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download Purple Rain - Prince The Revolution* - Purple Rush (Box Set) full album

Label: Sabotage Records (2) - none Series: Purple Rush Format: Box Set Unofficial Release 6x, CD Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release 4x, CD Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release 4x, CD Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release 4x, CD Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release 4x, CD Compilation, Reissue, Unofficial Release 6x, CD Compilation, Unofficial Release 4x, CD Compilation, Unofficial Release Country: Europe Genre: Electronic, Rock, Funk / Soul, Non-Music, Pop, Stage Screen Style: Funk, Synth-pop, Score, Interview, Spoken Word, Dialogue

And more news on this. Prince Purple Vinyl Bundle. Paul Edwards says: St Ives, NSW: And Prince was notorious for recording on an almost daily basis—one of the most prolific artists ever.

Holly Rock 4: Westwood One Intro 0: Shortberry Strawcake 5: Mark 6: Noon Rendezvous 7: Too Sexy 8: The Glamorous Life 8: Introducing The Belle Of St. Mark 0: Too Sexy 5: Christmas Message 0: A Love Bizarre — Sheila E. Toy Box Instrumental 6: Louis Park. James Brown and B. Other Catalognumber, Purple Rush 1: SAB Add Review. Marketplace This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. Add to List. Purple Rush 1.

Little Red Corvette. Take Me With U. Yankee Doodle Dandy. Do Me, Baby. Irresistible Bitch. International Lover. Computer Blue. Prince worked on the song from to , adding and subtracting different textures; the Graffiti Bridge version is ultimately aided by George Clinton , a horn section, and an additional chorus which aligns the song with the more communal design of a Parliament-Funkadelic song.

Listening to these songs, one has the feeling of rocketing through membranes, the compositions always opening up onto some new internal space.

The third disc also includes single edits, which are less imaginative and constantly unfolding than they are extremely, arbitrarily folded down. Альбом 9. Бокс-сет Не указано 8. Год выпуска показать все. Издание показать все.

Лучшие хиты Синхронная звукозапись Подарочное издание Восстановленный 4. Коллекционное издание Ограниченное издание 4. Рекламный 2. Purple Rain is a power ballad by Prince and the The Revolution. It was recorded live at the Minneapolis club First Avenue in with the strings overdubbed later in the studio and was his third US single second in UK and title track from the album of the same name, which in turn was the soundtrack album for the film of the same name.

The song is an emotional combination of rock and roll, pop and gospel… read more. I Would Die 4 U. Under The Cherry Moon. In Romance , Paisley Park, Sex Cymbal single , Warner Bros. Strung Out Great Condition!

Brand New Sealed Never Opened! Well cared for and well preserved Perfect for any Prince Fan or Music Collector! Beautiful Copy! Several versions of erotic city. Stuff that was released much later was recorded around that period so could be included. Btw the family album had both German and jap pressings on cd. Likewise the vanity 6 cd. In saying that I see much more obscure stuff in this site getting multiple disc sets. Who knew the guys from radar love had another sing, never mind 29 albums?

Stick the prince vocal demos of those albums in a box set however and you can empty my bank account. Crystal Ball would be nice to own. And One Night Alone. Review oct. Purple Rain was released to theaters in Dolby Stereo, which was remixed in 5. That 5. For the new Blu-ray, the 5. The track remains front-oriented, which is true to the original, and the dialogue is mostly clear and well-prioritized, with an occasional line buried in the mix.

Whu not get the PR bluray if you want a 5. Audio English: Dolby Digital 5. Dolby Digital 2. I had all the 80s stuff, but drifted away at the startof the 90s like many did. I actually managed to fill the remaining gaps yesterday, so I think I am only missing one live album, not including the grey market, and a handful of remixes. I have all of those Japan CD releases — including this one — and have never noticed any issue with it. Do you have any more info?

Hi Larry. I also have the Mazarati and Apollonia 6 Japanese CDs not aware of any mastering error — it sounds fine to me. I ran screaming around the house after the Alison Moyet reissues but am about to do another lap now. The unreleased albums better not be live stuff. Two unreleased albums will not do it. Of course the Appolonia 6,Vanity 6, Time and Family albums need to be reissued as well.

With extended or full length versions. And especially since this is a soundtrack a 5. This is essential stuff. More than essential. I hope it aged well when I get the SDE. Some things are better left unpublished to help create a myth.

Sign o the Times patchy? Regatta de Blanc — non patchy at all. Prince has always experimented with different styles, voices and alter egos — the Camille record was cancelled and part of it has been transferred to Sign O the Times — thus making it patchy because of the high pitched vocals…. Doesnt mean I dont love it. They could even do a 2 disc edition with the unreleased Apollonia 6 film a sort of longform video EP with suprising cameos.

If there is a proper reissue campaign and the Vanity 6 material sells well, Motown might look to cash in on the phenomenon. But they are two of my favourite Prince protege albums, so I hold out hope. Whatever is released, I hope it is all remastered, especially the Purple Rain movie.

I watched it again on good old DVD and the sound was awful. I would not be surprised if one of the dvds is the movie and the other is a live concert. As a secret wish, I would love to see remastered editions from all his protegees.


Proposition 61 - The Most Serene Republic - Underwater Cinematographer (CD, Album), Scarborough Fair / Canticle (Interlude) - Simon Garfunkel, Dave Grusin - The Graduate (Original Soun, Catch (Kosheen Radio Edit) - Kosheen - Catch (CD), Drop It (The Ender Mix) - Various - Weird Tales Of The Hardcore Tribe - Terror That Stalks Beat By B, Early Retirement - Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds (Cassette, Album)

download De Profeet - Ben Strik full album

Label: Philips - 6401 078 Format: Vinyl LP Country: Netherlands Genre: Pop, Classical Style: Vocal

ItsATrap http: Buiten die drie categorieen om, komen er ook nog profeten voor die helemaal niet bij naam genoemd worden. Zoals Daniel regelmatig een engel op bezoek kreeg, maar ook Johannes kreeg zijn boodschap door middel van een engel. Buena suerte Terwijl God zijn wil tegen Mozes verkondigde moest Mozes dat weer vertellen tegen Aaron. In de loop der tijd zijn er verscheidene geweest. Daarnaast wordt beschreven dat er valse profeten waren die niet uit naam van God spraken.

Enkele voorbeelden van profeten die er in deze boeken genoemd worden, zijn Jozua , Natan , Elia , Elisa en Jesaja. Gods profeten waren doorgaans mannen, maar een enkele keer ook een vrouw Debora , Hulda. De Babylonische Talmoed Megilla 14a erkent zelfs zeven profetessen naast 48 profeten: Profeten komen echter ook in de eerste vijf boeken van Mozes Abraham Genesis De latere profeten worden ook wel schriftprofeten genoemd.

De Hebreeuwse profeten fungeerden als spreekbuizen van God tot de mensen en andersom. Een tekst waarin dit duidelijk wordt, is Exodus 7: Profeten waren degenen die namens God het volk steeds aan het Verbond herinnerden.

Ze brachten niet alleen waarschuwingen en voorspellingen over van God naar het volk, maar deden ook voorspraak bij God als vertegenwoordigers van het volk. Profeten kozen niet zelf voor deze functie, maar werden daartoe door God geroepen. De opdracht om profeet te zijn werd vaak als zwaar, doch onafwendbaar opgevat. De functie van profeet bestond soms uit spreken, soms uit het voltrekken van bepaalde metaforische handelingen. Hiermee werd een bepaalde boodschap overgebracht van God naar hun volk, waarvan de inhoud soms troostend, dikwijls echter waarschuwend is "keer u om van de dwaalwegen en wandel in de weg van uw God!

Het takenpakket van een profeet wordt omschreven in Dewariem Jeremia had een schrijver, Baruch, in dienst. De Bijbel van de christenen bestaat uit het Oude en het Nieuwe Testament. Het Oude Testament van de protestantse kerken komt overeen met de Hebreeuwse Bijbel.

De rooms-katholieke kerk en de Oosterse kerken hebben nog enkele apocriefe boeken, die echter niet als profetisch worden beschouwd. Het boek Henoch wordt alleen in de Ethiopisch-orthodoxe kerk als echt beschouwd; en niet door de meeste kerken, al wordt het in het Nieuwe Testament Tweede brief van Petrus en Brief van Judas geciteerd.

