goodness going! To find out more about volunteering with Oxfam, please visit our how to volunteer page. The elegant Georgian buildings lining the wide main street were built mostly for merchants in the local salt trade.

The famous Saturday market brings the town to life with its variety of stalls. The area is renowned for outdoor pursuits, including camping, sailing, windsurfing, and surfing, as well as forest walks and horse riding. View Shop. Oxfam GB is a member of Oxfam International. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously.

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My Special Prayer - The Pioneers - Let Your Yeah Be Yeah (Anthology 1966 To 1986) (CD), Γ. Μουζάκης* - Ένα Δάκρυ / Κάτω Στό Μεταξουργείο (Vinyl), Svalesang - Cutting Edge - Cutting Edge (Vinyl, LP, Album), We Dont Give A Fuck - Insult (4) - I Wanna Be A Burn Victim (CD, Album), Loves Gone Bad - Various - The Complete Motown Singles

download Viento De Invierno - Cosmen Adelaida - La Foto Fantasma (Vinyl, LP) full album

Label: El Genio Equivocado - EGE-VIN-007 Format: Vinyl LP Blue Country: Spain Genre: Rock, Pop Style: Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Dormancia 7. Becerro de oro 3. One mastering session later, and here we have this, the "lost" album from a band that just never made it. I knew of the Concubines because they were once an IndiePage you know, back when that was a thingand this album was actually recorded over a decade ago, but the band never found a suitable outlet to release it. Scenic World 8. Wild Is the Wind CD 2 1.

Family Alto Disco Airbag. La Buena Vida Radio. Love Of Lesbian Actos Inexplicables. Amigos Imaginarios. Lucybell Los Caramelos Pumuky La Zona Sucia. Nacho Vegas Fracciones de un Segundo. Carla Morrison Universal. Travolta Vivir Bajo el Agua. Malconsejo I Am a Bird Now. What does it sound like, you ask? All songs written by The Concubines. Plus Greg exhibits enough charm and general friendliness to give Colin Clary a run for his money!

All songs written by Cozy Catastrophes. One of their biggest influences is the Wedding Present, and though that does shine through clearly in these noisy janglepop songs, the band they actually remind me of the most is the more obscure Dot Dash, with whom they share many similarities both musically and in the overall sound and production.

All songs written by Crabber. Well, I just happened to really like it, so I happily obliged and here we are two months later with the newest Jigsaw release! Actores poco memorables 3. Polvorado 4. Ciudad Vampira 6. Adolfo Suicide 8. Libertariana Song La vida manca.

El Subiduki 2. Badajoz 3. Rajaculero 4. Jipi, Punki o Mod 5. Hay 6. La Guapa y los Ninjas 7. Color de Rosa 8. La Cumbia de Felix y Jacques 9. El Tendedero Eres Mutante Mimethic Motherfucker Cancion Oriental Nubes de Cianuro El Regalo Badajoz no es Hiroshima. Hacer Dinero 2. Moreno 3. En La Noche 4. Buen Rollito 5. Me Lo Hago Sola 6. Mi Amor Se Fue 7. La Semana 8. SIdikaouki 9. Sidi Beach Que Te Den Killed Me Paranoia V. Entre dos aguas rumba 2. Aires choqueros fandangos de Huelva 3.

Fuente y caudal tarantas 6. Los Pinares tangos 8. The Gulag Orkestar 2. Prenzlauerberg 3. Brandenburg 4. Postcards From Italy 5. Mount Wroclai Idle Days 6. Rhineland Heartland 7. Scenic World 8. Bratislava 9.

The Bunker The Canals Of Our City After The Curtain. Blog de WordPress. Wild Is the Wind CD 2 1. M WARD. Freaks Scornik, Calamaro El viejo Pappo Napolitano 2. No se puede vivir del Amor 3. Durazno sangrando Spinetta 4. Revistas Scornik, Calamaro 5. Aguas peligrosas 6. Ojos dos ojos Aguirre Somos feos Dejar de vivir Chocolate Canalla Mi autopista Reality Bomb Scornik, Calamaro Blow Up Palabras luminosas Empanadas de vigilia Scornik, Calamaro 2. Steely Feeling Calamaro, Ciro Fogliata 3.