Het Nieuwe Testament begint met een relaas over Johannes de Doper een op Elia gelijkende profetische figuur. Jezus wordt beschouwd als meer dan een profeet [4] In de vroege Kerk werden sommige anderen ook erkend als profeet:. Heel Holland Bakt TV programme. De Stentor Deventer. Shoppen in Deventer Shopping district.

Pages liked by this Page. Cbs De Wingerd Twello. Deventer Stadsfestival. Recent post by Page. Leven in Deventer. Zin in een leuke stadswandeling of fietstocht? Unleash the Power! Adventure Time: Big Battle! Jugadores Online.

Titanic Kungfubot Offensive El juego Titanic Kungfubot Offensive te permite desafiar a otros jugadores a duras luchas entre gigantes robots. Ver todos. Assault Fury 4. N Nuevo. Retribution Cyber Rage: Me gusta. In sommige gevallen begrepen de profeten niet eens wat de boodschap inhield, maar ze verkondigde de boodschap omdat ze wisten en begrepen dat de boodschap afkomstig was van God zelf.

In de Bijbel komen drie soorten van profeten voor. De Canonieke profeten zijn de profeten die boeken en schriften hebben geschreven die in de Bijbel zijn opgenomen. Deze profeteerden niet alleen, ze kregen ook de boodschap om het op schrift op te stellen.

Dit had als doel die profeten vaak voorspellingen deden die of Messiaans waren, of voorspellingen die ver in de toekomst zouden gebeuren. God heeft hun de opdracht gegeven om het vast te leggen ter conservatie van de gegeven boodschap. In de Bijbel worden ook namen van verschijnende profeten genoemd die wel geschreven hebben waarvan die geschriften niet opgenomen zijn in de Bijbel.

Elia heeft wel geschreven maar het boek Elia zul je niet vinden in de Bijbel. Deze profeten deden vaak geen voorspellingen die in de toekomst zouden gebeuren. Elia bv heeft geen enkele voorspelling gedaan die in de toekomst tot vervulling zou komen. Over Henoch zijn er nogal wat meningsverschillen. We weten dat het boek Henoch wel bestaat.

Die is niet opgenomen in de Bijbel maar er staan wel voorspellingen in over de toekomst. Deze profeten schreven hun woorden op zodat het niet vergeten zou worden voor de volgende generaties. Ook komen er genoeg profeten voor in de Bijbel die helemaal niet geschreven hebben.

Bv, Jehu, Hananja en de bekendste Johannes de doper. Deze profeten waren alleen belangrijk in de tijd dat ze leefden.

Meestal deden deze profeten helemaal geen voorspellingen maar verkondigde ze een boodschap die alleen van toepassing was in de tijd dat ze leefden. Bv Johannes de doper kondigde alleen maar de komst van Christus aan. Buiten die drie categorieen om, komen er ook nog profeten voor die helemaal niet bij naam genoemd worden.

We weten uit de Bijbel wel dat er meerdere profeten waren in verscheidende tijden maar hun namen worden niet genoemd. Wat de rede daarvan is dat weet ik niet, maar het zal dan ook niet belangrijk zijn geweest voor de toekomstige generaties dat die namen bewaard moesten blijven. Ook komen er profeten voor die niet genoemd worden als profeet. Bv Noah was een profeet, maar wordt niet zo genoemd.

Ook koning David kan je zien als profeet maar ook hij werd geen profeet genoemd. Hij deed vooral veel Psalmen zingen en schrijven die de komst van Christus aankondigde. Ook zijn er nog vrouwelijke profetes in de Bijbel. Bv Mirjam, Deborah, en ook de vrouw van Jesaja was een profetes. Het oude testament geeft geen duidelijke definitie van het woord profeet alsmede een betekenis.

Toen Mozes opdracht kreeg van God om te profeteren tegen de Farao ging hij daar tegen in verzet omdat hij niet welbespraakt was. Of wie maakt iemand stom, doof, ziende of blind? Ben ik het niet de Heere? In Exodus 7: Zie, ik heb u voor de Farao tot een God gemaakt en uw broer Aaron zal uw profeet zijn. Hier wordt min of meer al duidelijk hoe God werkt als hij zijn boodschap gaat verkondigen tegen mensen. Terwijl God zijn wil tegen Mozes verkondigde moest Mozes dat weer vertellen tegen Aaron.

Vervolgens moest Aaron dat weer vertellen tegen de Farao.


Алберт И Ганс (Albert And Hans) - А. Адан (A. Adam)* - Жизель (Giselle) (Vinyl, LP), Liberi Di Liberi Da - Dirotta Su Cuba - Studio Sessions Vol.1 (CD), Raunchy - The Blazers (6) - Rockin Bopin Strolin With (Vinyl, Album), Wildfire - Various - Volume Five (CD)

download Futurama - The Time Frequency - Dominator (Special Edition) (CD, Album) full album

Label: Internal Affairs - KGB D 022 Format: 2x, CD Album, Reissue, Special Edition Country: UK Genre: Electronic Style: Techno, Eurodance, Synth-pop, Hardcore

Classic logo, used from —present Bottom: Find sources: We try to assess the exact condition of the goods as objectively as possible. See pics 4 tracklisting. Dreamscape [CD 1].

The Time Frequency released the album Futurelands in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Classic logo, used from —present Bottom: Modern logo used from —present. Guinness World Records Limited. Authority control MusicBrainz: Retrieved from " https: British techno music groups Hardcore techno music groups Musical groups established in Scottish electronic music groups Scottish dance music groups Musical groups from Glasgow.

Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from August Use British English from August Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles with hCards Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers.

Namespaces Article Talk. See pics 4 tracklisting. The Time Frequency: Of Discs: Disc 2 5 Future Rhythm.

Disc 1 2 The Ultimate High. Disc 1 14 The Bounce. Disc 2 4 The Powerzone. Disc 2 12 The Hardcor DVD Regions. Disc 1 5 The Ultimate High. All inserts - Front booklet and Rear insert are present and in excellent condition.

Condition is Good. Audio CD. Dreamscape [CD 1]. Product Category: CD Like New. We ask you to make a distinction between a complaint and cancellation.


Statik - Various - Big Bang Vol.2 (File, MP3), Hello - Various - +Vértigo (CD), The Pigs Face (...But You Wont Drink The Pigs Milk) - Bullyhuff - Bullyhuff Sings Songs Inspired By, All Night - Damian Jr. Gong Marley* - Welcome To Jamrock (CD, Album)

download Henry Mancini - Temas Policiacos De La T.V. The Cop Show Themes (Vinyl, LP, Album) full album

Label: RCA Victor - 05(0131)01358 Format: Vinyl LP, Album Country: Colombia Genre: Jazz, Stage Screen Style: Soul-Jazz, Theme, Jazz-Funk, Easy Listening

Rossand with music by Henry Mancini and cinematography by Russell Harlan. The Voice Of I - Korngold VC Classical: This article possibly contains original research. The New Batch:

After an over nine-year hiatus, the club returned, thanks to a change in re-use fee policies plus cooperative studio licensing and the rise of the internet. This time, however, the club would release titles at a quarterly interval, but has since changed to a tri-annual schedule.

A new numbering system was devised consisting of the month then year followed by the volume number The Limited Edition series concentrates more on soundtrack titles for films that either have gone direct to digital, DVD or Blu-Ray as well as some theatrical titles that received a very brief run, mini-series and television series such as Lost or Hemlock Grove.

The Last Episodes has the distinction of being the only title of more than copies produced with LP To CD Subscription Series is another part of the label that was created summer which released titles from their LP catalog that could be transferred from vinyl records to CDs for a fee of Each title was limited for that particular month of release and go out of print quickly and all titles being announced randomly and not in the order of the number assigned to them.

Each title was housed in reproduction LP jacket slipcases with all original artwork and lettering from their LP counterpart in tact along with a disclaimer stating if the title came from a vinyl source in small print.

Invitation Au Voyage, Bad Dreams , which was rare. A moniker that first appeared on the original release of The Final Conflict which became a full-fledged series of CDs when the club launched in These albums represent the finest film scores ever composed by the greatest composers of our era.

SRS, by the way, stands for special release series. A Show of Force, Eve of Destruction which were paid for by the composer himself in some instances according to Producer Robert Townson for a release. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages This article contains wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia. Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Piano Improvisations, Duet From Act. I - Korngold VC Classical: William Dawson: Mandara no hana - Yamaoka VX Classical: Roy Harris: Felix Draeseke: Symphony No.

Walsh, W. VCD Roy Harris: The small run of the CD was released and omits a track that was on the LP and cassette releases. There have also been some soundtracks released as digital download titles that are not on CD at the moment.

The CD features two different covers. The US edition features a painting by Matthew Joseph Peak and the European edition features the original film poster and stills from the film for its artwork.

A production issue arose as two titles were assigned the same number and this title was released with XCD as part of their Colossal Records series. The Best Of I Love You: The Greatest Hits Of VSD Sherlock Holmes: The Classic Comedy Of The Classic Songs Of The Cat! The Voice Of Ross , and with music by Henry Mancini and cinematography by Russell Harlan.

It is noted for one scene that was promoted as "the greatest pie fight ever". The Great Leslie and Professor Fate are competing daredevils at the turn of the 20th century. Leslie is the classic hero — always dressed in white, handsome, ever-courteous, enormously talented and successful. Leslie proposes an automobile race from New York to Paris and offers the Webber Motor Car Company the opportunity to build an automobile to make the journey.

They design and build a new car named "The Leslie Special". Fate builds his own race vehicle, the Hannibal Twin-8, complete with hidden devices of sabotage. Fate arrives first at a refueling point, the small Western frontier town of Boracho. A local outlaw named "Texas Jack" becomes jealous of the attraction to Leslie shown by showgirl Lily Olay and a saloon brawl ensues. Fate sneaks outside amidst the chaos, steals the fuel he needs, and destroys the rest.

Leslie uses mules to pull his car to another refueling point, where Maggie tricks Hezekiah into boarding a train and handcuffs him to a seat, lying to Leslie that Hezekiah had quit and "wanted to go back to New York". The two remaining cars reach the Bering Strait and park side-by-side in a blinding snowstorm. Keeping warm during the storm, Leslie and Maggie begin to see each other as more than competitors. They awaken on a small ice floe which drifts into their intended Russian port, where Hezekiah is waiting for Leslie, who in turn casts off Maggie for deceiving him.

Maggie is snatched by Fate, who drives off in the lead. After driving across Asia , both cars enter the tiny kingdom of Carpania, whose alcoholic and foppish Crown Prince Friedrich Hapnick is the spitting image of Professor Fate. Max escapes and joins Leslie to rescue the others. Fate is forced to masquerade as the Prince during the coronation so that the rebels can gain control of the kingdom.

Following a climactic swordfight with Leslie, Von Stuppe attempts escape by leaping to a waiting boat, but bursts the hull and sinks it. Fate, still masquerading as Prince Hapnick, takes refuge in a bakery but falls into a huge cake. Nearing Paris, Leslie and Maggie have a spirited argument regarding the roles of men, women and sex in relationships. Leslie stops his car just short of the finish line under the Eiffel Tower to prove that he loves Maggie more than he cares about winning the race.

Fate demands a rematch: The return race commences, with newlyweds Leslie and Maggie now a team. Fate lets them start first, then attempts to destroy their car with a small cannon. The shot misses the Leslie Special, instead knocking down the Eiffel Tower. On February 12, , the "Greatest Auto Race" began with six entrants, starting in New York City and racing westward across three continents.

The destination was Paris, making it the first around-the-world automobile race. Only the approximate race route and the general time period were borrowed by Edwards in his effort to make "the funniest comedy ever". Edwards, a studious admirer of silent film , dedicated the film to early film comedians Laurel and Hardy. Edwards poked fun at later films and literature as well. The saloon brawl scene was a parody of the western film genre, and a plot detour launched during the final third of the film was a direct parody of The Prisoner of Zenda , wherein a traveler is a lookalike for the king and stands in for him.

Mirisch Productions initially financed the film for United Artists. Edwards wanted Robert Wagner to play the leading man, but studio executive Jack L. Burt Lancaster was announced at one stage. Wood was unhappy with her career and her personal life, having recently divorced from Robert Wagner in April Warner asked Curtis if he would give a percentage of his film royalties to Wood, as an enticement, but Curtis refused.

Shooting began on June 15, Edwards, sometimes with Wood in tow, repeatedly visited Warner in his office to ask for more money. Warner approved nearly all of the requests. When it was released it was the most expensive comedy ever filmed. Shooting ended in November Her sister Lana Wood thought that Wood looked the prettiest she ever had, but Lana sensed that the film "was physically taxing" for Wood.

Groggy from the drugs, she called her friend Mart Crowley who took her to the hospital for emergency treatment. Music for the film was by Henry Mancini and the costumes were designed by Edith Head. Unique slideshow-style title design was by Ken Mundie. Another of the four appears painted dark green in the Warner Brothers film The Ballad of Cable Hogue —the grille can be seen bearing the words "Leslie Special", with the wheels and tires remaining their original white color.

This vehicle shows up during the last 30 minutes of the movie carrying a lead character, and has a pivotal role at the end of the movie. One of them is on display at the Petersen Automobile Museum, powered by a Volkswagen industrial engine.

This model includes a prop "cannon" and a working smoke generator. All four rear wheels are powered by a chain drive. The Technicolor pie fight scene in the royal bakery was filmed over five days. Following this was the throwing of 4, pies, [2] the most pies ever filmed in a pie fight.

Colorful cream pies with fillings such as raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and lemon were used. Edwards told the cast that a pie fight by itself is not funny, so to make it funny they would build tension by having the hero, dressed all in white, fail to get hit with any pies. He said, "The audience will start yearning for him to get it". Shooting was halted while the actors took the weekend off. Over the weekend, the pie residue spoiled all over the scenery.


Rosie - Alexanders Timeless Bloozband - For Sale (CD, Album), Raw Shaping 2 - Automatic Pirate - Raw Shapes (Vinyl), Dime Quien Eres Mujer - Carlos Torres Vila - Que Romántico (Vinyl), Quiet The Longing - Steve Sheehan* - Recovery (Vinyl), All The Same - Growing Concern - What We Say (Vinyl)

download Hold On - Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (CDr, Album) full album

Label: Not On Label (Blink-182) - none Format: CDr Album, Unofficial Release Country: Yugoslavia Genre: Rock Style: Alternative Rock, Punk, Pop Rock

Аукцион Harder Faster Faster Harder ". In Januarythe band rented a home in the San Diego luxury community of Rancho Santa Feplanning to record the entire album there. Ironically in Travis was in a plane crash fortunately surviving the wreck. Retrieved October 8, Green Day".

Box Car Racer , intended as a one-time experimental project, became a full-fledged band with Barker behind the kit and Hazen Street guitarist David Kennedy on guitar.

The post-hardcore sound of Box Car Racer inspired the change in tone and experimental nature the band approached Blink with. This time we want to try a whole different setup for each song. He was also more flexible and the next Blink album was able to be a pretty big departure from the previous two", said assistant engineer Sam Boukas.

In January , the band rented a home in the San Diego luxury community of Rancho Santa Fe , planning to record the entire album there. The band regrouped after being "kicked out" by the owners of the house they were recording in and began recording at Rolling Thunder studios until the band left to perform a couple of summer shows in Canada and Japan, where they premiered several songs live.

The recording process of the album eventually lasted from January to August , with an additional mixing and mastering period lasting until October. The three initially believed their legitimacy would be in question due to the humor-oriented nature of their earlier recordings, to which Smith responded, "Nobody knows what kind of songs you are going to write in the future and nobody knows the full potential of any band.

I really like the music you sent me. As the record neared completion by August , the band performed for a short time for the armed forces in the Middle East and premiered more new songs at their Reading and Leeds sets. Mark Hoppus stated that the album was so "personal to all three of us that we really wanted to be involved in every aspect of it. I was smoking just enough weed and taking just enough pills. While still rooted in pop punk , Blink finds the band expanding their sonic template with darker, restless songs.

The goal for Blink was continuity: I think it affected our moods throughout the day. It was really cool", said DeLonge. Critics agreed that this album represents a more "mature" Blink, [37] hence the absence of songs with toilet humour or jokes for which the band had been known. The album is lyrically consumed with sorrow and uncertainty about the world. DeLonge would routinely rewrite his sections upwards of four times. The record opens with " Feeling This ", which features flanged drums and an unconventional "syncopated Latin -flavored backbeat and a harmony -rich chorus" following a series of "half-barked" vocals.