Lameme el orto Rumba del perro Chango, Calamaro No te bancaste Scornik, Calamaro Ciudadano pesado Un barco un poco Lorena Pappo Napolitano, Calamaro Presos de nuestra libertad Problemas 2. La verdadera libertad 3. Los ejes de mi carreta Yupanqui, Risso 4. Un poco de diente por diente 5. Culo sin asiento 6. Malena Manzi, Demare 9. Corta pero ancha Nuestra piel Cocaine J. Cale Me cago en todo Calamaro, Badreddine Valentina Este es el final de mi carrera. Cale , etc. Out put — In put 2.

Horarios esclavos 5. No se puede vivir del Amor 9. Corta pero ancha. El parque 2. Becerro de oro 3. La fantasmaja 4. Copenhague 6. Dormancia 7. El mismo lugar 8. Viento de invierno Voces Political World 2. Where Teardrops Fall 3. Everything Is Broken 4. Ring Them Bells 5. Man in the Long Black Coat 6. Most of the Time 7.

What Good Am I? Disease of Conceit 9. What Was It You Wanted Shooting Star. El resto del repertorio lo completan canciones de corte tranquilo, con gran presencia de pianos y guitarras ochenteras, algunas como Where Teardrops Fall y What Was It You Wanted mantienen un buen nivel, pero el resto de canciones pasan desapercibidas e incluso pueden llegar a resultar aburridas, algo que acaba afectando al conjunto. La gran ciudad 2. Fucsia 4.


All My Loving - The Beatles - 1962-1966 (Vinyl, LP), My Driving Wheel - Various - Harmonica Blues: Great Harmonica Performances Of The 1920s And 30s (Vin, Avalanche Of Half Eaten Molested Corpses - Krotchripper - Of Death And Defecation (CDr), The Grand Tour - Various - From Where I Stand: The Black Experience In Country Music (CD), Fantasize Me (Underground Garage Mix) - Full Dread - Fantasize Me (Vinyl)

download Out There (Album Version) - Marc Almond - Marc Almond CD2 (CD) full album

Label: Домашняя Коллекция - MP-0819 Format: CD CD-ROM, Unofficial Release, Compilation MP3 Country: Russia Genre: Electronic, Pop Style: Synth-pop

There is nothing to do. In JuneAlmond released an album of cover songs, Stardom Road. The Idol Idolised Baby Night Eyes. Your Account. My Guardian Angel. Law Of The Night

Never To Be Next. Seriously Sensual. The River. Open All Night Bedroom Shrine. Black Kiss. Almost Diamonds. Scarlet Bedroom. My Love. Heart In Velvet. Open All Night. Threat Of Love. Bad People Kiss. Midnight Soul. Stranger Things Born To Cry. Come Out. Under Your Wing.

Tantalise Me. Moonbathe Skin. End In Tears. Glorious Reprise. Cruelty Without Beauty BBC News. Retrieved 4 April London Weekly News. Archived from the original on 17 April Retrieved The Guardian. Retrieved 4 March Marc Almond. Retrieved 29 December In Cross-Overs: Art into Pop, Pop into Art. Tainted Life — the autobiography. Sidgwick and Jackson.

Guinness World Records Limited. Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards". Retrieved 30 August Retrieved 1 April Retrieved 19 May Retrieved 21 February Liverpool Daily Post. Retrieved 14 August Daily Mail. Retrieved 9 March Songs of Vadim Kozin — Marc Almond: Retrieved 2 March Retrieved 8 April Soft Cell singer Marc Almond". Daily Mirror. Retrieved 7 April The Daily Telegraph. Record Collector.

Retrieved 10 April Site Map Help Add to favorites. To get full access to the site e. You will get 2 track for free after confirming your account! Your Account. Create an account! Forgot password? Anthology CD6. Marc Almond - Trials Of Eyeliner: Anthology CD6 Rock.

Buy now Add to cart. Track selected: Statistics Artists: Money For Love Fiddle Mix Night And No Morning. The Days Of Pearly Spencer Bruises Dancing In A Golden Cage. Torch Live Stars We Are Live. Tainted Love Live Vision Live Only The Moment Live.

The Idol Part 1 The Idol Idolised The Idol Teenage Dream Mix. Mercury UK. Law Of The Night Bedsitter Live At Radio One.


Free Motherfuckers - Deedrah - Anthology Part 2 (File), Tombeau sur la Mort de M. Conte de Logy - Peder Riis* - Classical Guitar (Vinyl, LP), First Blush - Various - Woo-Hoo The Roulette Story (CD), Dollia - Bob Fox Stu Luckley - Box Of Gold (CD, Album)

download I Prefer The Early Stuff (Radio Edit) - The Winter Olympics - I Prefer The Early Stuff (CDr) full album

Label: Freakscene Records - ORCD5 Format: CDr Single, Promo Country: UK Genre: Rock

Help us improve this article! Of all the games held throughout Greece, the Olympic Games were the most famous. All rights reserved. The IOC is a permanent organization that elects its own members. On 21 October "Vesyolye Ulybki" was released internationally on online music stores.

A fanfare is sounded, the Olympic fire is extinguished, and, to the strains of the Olympic anthem, the Olympic flag is lowered and the Games are over. But the festivities do not end there. The Olympics in Melbourne introduced one of the most important and effective of all Olympic customs. At the suggestion of John Ian Wing, a Chinese teenager living in Australia, the traditional parade of athletes divided into national teams was discarded, allowing athletes to mingle, many hand in hand, as they move around the stadium.

This informal parade of athletes without distinction of nationality signifies the friendly bonds of Olympic sports and helps to foster a party atmosphere in the stadium. In the stadium and its immediate surroundings, the Olympic flag is flown freely together with the flags of the participating countries.

The Olympic flag presented by Coubertin in is the prototype: The blue ring is farthest left, nearest the pole. In the 19th century, sporting organizations regularly chose a distinctive motto. Some people are now wary of this motto, fearing that it may be misinterpreted as a validation of performance-enhancing drugs. Contrary to popular belief, the torch relay from the temple of Hera in Olympia to the host city has no predecessor or parallel in antiquity.

No relay was needed to run the torch from Olympia to Olympia. The Olympic flame first appeared at the Olympics in Amsterdam. The torch relay was the idea of Carl Diem, organizer of the Berlin Games, where the relay made its debut. Subsequent editions have grown larger and larger, with more runners, more spectators, and greater distances. The relay reached all seven continents on its way from Olympia to Athens.

The relay is now one of the most splendid and cherished of all Olympic rituals; it emphasizes not only the ancient source of the Olympics but also the internationalism of the modern Games. The flame is now recognized everywhere as an emotionally charged symbol of peace.

The organizers of the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France, devised as an emblem of their Games a cartoonlike figure of a skiing man and called him Schuss. Since then each edition of the Olympic Games has had its own distinctive mascot, sometimes more than one.

Typically the mascot is derived from characters or animals especially associated with the host country. Thus, Moscow chose a bear, Norway two figures from Norwegian mythology, and Sydney three animals native to Australia. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

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Alternative Title: Beijing Olympic Games: Mount Olympus Meets the Middle Kingdom: China and the Olympics. Louis, Mo. Moritz, Switz. Oslo, Nor. Calgary, Alta. Page 1 of 3. Next page History of the modern Summer Games. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: That competition consisted of a hole stroke-play event for men and a 9-hole event for women. The yacht races held in every Olympic meet since , except for , illustrate the general tendency in the period toward smaller boats and, after mid-century, the increasing popularity of one-class racing.

Earlier Olympics included races for boats of various sizes and weights. Chinese athletes took a total of 63 medals, dominating the badminton, diving, table tennis, and weightlifting events and making strong showings in a variety of…. Britain has hosted the Games three times in London, in , , and At the Games weight lifter Launceston Elliot was the first Briton to win a gold medal, and in….

Weightlifting stadiums In stadium: Classical stadiums television coverage In sports: Photography, radio, and television In Television in the United States: Black Daniel will be coming to a theatre near you soon…" Be afraid, be very afraid. Fans have ranged from John Peel to Julian Cope — and with, rave reviews for their fifth album and a sixth due in Spetember, the whole project — fronted by Adam Easterbrook — has taken on a whole new lease of life.

Sign in or register to comment. For the latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs homepage. Get Music Making Advice from the Experts. Tom Robinson Introducing Podcast. Search term: Read more. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. Date of Birth? We based it off your Facebook details. Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Select one Female Male Unspecified. Connect me to Facebook friends and artists on Myspace?

You may already know people on Myspace. Tell my friends about Myspace? We based it off your Twitter details. Connect me to people I follow on Twitter? Thus, in late , year-old Julia Volkova was added to the group to complete the duo. According to Katina, Shapovalov was inspired to create the duo after the release of the Swedish film Show Me Love which focused on the romance between two school girls.