In interviews and the liner notes for Blink , Barker reveals that the line was directed towards his then girlfriend, Shanna Moakler. The drum fills for the song were recorded separately than the rest of the tracks, with the tape machines "sped up and super compressed", then played back at normal speed, to sound really "deep and gigantic", according to Hoppus in the liner notes for Blink It is a near-instrumental recorded with Sick Jacken of hip-hop band Psycho Realm.

Finn was in love with a female classmate, Holly, who invited him over, only to have her and her friend drench him with a hose; humiliated, he rode home on his bicycle. Barker described the idea for the percussion combination as "something we always wanted to do, but never got around to" and believed the song sounded like Pink Floyd or Failure. Its subject matter continues the theme of complicated miscommunication and fading love. Due to some contradicting sources, the title of the album or lack thereof is debated.

To support the new album, Blink created an entirely new logo, a "smiley face" with Xs for each eye and five arrows on the left side of its face. Barker wanted to brand an icon for the band: You know, like The Jam were my favorite band, they always had arrows in their logos and stuff.

It was just kind of inspired by pop-art. There were smiley-face stickers and posters all over Los Angeles, and that was his idea. It was cool to feel like Blink had a dangerous side", Barker later remembered.

Promotion for the record included a " golden ticket " contest — the prize being a private Blink show for the winner. The band picked "Feeling This" as the first single because it was representative of the transition the band had undergone since Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

The album received generally favorable reviews by music critics. Her review regards Blink as "more experimental and harder-hitting than anything else [the band] has done". Blink is growing up, not growing stale.

And in a career littered with songs about awkward moments, their latest is a dork classic. The album debuted at number three on the US Billboard chart, with first-week sales of , copies. Naked by The Beatles number five.

The album was certified by the RIAA as platinum for shipments of over one million copies in , [90] although it has since sold over 2. Blink announced their first tour in support of Blink on October 17, , named the DollaBill Tour. DeLonge explained the first return to small venues in several years in the initial press release for the tour: Although the band had planned for a U. The band celebrated the tenth anniversary of the album by performing it in full in November After a pair of Hollywood Palladium shows sold out in a record 32 seconds, [] the band added three additional dates at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, which also sold out.

Per the Blink liner notes. Awesome LP. The bi-fold sleeve is well made. Good pressing, especially at this price point! Amazing artist, Amazing songs. Good for throwback thursday. Love Story of a lonely guy, Roller Coaster, etc. Free digital copy as well what a bargain! See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Michael Rensen. February 21, Retrieved March 1, December Retrieved May 15, No More Compromises". Archived from the original on September 9, Retrieved September 9, Green Day". NB user has to select "Blink " from the drop down list. Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved January 18, Retrieved August 29, December 26, Retrieved March 20, Australian Recording Industry Association. Music Canada.

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Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Blink Problems playing these files? See media help. Robert Christgau. The 50 Best Rock Albums of the s [50]. Total length: Harder Faster Faster Harder ".

Austrian Albums Chart [65]. Belgian Flanders Albums Chart [66]. Belgian Wallonia Albums Chart [67]. Формат покупки показать все. Все объявления Аукцион Купить сейчас Находится показать все. По умолчанию.

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Airport 75 - Geoff Love And His Orchestra* - Big Terror Movie Themes (Cassette, Album), Statue In A Room - The Estranged - The Subliminal Man (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Whiffenpoof Song - Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra - The Whiffenpoof Song / Without A Song (Viny, Antybiotyk - Procesor Plus - Wirus (CDr, Album), Coral Lanterns - Guanxi - Graveyard Shift (File, MP3)

download I Am A Rock - Simon Garfunkel - Simon and Garfunkel (Vinyl, LP) full album

Label: CBS/Sony - YAPC 1312 Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation, Promo, Stereo Country: Japan Genre: Rock

Купить. Стиль показать. M - Mint Minus Minus: The fact that they were present as excellent live performances made the appeal of this record irresistible to fans at every level, from the most casual to the most serious and dedicated. It is discomforting, almost painful, to look back over something someone else created and realize that someone else was you.

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Jangle pop [1]. New Zealand Listener [10]. I try to buy only the ones that the covers are in decent shape with no spine splits. Limited gm vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Any questions feel free to ask? Cover has only very mild shelf wear and is in excel Vintage records. M - Mint Minus Minus: EX Excellent Plus Plus: Although aging deteriorates lightly, it is a second-hand used board and it is in good condition Record is in very good condition. Только США.

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The Babysitters - The Babysitters Menagerie (Vinyl, LP, Album), Too Poor To Die - The 5th Dimension* - Up, Up And Away / The Magic Garden (CD), Theme From Captain Black - James Blood* - Tales Of Captain Black (Vinyl, LP, Album), bez názvu - Various - Make Compost Not War (Cassette)

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Label: Possum - ALT002 Format: CD Compilation Country: Australia Genre: Rock, Pop Style: Lounge, New Wave

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Second Hand and New. Here you may buy music at very low prices. Surfboard featuring will. Rock Style: Britpop Artist: The Shadows Duration: Rock More from this seller. Country More from this seller. Detroit City. Country, Pop. You Win Again. Before the Next Teardrop Falls. Marie Laveau. Midnight Hauler. Michael Bolton More from this seller. Disc sleeve and cd in very good condition. Pop Style: Motown Artist: Michael Bolton Duration: MINT Replaced with a new cover.

Rock Artist: CD released in Australia on the Columbia label from the year As is cover with new jewel case. Country Artist: City Of New Orleans. South Of The Border. Pop Decade: Contemporary Jazz Duration: Elliptic Dance. Song For Annette. Red Rock Falls. Body And Soul. Vocals —D. Playford Written-By, Producer, Engineer —R. Pressure, iii. Charlemagne 4: Easy Listening Duration: Pop More from this seller. Contemporary Jazz Artist: Art Blakey Duration: Included among the personnel were such unknown youngsters as trumpeter Wynton Marsalis then age 18 , Branford Marsalis on baritone and alto, trombonist Robin Eubanks and guitarist Kevin Eubanks.

Album Decade: CD released in the U. K on the Clix label from the year As is cover and jewel case. Disc is as new. CD released in Australia on the Demon label from the year Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo As is the cover and jewel case. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Sponsored listings. Got one to sell? You may also like. Make an offer. Tom Jones - Timeless Classics C John St. The Timeless Sea C Shop by category.

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Vând Fân (Phantom Edit) - Caa Loco - Goanga (CD, Album), Colours Of My Life - The Seekers - Vol. 3 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Холодное Тело - Король И Шут - Камнем По Голове (CD, Album), The Death Of Emmet Till - Bob Dylan - Rare Live Performances Of The Sixties Vol. III (CD), Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains* - Blue Tangos (Vinyl, LP)

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As Rosbaud s readings of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven reveal, he had the knack of conveying genuine vitality and substance while shunning exaggeration and over-pointing. His tempi for Haydn s minuets may be on the stately side by current standards, and the rather plushy sound of these remasterings won t be to all tastes; but this is Haydn with an abundance of humour and charm.

I also liked the freshness and warmth of the Mozart K218 Violin Concerto with Wolfgang Schneiderhan, and even a 1961 Concertgebouw Emperor with Robert Casadesus which seems more efficient than inspired never sinks into the merely mechanical.

The undoubted star turn here is the Concertgebouw Petrushkarecorded in 1962, the last year of Rosbaud s life.


Поппури - Зигфрид Валенди*, Вокально-инструментальный Ансамбль Пудис* - Поет Зигфрид Валенди (Vinyl,, Lonnie Donegan - I Wanna Go Home (The Wreck Of The John B) (Vinyl), Lets Rock - Faze-O - Breakin The Funk (Cassette, Album), Buque Que No Llega - Nacha Pop - Buena Disposición (Cassette, Album)

download Midwestern Dogs - L.O.X. - Bozo Portions (Cassette) full album

Label: See My Friends Records - SMF015 Format: Cassette EP Country: US Genre: Non-Music, Pop

And they defied the conventional wisdom of the time, that portals like Yahoo! DH reader Mahesh wrote Could you suggest a utility to view the video cache? Google has used a similar approach — immense computing power, heaps of data and statistics — to tackle other complex problems. FlipAlbum Standard v7. The web site TheDigitel Charleston is offering advertisers a free updating service, said Ken Hawkins, editor. Do note that Fix It is in Beta, could function erratically. But many members of the tell-all generation are rethinking what it means to live out loud.