Sounding like the English word " tattoo ", it is also a shortened version of the Russian phrase "Э та девочка любит ту девочку", Aita devochka lyubit tu devochku, meaning "This girl loves that girl".

Over the next year, Katina and Volkova recorded songs with their producers. Voitinskij left the project, and Shapovalov decided to sign Elena Kiper as co-producer and co-writer for their debut album. Trevor Horn went on to write t. While working with Shapovalov, the group was "controlled" by him and it was reported that he was "strict" while in the process of the album. It was not physically and formally released until December She asks her parents for forgiveness. She woke up saying out loud, "Я сошла с ума!

Ivan Shapovalov is said to have added the second phrase of the chorus, "Мне нужна она" Mne nuzhna ona, meaning "I need her". Their first album, Po Vstrechnoy was released on 21 May The studio album proved to be a huge success in Europe, selling over 2.

The group went on tour in , where their routines were described as "precise" and featured routines where the girls had to strip.

The album peaked inside the top twenty in the majority of European and Western countries, and to date has sold over 7 million copies worldwide. Some believed the video promoted lesbianism and pedophilia. However, both of their proposed concerts in the UK were cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

Fuck the war! The "Fuck the War! Though not as popular as their debut single, it managed to have success in most record charts. The footage that was recorded was later used for a music video for the song "Show Me Love", [19] despite the song not being released in any country other than Poland.

The group then released their third single " 30 Minutes ". It was released as an official single in the UK. The fourth single off the album " How Soon Is Now? In May , t. The same month, the group postponed their German promo tour due to a late invitation to the MTV Movie Awards , where they performed. On 26 September , the group released a remix compilation, titled Remixes. In November , the CD was released in Russia, with two new tracks and videos.

The DVD compilation Screaming for More was released on 24 November , featuring music videos and behind-the-scenes. Anatomy of t. The documentary revealed that the girls were not lesbians, [27] and chronicled the group as they took part in Eurovision earlier in the year. In early , t. In the months before the split, t. The show followed the group as they were recording their second album, to little success, with their producer Ivan Shapovalov. The documentary aired on Russian television from January to March There were many rumors around the split until the show aired, which depicted the group leaving due to a lack of interest and care from their producer.

They also claimed the quality of the music being produced was too low, and that Shapovalov was only interested in creating scandals. Volkova stated, "He [Ivan] spends his time thinking up scandals instead of planning our artistic work. We wanted people to understand them and not judge them. That they are as free as anyone else. However, she became pregnant soon thereafter, and recording was delayed.

Volkova soon joined Katina and previous producer Sergio Galoyan in the studio. The group was backed by their record label, Universal Music International , in finding adequate songs and production to release a new album.

The group released their second English album on 5 October titled Dangerous and Moving. The album did not match its previous English album in terms of success, but still managed to sell over 2. The second single was " Friend or Foe ". On 25 March , t. Press ESC to exit. Email or Username. Password Forgot login? Discover Featured Music Videos People. Sign up Sign in. All rights reserved. The Winter Olympics does not have any songs.

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Its Late - Tutti Frutti (10) - Rock N Roll (Cassette, Album), Substitute - Arthur Mullard Hylda Baker - Band On The Trot (Vinyl, LP, Album), S(a)ddenly - if I - Beyond Any Doubt (File, MP3), Knee Trembler - Close Lobsters - Headache Rhetoric + Foxheads Stalk This Land (CD)

download La Molina - Yma Sumac - Mambo (And More) (CD, Album) full album

Label: Rev-Ola - CREV048CD Format: CD Album, Reissue Country: UK Genre: Jazz, Latin Style: Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Mambo, Easy Listening

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The songs on the CD vary from opera to forest animals to contemporary styles. She was truly unique. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The fairly recent shot of her mugging before a replica of the Capitol Records tower is a hoot! The CD lived up to my expectations.

Go Unlimited. Start your day free trial. Stream Exotica: Exclusive discount for Prime members. Sample this album Artist Sample. Bo Mambo [Clean] Digital Remaster. Tumpa Earthquake [Clean] Digital Remaster. Taki Rari [Clean] Digital Remaster. Monos Monkeys [Clean] Digital Remaster.

Suray Surita [Clean] Digital Remaster. Negrito Filomeno Digital Remaster. Huayno [Clean] Digital Remaster. Inca Waltz Digital Remaster. Babalu [Clean] Digital Remaster. Wimoweh Mbube [Clean] Digital Remaster. Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Extra tracks Label: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention yma sumac ever heard octave range capitol listen vocal exotic truly unique albums artist century collection recorded recordings singing voices woman hear mambo.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Audio CD Verified Purchase. After her Google Doodle birthday, I listened to Yma online, her voice, simply put, amazing. She was beautiful and her 5 octave range nearly unsurpassed. Listen to her songs on this CD, some are notes only, some songs with words. She hits notes, high and low, that do not seem humanly possible and she does it with such power and ease.

The songs on the CD vary from opera to forest animals to contemporary styles. She was truly unique. If you take the time to really listen to her music, you can easily become addicted, I only wish I had known about her in my youth when she was performing. Most Yma Sumac albums seem to treat her like a musical sideshow freak. At last: The fairly recent shot of her mugging before a replica of the Capitol Records tower is a hoot!

Much of the shrouded romantic mystery of the famed Sun Virgin has been replaced by factual, but no less intriguing, biographical and professional information. Definitely a must-have for the Yma novitiate, and a nicely rounded-out addition for the true enthisiast. No more dragging out all those LPs and CDs to find one or two definitive numbers! Thanks, EMI! I love listening to it.

I am a huge fan of Yma Sumac and this album is very good. The cd so far reached my satisfaction. Fast shipment by Amazon. Hailing from Peru, Yuma Sumac was one of the great voices of the 20th Century. With her four octave range and ability for "dual voice" she was a complete marvel. There are truly a lot of great voices that graced the stage and recording studios during the 20th Century and we all have our favorites, but will be a very long time before another one like this comes along.

Not quite as good as I had hoped. The songs Bo Mambo, Babalu, and Xtabay Lure Of The Unknown Love are catchy and bear repeated listenings, but most of the rest of it suffers from overly dramatic and dated arrangements that, frankly, make me cringe when I listen to them. You gotta love her voice, though. Tweets like a bird and growls like a panther.

I love listening to this fabulous woman. The CD lived up to my expectations. See all 33 reviews. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Stories published in the s claimed that she was an Incan princess, directly descended from Atahualpa. The government of Peru in formally supported her claim to be descended from Atahualpa, the last Incan emperor.

Her mother was a schoolteacher and her father a civic leader. Sumac first appeared on radio in She recorded at least 18 tracks [12] of Peruvian folk songs in Argentina in The group was unable to attain any success; their participation in South American Music Festival in Carnegie Hall was reviewed positively.

In , Yma gave birth to their only child Carlos. Her first album, Voice of the Xtabay , launched a period of fame that included performances at the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall. She presented more than 80 concerts in London and 16 concerts in Paris. A second tour took her to the Far East: Her fame in countries like Greece, Israel and Russia made her change her two-week stay to six months.

During the s, she produced a series of lounge music recordings featuring Hollywood -style versions of Incan and South American folk songs, working with Les Baxter and Billy May. The combination of her extraordinary voice, exotic looks, and stage personality made her a hit with American audiences.

She put out a number of hit albums, such as Mambo! Flahooley closed quickly, but the recording continues as a cult classic, in part because it also marked the Broadway debut of Barbara Cook. She became a U. In Sumac and Vivanco divorced, after Vivanco sired twins with another woman. They remarried that same year, but a second divorce followed in Apparently due to financial difficulties, Sumac and the original Inka Taky Trio went on a world tour in , which lasted for five years.

They performed in 40 cities in the Soviet Union for over six months, and a film was shot recording some moments of the tour, [17] and afterward throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. Their performance in Bucharest, Romania , was recorded as the album Recital , her only live in concert record. Sumac spent the rest of the s performing sporadically. Sumac had a wide vocal register, could emit notes above a coloratura soprano to the low notes of a bass, had one of the widest vocal ranges, being able to emit notes from the tessitura of sopranino, soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone and bass, was the only person able to do the triple coloratura or the trill of the birds.

Her range ranged from Si 1 to Re 8. This song covers 5 octaves and 5 notes. In the song "Chuncho" she sang from a si1 at minute 0: In this live she performs a duet with the flute reaching an E 6. In , Sumac released a rock album, Miracles. She recorded a new German "techno" dance record, "Mambo ConFusion".