Barbara S Peterson reports how airlines like Virgin, Delta and Lufthansa are wiring internet access on their planes to help people stay connected even while flying.

But it was not a face-to-face chat. Rather, it started as an exchange of Twitter posts at the boarding gate. When the plane landed, Jarvis recalled, the conversation resumed. Airlines and social media providers are scrambling to catch up. Business travelers can use these services to share cabs to the airport, swap advice or locate colleagues in the same city. Increasing availability of Wi-Fi at airports and on planes has made the travel networking possible.

More than 10 airlines in North America, including American, Delta and Southwest, are wiring their planes for Internet access, and major foreign airlines like Lufthansa are introducing new technology that will let customers connect on transoceanic flights.

In-flight calls are still forbidden on most flights, although several airlines, including Emirates, have been testing calling on shorter trips. As many as 1, commercial airliners in the United States will have Wi-Fi capability by the end of the year, according to Chris Babb, senior product manager of in-flight entertainment for Delta Air Lines.

And Virgin America, which has wired its entire plane fleet for the Internet, said about half of its passengers brought their laptops with them and 17 to 20 percent were online at any given time. On longer flights, about a third of passengers go online. Staying connected helps Some airline passengers may mourn the loss of their last remaining refuge from e-mail intrusions.

But the benefits of staying connected became clear several months ago during the eruption of the Icelandic volcano that grounded thousands of European flights. Facebook and Twitter set up sites for stranded travelers, who swapped ideas and offered rides to ferry terminals, and Twitter had its own thread. Based on anecdotal reports, the sites helped in getting information out quickly. For those with time at an airport, FlyerTalk.

Lufthansa said it consulted with FlyerTalk members in developing its own product to help customers tap into social networking from any location. The application works on iPhones and this fall will be available on BlackBerrys. A built-in GPS allows users to find fellow fliers who might be nearby. It also has a taxi-sharing feature that travelers can activate upon landing.

For those who want to connect, few airlines can match Virgin America for mingling opportunities. In addition to its Internet service, it offers seat-to-seat messaging via its seatback video screens. It has also teamed up with match.

But there is also the potential for spurned advances and hurt feelings. In the past, that person might have simply suffered in silence. A passenger once sent an e-mail message to the airline from his seat, saying that he was not pleased with the sandwich he had just eaten, she said. A customer service representative on the ground sent a message back to the plane, and shortly thereafter, she said, the passenger was served an acceptable substitute.

This can work against the airline, too, as Virgin discovered when a New York-bound flight was diverted and some passengers sent out messages venting annoyance with the delay. Jezebel is presently one of the fastest-growing site owing to its true, fearless comments on the glamour world, writes Jennifer Mascia. And Stewart is hardly the first media heavyweight the site has taken to task.

Jezebel also weighs in on the sexually predatory nature of the fashion business, skewers celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle MacPherson, and chronicles the doctored photographs in fashion magazines in a regular feature called Photoshop of Horrors.

In contrast to magazines like InStyle and Vogue, which push expensive handbags, designer clothes, slimming undergarments and long-lasting lipstick. Those advertisers are appearing on a site that is certainly cutting, and frequently incendiary. Jezebel did not become one of the fastest-growing sites in the Gawker family without making a few enemies.

Coen continues to stand by the post. The difference between the raw photo and the final cover is jarring: The ensuing controversy received national attention, officially putting Jezebel on the map and attracting a devoted fan base, one that is not shy about posting comments about past traumas like rape and drug abuse.

Its features include: Web Video Downloader: Watch and Record a video, works with many audio and flash sites. Audio Recorder: With two different recording technologies record anything you hear, from any site, and convert them into MP3 files; File Converter: The 8.

FAQ at http: Demo at http: High-speed Internet connection required. GiMeSpace GiMeSpace, a virtual desktop scroller, can provide an extended desktop in the horizontal direction.

A small and simple program for Windows XP or later versions, GiMeSpace lets you expand the desktop without any limits. You can keep all your windows open next to each other and move between then by just moving your mouse to the left or to the right. To revert to a stationary desktop, simply right-click the GiMeSpace icon in the notification area, and choose Exit.

You can also click Collect Windows to return all open windows to the area of the original desktop. It can search and classify files, perform disk space utilisation analysis, and identify duplicate files to free-up wasted storage space.

FlexTk can scan drives or folders and view a report of how your storage space is utilised by file type. It can automatically categorise the files by general types e. The 4. The Pro edition has additional features like support for long file names, advanced data migration features, recoverable copy operations, and more.

DH suggested You could try CD Recovery Toolbox to restore information lost as a result of some mechanical damage of the disk. It can be downloaded at http: Aspiring to be the best, Apple comes out with a smarter version of iPhone with striking features like video chat and high resolution display, report Miguel Helft and Jenna Wortham.

Seeking to fend off intensifying competition from Google and others in the smartphone business, Apple introduced a new version of the iPhone on Monday that includes a front-facing camera for video chats. The iPhone 4 is faster and thinner than previous models, with a crisper display and a more angular look. It has a 5-megapixel camera and can shoot and edit high-definition video. While previous versions of the device continue to sell briskly, buyers have been faced with an increasingly large array of attractive smartphones.

The iPhone 4 should help Apple re-establish its leadership, some analysts said. Apple plans an aggressive international rollout after that; Jobs said the phone would be on sale in 88 countries by September. And Jobs did not introduce a new version of the Apple TV device or announce that the iPhone would be available on Verizon Wireless, despite speculation on technology blogs that he might do so. For now, however, chats can be conducted only with other iPhone 4 owners, and only over Wi-Fi networks.

Jobs said Apple would work with carriers to bring video chats to cellphone networks. At one point, Jobs showed an e-mail message from a developer who said that he had made more money in the first day of sales of his iPad application than in five years of selling Google ads on his Web site.

Ads system Jobs also said existing ads that appeared in applications on the iPad and the iPhone, many of which are sold by Google-owned AdMob, were not good because clicking on them took people out of the apps and onto the Web.

Analysts said the iPhone 4 should help Apple sustain its sales momentum, appealing both to new iPhone customers and to owners of the two-year-old iPhone 3G who were looking to upgrade. Military taps social networking skills. Christopher Drew describes how networking backstage equips the armed forces on the field with a sense of alertness that brings victory closer. As a teenager, Jamie Christopher would tap instant messages to make plans with friends, and later she became a Facebook regular.

Now a freckle-faced 25, a first lieutenant and an intelligence officer here, she is using her social networking skills to hunt insurgents and save American lives in Afghanistan. Hunched over monitors streaming live video from a drone, Lieutenant Christopher and a team of analysts recently popped in and out of several military chatrooms, reaching out more than 7, miles to warn Marines about roadside bombs and to track Taliban gunfire. The strike was aborted. Another message, referring to a Taliban compound, warned: Lieutenant Christopher and her crew might be fighting on distant keypads instead of ducking bullets, but they head into battle just the same every day.

The Marines say the analysts, who are mostly in their early to mids, paved the way for them to roll into Marja in southern Afghanistan earlier this year with minimal casualties. But there can be difficulties in operating from so far away. Late last month, military authorities in Afghanistan released a report chastising a Predator drone crew in an incident involving a helicopter attack that killed 23 civilians in February. Networking helps For the most part, though, the networking has been so productive that senior commanders are sidestepping some of the traditional military hierarchy and giving the analysts leeway in deciding how to use some spy planes.

The connections have been made possible by the growing fleet of remote-controlled planes, like the Predators and Reapers, which send a steady flow of battlefield video to intelligence centres across the globe.

The mechanics are simple in this age of satellite relays. Besides viewing video feeds, the analysts scan still images and enemy conversations. As they log the information into chatrooms, the analysts carry on a running dialogue with drone crews and commanders in the field, who receive the information on computers and then radio the most urgent bits to troops on patrol.

Marine intelligence officers say that during the Marja offensive in February, the analysts managed to stay a step ahead of the advance, sending alerts about or so possible roadside bombs. Gunnery Sgt Sean N Smothers was stationed here as a liaison to the analysts.

Sergeant Smothers said he and two Air Force officers rushed over and confirmed the existence of a roadside bomb. Nearby on a big screen map in the windowless room, they could see a Marine convoy approaching the site. The group started sending frantic chat messages to their Marine contacts in the area.

As they watched the video feed from a drone, they could see that their messages had been heard: During the cold war, it focused mostly on fixed targets like Soviet bases. But commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq have often complained that it is hard to get help from spy planes before insurgents slipped away. While Air Force analysts were once backroom technicians, the latest generation works in camouflage uniforms, complete with combat boots, on open floors, with four computer monitors on each desk.

The chatrooms are no-frills boxes on a computer screen with lines of rolling text, and crew leaders keep dozens of them open at once. They may look crude compared to Facebook, but Lieutenant Christopher said they were effective in building rapport. And some analysts pick up the phone to build closer bonds with soldiers they have never seen.

At the time, the analysts were blending data from the U-2s and the drones to watch the roads into Marja and fields where helicopters might land.

But as Sergeant Smothers looked over their shoulders, encouraging them to warn the Marines about even the most tentative threats, the analysts warmed up. As the operation unfolded, the analysts passed on leads that enabled the Marines to kill at least 15 insurgents planting bombs. Lieutenant Christopher, who loves to chat on Facebook with her family in Ohio, was so exhausted from overnight shifts during that period that she skipped Facebook and went right to sleep.

And sometimes, she said, she ended up dreaming about what she had just seen in the war. Yahoo Inc. The Facebook link will need to be turned on by each Yahoo user. Other tools will empower people to automatically let their Facebook friends know what they are doing and saying on Yahoo services such as its photo-sharing site, Flickr.

The additional tie-ins follow through on a makeover that Yahoo announced late last year in an effort to make its website more compelling. Soluto Using a PC can truly be a deeply frustrating experience especially when computers become sluggish. Unless one is a power-user, the causes for the sluggishness would remain a mystery.

And, well, even if you are a power-user, it could take quite some time to pin-point the causes. And, Power of the crowd: The knowledgebase garnered and analysed by Soluto is also editable by the community. If you wish to use the wisdom of the crowd to optimise your PC and make it run and boot faster, download Soluto at www. The developers of SUPERAntiSpyware aver that the product focuses on detecting hard-to-remove spyware which other products often miss, or are unable to safely detect and remove.

Features include: SuperAntispyware also offers real-time protection from threats- prevents potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing! Reportedly in use by nearly 30 million users the 8. BleachBit BleachBit can quickly free disk space, remove hidden junk, and also ensure your privacy is protected by erasing cache, deleting cookies, clearing Internet history, removing unused localisations, shredding logs, and deleting temporary files.

BleachBit includes a growing list of cleaners, each one represents an application and is provided with options to make appropriate decisions. BleachBit also includes advanced features such as shredding files Shred files to hide their contents and prevent data recovery Shred any file such as a spreadsheet on your desktop to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications, and vacuuming Firefox to make it faster.

Simple operation: You can download the latest BleachBit installation packages v0. DH reader Girish wrote: Please suggest a software to download songs while playing them online. It can be downloaded at www. I was sent a Word document where every line has a paragraph return at the end. Is there a way to remove all of them except the ones that actually marks the end of a paragraph?

The Replace function built into Microsoft Word comes in handy for situations like this. Click the mouse into the Replace With area and tap the space bar to indicate that you want to replace the paragraph line with a space. As an alternative to cutting and pasting hidden characters, you can also click the Special menu in the Replace box and select Paragraph Mark and Nonbreaking Space instead.

Once you have indicated what character you want to find and what character you want to replace it with, click the Replace button in the box to convert each paragraph mark into a space. Skip the double paragraph mark at the end of each intended paragraph. In the Find What line of the Replace box, paste in two paragraph marks. In the Replace With line, type in a nonsense string of characters like! This converts all the intended paragraph breaks to the nonsense string.

Next, go back to the Replace box and paste in a single paragraph mark into the Find What box. Type a space into the Replace With box. Click Replace All to convert all the hard line breaks onto spaces. Finally, return to the Replace box one more time. On the Find What line, type in the nonsense string —! Click the Replace All button to restore all the originally intended paragraph marks to the file.

Just select the text in the file, go to the Format menu and choose AutoFormat; click the Options button in the box to adjust the settings. Password Keeper FlyingBit Password Keeper is a secure organiser to store your passwords, serial numbers, and codes. As the info is kept in a special encrypted database it is virtually impossible for others to read information from it.

To ensure the security of database reliable encryption algorithms such as AES, Towfish and Blowfish are used. Supports various database encryption algorithms; automatically clears the clipboard; copies the value of a field with one mouse click; supports custom fields; stores notes; easy navigation with a tree-like list; works with removable media; and a simple and clear interface.

Jaangle Jaangle is a music player audio and video and an organiser with a difference! Known earlier as Teen Spirit, Jaangle can retrieve info from Internet such as lyrics, album reviews, artist biographies, and artist pictures. It can also maintain a history of the files you play, lets you review statistics and generate a personal hitlist based on the songs you listen to often.

Jaangle can aid in discovering tracks in your large music collection with features like auto-continue or by playing the music quiz. It provides an ID3v2 tagger and mass tagger and an easy to use renamer and mass renamer with preview. The 2. It can convert multiple files in multiple formats, at once.

Easy to use interface, good quality output, converts video to audio, can convert between audio formats, no external codecs needed, easy access to common conversion options such as bitrate, frame size; a variety of preset conversion settings for common formats are available. It sounds like a kamikaze mission: But despite those odds, a handful of start-ups are eyeing the social networking industry with renewed interest. The newfound infusion of confidence comes, in part, from the recent scrutiny focused on Facebook over revisions to its platform and privacy policy that encourage its members to make personal information accessible to anyone on the Internet.

But unlike its counterparts, the service allows its users to keep more of the information private. The service, which completed a test phase in February, has just 20, registered members — a drop in the bucket compared with Facebook. But Shimizu remains undaunted. Analysts and industry experts are quick to point out that Facebook has dealt with a number of user protests in its six-year history and emerged unscathed each time, continuing to add new users at a record clip.

For many users, the web site is an irreplaceable nexus of friends, relatives and colleagues online, making it difficult to abandon. A service that is in vogue one year can just as easily be out of style the next. It would take a lot of work to undermine what Facebook has achieved so far.

One measure is a Web site called QuitFacebookDay, which is calling for Facebook users to close their accounts en masse on May 31 and has attracted nearly 13, commitments so far. Another site, called FacebookProtest, which is asking disgruntled users to boycott the Web site on June 6 by not logging in, has drawn roughly 3, supporters.

In addition, a group on Facebook created to protest recent changes has swelled to more than 2. Matthew Milan, co-creator of QuitFacebookDay. Milan said that in lieu of Facebook, he planned to use Flickr for photo uploading and sharing, LinkedIn for business contacts and Twitter for news and updates.

Perhaps in an effort to tamp the growing chorus of complaints, the company has announced plans to simplify its complex menu of privacy controls, which currently includes more than options. Businesses are turning to computer generated display ads over paper ones, reports Anee Eisenberg. New software called PlaceLocal builds display ads automatically, scouring the Internet for references to a neighborhood restaurant, a grocery store or another local business.

Then it combines the photographs it finds with reviews, customer comments and other text into a customised online ad for the business. The program, developed by PaperG, an advertising technology company in New Haven, Connecticut, is aimed in part at small businesses just beginning to advertise on the web sites of local newspapers or television stations, said Victor Wong, its chief executive.

She tried the program to see how well it could create a display ad for a local Tribeca restaurant — a job usually done by hand at the paper. Then PlaceLocal takes over, gathering basics like telephone number, hours of business, maps and directions, and adding positive comments extracted from local blogs.

Samples of ads may be seen at www. The company has also signed up the McClatchy newspaper chain and will soon be on some of its web sites, he said. Sales representatives at the media companies who have signed up with PaperG often use PlaceLocal to build sample ads they show to small businesses, said Wong. PaperG takes a percentage of this fee, he said. In the future, small businesses will also be able to create their ads by going directly to the PaperG Web site, Lee said.