She also gave several concerts in the summer of in San Francisco and Hollywood as well as two more in Montreal , Canada, in July as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. The songs "Goomba Boomba" and "Malambo No. A sample from "Malambo No. Sumac is also mentioned in the lyrics of the s song " Joe le taxi " by Vanessa Paradis , and her album Mambo!

Sumac died on November 1, , aged 85, at an assisted living home in Los Angeles, California, nine months after being diagnosed with colon cancer. On September 13, , a Google Doodle depicted Sumac. A recording session in Argentina included 23 songs, released on 78 rpm Odeon records. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Red Light - Various - Da Box Vol. 1 (Vinyl), Zakaj - Various - Krapina 85 (Vinyl, LP), Touchy (Go Go Mix) - a-ha - Touchy (Go-Go Mix) (CD), Champions Of Sound - Champions Of Sound (Vinyl), Sideways - Humankind - Blood Skin (CD, Album)

download Bitches Brew (rehearsal 06, fragment) - Miles Davis - Deep Brew Vol.1 (CD) full album

Label: Megadisc (2) - none Series: Miles Davis Legendary Collection Series Format: CD Unofficial Release, Stereo Country: Japan Genre: Jazz Style: Jazz-Rock

It sounded like [Davis] was trying for a funk record, and just picked the wrong guys. Electronic Folk International. Experimental jazz drummer Bobby Previte considered Bitches Brew to be "groundbreaking": John McLaughlin part 3, take 2. Recording Date August 19, - January 28, The solo voices heard most prominently on this album are the trumpet and the soprano saxophonerespectively of Miles and Wayne Shorter.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. It was not until late February that Davis refined his concept by dropping the multiple electric pianists for a more guitar-heavy sound.

The box set includes some tracks that had never been previously released, one of which, the Wayne Shorter composition "Feio," has since appeared as a bonus track on late compact disc reissues of Bitches Brew. A few of the other tracks in the box set had previously appeared on the albums Live-Evil , Big Fun , and Circle in the Round. The set was reissued on 11 May with new packaging.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Miles Davis. Bitches Brew rehearsal 04, fragment Bitches Brew rehearsal 05, fragment Bitches Brew rehearsal 06, fragment Bitches Brew rehearsal 07, fragment Bitches Brew rehearsal 08, fragment Bitches Brew rehearsal 09, fragment Bitches Brew part 2 of Co , take 1 Studio Chatter Bitches Brew part 2, take 2 Orange Lady rehearsal 01, fragment.

Orange Lady rehearsal 02, fragment. Orange Lady rehearsal 03, fragment. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down rehearsal 01, fragment. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down take 2. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down take 3. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down rehearsal 02, fragment. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down rehearsal 03, fragment. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down rehearsal 04, fragment. Dubuque, IA: William C.

Brown, College Division. Miles Ahead. Retrieved October 26, Bitches Brew ". Retrieved May 14, Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th ed. Omnibus Press. CD Universe.

MusicHound Jazz: The Essential Album Guide. Music Sales Corporation. The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings. The Penguin Guide to Jazz 8th ed. New York: Bitches Brew Legacy Edition. Rolling Stone. The Village Voice. New York. Retrieved May 15, Ron Wynn , ed. All Music Guide to Jazz. Erlewine, V.

Bogdanov 1st ed.


Maurizio Pollini, Robert Schumann - Fantasie C-Dur Op. 17 - Sonate Fis-Moll Op. 11 (Vinyl, LP, Album, Gingivitus Dance - Various - Drum N Bass Explosion - The Underground Selection (CD), One More Night - Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline (Vinyl, LP, Album), Electrolite - R.E.M. - In View: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003 (DVD)

download Hey Mama (Club Killers Remix) - David Guetta Feat. Nicki Minaj Afrojack - Hey Mama (Remixes EP) (Vinyl) full album


Enter David Guetta feat. Worldwide [21]. Best Collaboration. Forget the World. David Guetta ft. Dance Top 40 lista. Mainstream radio.

Phil Spector, a co-producer on this album, played piano on Love. Look At Me dates from The Beatles period, and is built on a finger-picking guitar pattern very similar to the one Lennon used in Dear PrudenceHappiness Is a Warm Gun and Julia. Lennon learned this guitar technique from Donovan while the two were in Rishikesh. The album was released in Japan under the title John no tamashiiwhich translates as John s Soul.

Letras de músicas - Letras.