Shaina Park, a sales representative at Time Out New York who handles Web and print advertising by local bars and restaurants, is using PlaceLocal to sell ads. That can translate into lower charges, Park said. Normally Time Out New York requires companies to submit their own ads that adhere to the specifications of the site. The program can pan over photographs in the ad, zooming in to show off images of a restaurant or real estate listing, Wong said.

Even if the business has no web site, the program can usually turn up a wealth of information on it to include in the ad. For a local company that bakes dog biscuits, the program might find comments from pleased shoppers that have appeared online, rotating different quotes in the ads as they run.

Gaby Benalil, who lives in Albuquerque, recently signed up at the web site of a local TV station, KOAT, to advertise her new business offering cello and vocal performance lessons. Computers are not only creating ads; they are also adding new information to them automatically.

The web site TheDigitel Charleston is offering advertisers a free updating service, said Ken Hawkins, editor. If a customer, like a pizza shop, decides to run a special, the customer can send the revision from a blog or Facebook page, or from Twitter. Ads that are easily updated this way will have an advantage, Rothenberg said.

When the whistle-blower site WikiLeaks released a classified video taken in showing an American Apache helicopter crew killing 12 civilians in Iraq, including two Reuters journalists, it rang a bell with Hayden Hewitt. Videos taken from Apache helicopters can indeed be as stylistically consistent as dollar bills: But in this case, Hewitt meant there was something familiar about that exact WikiLeaks video, which documented 38 minutes of flying above Baghdad punctuated by gun bursts that ended in carnage, including the deaths of the two journalists, whose cameras were mistaken as weapons.

A number of trusted, longtime visitors to LiveLeak distinctly recalled seeing it about a year earlier, he said. If you want to see the horror of war, you do not need to look far. There are sites aplenty showing the carnage, and much of the material is filmed, edited and uploaded by soldiers recording their own experiences.

That is why I like to say this is the first YouTube war. What can be found on sites like YouTube and LiveLeak reflects the lives of soldiers in a war zone, from boredom to the highest drama.

And then there are videos of deadly firefights and aerial bombings. A small personal database program TreePad lets storage of notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc, into one or multiple databases.

To find a previously created or imported article, you can either browse the tree, or use the internal search engine. TreePad lets you store all your notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. Its Windows Explorer like interface helps to edit, store, browse, search and retrieve data easily. It provides detailed information about the battery, such as wear-level, capacities, consumption, manufacturer, CPU and HDD temperature reading in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. And, when the laptop stops running on batteries, the theme is re-enabled and the stopped services are restored.

BatteryCare can update itself too and consumes only a mere 0. Requires Microsoft. NET Framework Version 2. The easy to use GnuCash lets you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. Feature Highlights include: GnuCash Stable release 2. An FAQ can be found at http: Growing up: At YouTube, adolescence begins at five.

Brad Stone traces the challenging journey of YouTube as it moves into its fifth successful year. Early this year, the most popular YouTube video of all time — a clip of a British toddler gleefully biting the finger of his older brother — was supplanted by a brash newcomer.

YouTube, a subsidiary of the search giant Google, is growing up. Once known primarily for skateboard-riding cats, dancing geeks and a variety of cute-baby high jinks, YouTube now features a smorgasbord of more professional video that is drawing ever larger and more engaged audiences. On Monday, YouTube will celebrate its fifth birthday by announcing it has passed two billion video views a day; YouTube said it reached the one billion mark in October.

Hurley, 33, said YouTube was increasingly focused on showing users what their friends had watched, as a way of helping people navigate the tens of thousands of hours of video uploaded to the site every day. Many analysts say YouTube could break even this year for the first time, after five years of large losses generated by its high bandwidth and storage costs. YouTube has faced a fight in another regard as well: Novel ventures In January, YouTube introduced a movie rental store, though its only offerings are from independent film companies and Bollywood studios.

YouTube already has the second most popular search engine in the world, according to comScore. The company plans to introduce Google TV, a software platform for the television that it is developing with Sony, Intel and Logitech, according to people briefed on its plans who were not authorised to talk about them publicly. YouTube is expected to play a prominent role in bringing a variety of video to the Google TV platform, and Hurley contended that the rise of Web video on the television was inevitable.

Finally, Hurley tipped his entrepreneurial hat to a chaotic, controversial and suddenly popular site that resembles the YouTube of five years ago: The site, created by an year-old from Moscow, Andrey Ternovskiy, allows people around the world to engage in random, instantaneous one-on-one conversations. The service is available for treatment of eight common ailments or conditions: How it works Residents of the state who believe they have one of these ailments can register at Zipnosis.

At this point, those patients with chronic ailments like heart disease will be screened out from the online service and directed to come in for an appointment. Those patients who pass the initial screening then pick which of the eight common ailments they believe they are suffering from and answer a series of questions about their symptoms.

This information is then passed along to the doctor in the form of a clinical note. From 8 a. Monday through Saturday, doctors at Park Nicollet Health Services will then respond to patients within an hour.

Patients are notified via e-mail or text message that the response is ready to be viewed through the Web. If the patient appeared to have the condition, the doctor would respond with diagnosis and treatment information. For patients, the service means no more having to wait in waiting rooms just to get a prescription when they know exactly what they have. John Misa, chief of primary care at Park Nichollet, said the service not only makes care more convenient for patients, but also may help the practice earn more revenue.

Having additional free capacity will also be important when the health care bill starts to take effect and more patients come in for care. In addition, the clinic can have those doctors who are free at the moment respond to the online queries.

But the online world outside of Facebook is already a very open and connected place. Densely interlinked Web pages, blogs, news articles and Tweets are all visible to anyone and everyone.

Instead of contributing to this interconnected, open Web world, the growing popularity of Facebook is draining it of attention, energy and posts that are in public view. Every link found on the open Web, inviting a user to click and go somewhere else, is in essence a recommendation from the person who authored the page, posted it or broadcast it in a Tweet.

The engines trace backward to who linked to the recommender, then who linked to the recommender of the recommender, and so on. The trend is clear, she said — Facebook is displacing these other forms of online publication. Facebook and Twitter. But the two are fundamentally different. By contrast, most Twitter users elect to use the service to address the general public.

Facebook has redefined the way its users go about obtaining information. And she sees it as replacing the search-engine model. Yet there is a cost: Members now spend more than billion minutes a month on Facebook. The links on the trillion Web addresses found by Google, and within the billions of Tweets that have followed, form an incomparably vast, truly worldwide, web of recommendations, supplied by fellow humans.

The New York Times. Tell-all generation learns to keep things offline. Recent privacy issues on the social networking sites have made youth more cautious while using them, reports Laura M Holson. Min Liu, a year-old liberal arts student at the New School in New York City, got a Facebook account at 17 and chronicled her college life in detail, from rooftop drinks with friends to dancing at a downtown club.

Recently, though, she has had second thoughts. Concerned about her career prospects, she asked a friend to take down a photograph of her drinking and wearing a tight dress. When the woman overseeing her internship asked to join her Facebook circle, Liu agreed, but limited access to her Facebook page.

The conventional wisdom suggests that everyone under 30 is comfortable revealing every facet of their lives online, from their favorite pizza to most frequent sexual partners. But many members of the tell-all generation are rethinking what it means to live out loud.

They are more diligent than older adults, however, in trying to protect themselves. In a new study to be released this month, the Pew Internet Project has found that people in their 20s exert more control over their digital reputations than older adults, more vigorously deleting unwanted posts and limiting information about themselves. Sam Jackson, a junior at Yale who started a blog when he was 15 and who has been an intern at Google, said he had learned not to trust any social network to keep his information private.

In its telephone survey of 1, people, the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology at the University of California found that 88 percent of the to year-olds it surveyed last July said there should be a law that requires Web sites to delete stored information. And 62 percent said they wanted a law that gave people the right to know everything a Web site knows about them. That mistrust is translating into action. In the Pew study, to be released shortly, researchers interviewed 2, adults late last summer and found that people ages 18 to 29 were more apt to monitor privacy settings than older adults are, and they more often delete comments or remove their names from photos so they cannot be identified.

Younger teenagers were not included in these studies, and they may not have the same privacy concerns. But at the same time, companies like Facebook have a financial incentive to get friends to share as much as possible. Because the more personal the information that Facebook collects, the more valuable the site is to advertisers. Two weeks ago, Senator Charles E Schumer, Democrat of New York, petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to review the privacy policies of social networks to make sure consumers are not being deliberately confused or misled.