Cherif MBaw - Kham Kham (CD, Album), One More Shot For The Road - Peter The Wolves (6) - Papas Goin Out Of Town (CD, Album), U2 - Big Girls Are Best (CD), Untitled - Hobotek - Space Room (File, MP3)

download Come Fly With Me - Various - Songs You Heard At The Movies (CD, Album) full album

Label: Not Now Music - NOT3CD203 Format: 3x, CD Album, Compilation Country: UK Europe Genre: Jazz, Rock, Latin, Funk / Soul, Pop, Classical, Folk, World, Country, Stage Screen Style: Rock Roll, Soundtrack, Funk, Ballad, Rhythm Blues, Cool Jazz, Doo Wop, Easy Listening, Blues Rock

Under Review Video documentary Himself. Kevin Godley Documentary Himself - Co-Host. Claire All the Way Frank Sinatra.

Stage Manager. Harry Dane. Il pittore che fece sognare Hollywood Documentary Himself. Chairman of the Mob Anatomy of a Filmmaker Documentary Himself. A Place of Dreams Video documentary Himself. Himself - Guest. Portrait of an Album Video Himself. Himself - Guest Host. Himself - Guest as Chairman of the Board. Humphrey TV Special Himself. Documentary Himself - Co-Host. Part 2 Himself - Host. Himself - Interviewed by Ed Sullivan Film segment. Himself - Singer.

Himself rumored. Himself - Recipient. Theresa Show all 32 episodes. The Photoplay Movie Awards Playtime in Hollywood Documentary short Himself. Himself - Vocalist singing voice.

Disneyland TV Special documentary Himself. Himself - Guest Vocalist. Hollywood Night Life Short Himself. Show all 62 episodes. Himself - Cameo. Joe Louis vs. Sebring post-production Himself. The Searcher Documentary Himself. Himself - Performer. Himself uncredited. JFK Frankie Machine. Make a Noise King of Late Night Show all 10 episodes.

Afraid of the Dark Documentary Himself. TV Movie documentary Himself. An Unconventional History: In Her Own Words Kevin Godley Frank Sinatra The Voice of the Century Mickey Cohen Morticia and More Tony Manetta clip from A Hole in the Head This Time Around Documentary Himself.

Betrayed TV Movie documentary Himself. A Generous Heart Video documentary Himself uncredited. The Greatest Interviews Video Himself. Window in the Skies Video short Himself. La trayectoria TV Movie documentary Himself. The Scandals Under Review Video documentary Himself. An American Dreamer Video documentary Himself. Danny Ocean. From the Beginning to the End Video documentary Himself. Singing at His Best Video documentary Himself.

The Back Story, Vol. Catalina Documentary Himself uncredited. The Very Good Years Razzle Dazzle September 11, TV Special Himself. The Paramount Years Video documentary short. The Army Years Video documentary Himself. The Television Years Video documentary Himself. Bing Crosby Power, Seduction and Hollywood Get Smart TV Movie documentary. All the Way The Music of Video documentary short Himself.

One Nation Divisible TV Movie documentary Himself uncredited. Harold Arlen Video documentary Himself. News Special Confidential Himself uncredited. III Documentary Chip uncredited. A Tribute to Sammy Davis, Jr.

TV Movie Himself. Carnival of Comedy Video. Who Murdered JFK? TV Movie documentary Himself - Entertainer. Himself - Interviewee. Gus Coletti. Reader - Episode 1. Charlie Y. Related Videos. Edit Personal Details Other Works: Publicity Listings: Official Sites: Alternate Names: Edit Did You Know?

Personal Quote: Star Sign: A copy of the song was played on the Apollo 10 mission which orbited the Moon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Fly Me to the Moon disambiguation.

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Find sources: Songwriters Hall of Fame. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Song Is You: A Million Dollar Song". The New York Times. Retrieved 26 November Retrieved February 17, April ".

Shah November 18, Retrieved 1 December BBC News. Brenda Lee. Brenda Lee This Is The Winning Hand. Perry Como. Westlife songs. Discography Songs recorded.


Joe Goddard - Lasers (Vinyl), Armageddon (Trackman Remix) - Mark Archer - Rave Armageddon Survival Kit (Vinyl), By Train - Wes Harrison - You Wont Believe Your Ears (Vinyl, LP, Album), Giovane Vecchio Cuore - Gigliola Cinquetti - Collezione Privata (CD)

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