But in many cases, young adults are teaching one another about privacy. Besides, what if her sister became a celebrity? Timely alert Andrew Klemperer, a year-old at Georgetown University, said it was a classmate who warned him about the implications of recent Facebook change.

Now he is more diligent in monitoring privacy settings and apt to warn others, too. That was the experience of Kanupriya Tewari, a year-old pre-med student at Tufts University. Recently she sought to limit the information a friend could see on Facebook but found the process cumbersome. She gave up because she had chemistry homework to do, but vowed to figure it out after finals. Jordan Wing is a devoted user of Google products like Gmail, the Chrome browser and Google Docs, the Web-based word processing program.

A few weeks ago, Wing, a high school student from Spokane, Wash. Google is not expected to unveil the highly anticipated Chrome OS until the end of the year, and the software is expected to run, at first, only on the class of low-cost PCs called netbooks. But Wing, along with a growing number of other Google fans, did not want to wait. These people are downloading home-brewed versions of the operating system derived from the esoteric source code, which Google releases under the name Chromium.

Google is developing the Chrome system as an open-source project and periodically releases the Chromium code online, to let other Web developers contribute to the project. Several resourceful users have taken those undistilled vats of source code and done something Google says it never expected: It will not only be its entry into the market for operating systems, long dominated by its archrival Microsoft, but also a new computing paradigm.

The Chrome operating system is designed to allow computers to boot up to the Web within seconds, onto a home screen that looks like that of a Web browser. Some analysts are skeptical that regular folks will flock to devices that place such severe limits on their computing activities. But that time is not here yet, he said: Working versions of Chromium have appeared across the Web and have been downloaded more than a million times.

He has spent countless evenings and weekends configuring Chromium to work on various kinds of computers, including the Macintosh, and added features that Google has not gotten to yet, like support for the Java programming language. He explained that his work on Chromium began partly as a way to demonstrate his computing skills and possibly open doors in the technology industry.

Since last fall, a small but vibrant community has formed around his work, encouraging him with ideas and supporting his efforts by providing money for servers and other programming tools. He says he looks forward to the day when low-powered but fully functional computers running Chrome can help lead to a new wave of telecommuting. All of the activity around these prenatal incarnations of Chrome is something of a double-edged sword for Google.

The company wants developers and other companies to work beside its engineers, developing their own versions of the operating system. But Google says it did not anticipate that regular people would start using Chromium — and evaluating it — before it was ready for prime time.

Nevertheless, the Google executive in charge of Chrome OS took pains to express support for the Google fans trying Chromium and for their presumptive band leader, McLoughlin. The bug allowed anyone to force another user to follow them on Twitter, giving the site its first setback in several months. Twitter alerted its users of the bug several hours later with a notice on a company blog. It can detect, block and quarantine Spyware and Adware in real time.

The developers aver that STOPzilla! Lunascape Lunascape is a triple engine browser, for web designers and developers. With it you can choose the right engine to overcome web-browser compatibility issues, long loading times, and messed up websites display. You need only 2 clicks to change your engine! Customizable - more than features can be customised; choice of display on toolbars, the look of of your browser can be changed in a snap - about skin designs to choose from and create your own too.

It has been downloaded over 15 million times, available globally in 11 languages. File Finder Locate32 is a file finder which works by indexing all your files on your hard disk drive and provides almost instant access to them.

It can be used to find files from your hard drives and other locations. Locate32 uses databases to store information about directory structures and uses these databases in its searches. The use of these databases provides very fast searching speed. The software includes a dialog based application as well as console programs which can be used to both update and access databases. You can download Locate32 for your OS at http: The developer invites enthusiastic persons who are willing to help with this project.

You can get in touch with him at http: Jenna Wortham tells how Betaworks that started as a vision grew to create a wave in the tech market with its Web tools like Bit. In , before most people knew what a tweet was, Iain Dodsworth, a programmer in London, cobbled together a software tool that reorganized his jumbled Twitter stream into neat columns.

He named it TweetDeck. Within a few months, it gained the kind of momentum most entrepreneurs only dream about. Tech bloggers praised it, and users flocked to it. Ashton Kutcher posted a video online showing him and his wife, Demi Moore, using the service. Betaworks, a New York City technology firm known for its eye for emerging Web services.

The company has guided some entrepreneurs to lucrative sales and helped others raise cash from notable New York and Silicon Valley investment firms. Such incubators are familiar in more established tech hubs. Google Maps grew faster because it allowed other companies to add information to a map or use the service in other tools.

At a recent meeting at Betaworks, about three dozen employees of Betaworks and its portfolio of companies crowded into a room, trading feedback, updates and the occasional good-natured zinger about their various products.

Betaworks has developed some Web tools from scratch, like Bit. But the company is looking for entrepreneurs who have more than a vision. Betaworks, he said, will focus on five to 10 companies a year. The New York Times Company invested in that round of financing. Betaworks leaves a mark Investors rely on the keen eye of Betaworks to provide a window into the next wave of promising Web companies, said Jim Robinson, a partner at RRE Ventures, a technology investment firm.

Betaworks first invested in the company in December and continued helping to develop it. Betaworks created Bit. During several weeks in February, iDefense tracked an effort to sell log-in data for 1.

The case points to a significant expansion in the illicit market for social networking accounts from Eastern Europe to the United States, he said. The company attempted to purchase accounts as part of its investigation into the incident, said a spokesman, Barry Schnitt. However, it previously said that it did not purchase any of the accounts as part of its study because that would violate its corporate policy. They then use the accounts to send spam, distribute malicious programs and run identity and other fraud.

Why Facebook is vulnerable Facebook accounts are attractive because of the higher level of trust on the site than exists in the broader Internet. People are required to use their real names and tend to connect primarily with people they know. Other friends smelled a fraud and warned Sheldon, who quickly reported the problem to Facebook. She does not know how her password was stolen. IDefense did not see the accounts themselves, but the inclusion of many accounts with small numbers of friends suggests the seller could have created fake accounts, perhaps using an automated tool, and sent out blind friend requests.

Many users are eager to amass friends and accept friend requests from people they do not know, even though Facebook discourages it. Facebook equipped well Facebook says it has sophisticated systems to defeat fake accounts, including tools for flagging them when they are created so they can be investigated.

Facebook also monitors for unusual activity that is associated with fake accounts, like many friend requests in a short period of time and high rates of friend requests that are ignored.

It also investigates reports of suspicious users. The relatively low asking prices for the Facebook accounts points to the fact that Facebook accounts do not translate into instant profit. Shoppers no longer enjoy privacy. Cameras that can follow you from the minute you enter a store to the moment you hit the checkout counter, recording every T-shirt you touch, every mannequin you ogle, every time you blow your nose or stop to tie your shoelaces is what is called behavioral tracking Web coupons embedded with bar codes that can identify, and alert retailers to, the search terms you used to find them and, in some cases, even your Facebook information and your name.

Mobile marketers that can find you near a store clothing rack, and send ads to your cellphone based on your past preferences and behavior. To be sure, such retail innovations help companies identify their most profitable client segments, better predict the deals shoppers will pursue, fine-tune customer service down to a person and foster brand loyalty.

But these and other surveillance techniques are also reminders that advances in data collection are far outpacing personal data protection. The commission has brought several dozen complaints against companies about possibly deceptive or unfair data collection and nearly 30 complaints over data security issues.

In , the commission proposed new guidelines for Web advertising that is tailored to user behavior. Corporations can choose to follow them — or not.

Mike Zaneis, vice president for public policy at the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade association based in Manhattan, says the advertising industry is not generally collecting personally identifiable data. He says consumers can use an industry program if they want to opt out of some behavior-based ads.

As for mobile marketing consumers are always asked if they want to opt in to ads related to their cellphone location. As contradictory as it might sound, we need new strategies for transparent consumer surveillance. In a country where we have a comprehensive federal law — the Fair Credit Reporting Act — giving us the right to obtain and correct financial data collected about us, no general federal statute requires behavioral data marketers to show us our files, says Rich.

By early fall, the F T C plans to propose comprehensive new privacy guidelines intended to provide greater tools for transparency and better consumer control of personal information, Rich says. In the course of the film, the detectives even obtain a copy of the birth certificate of his daughter, then 18 months old. No more exasperation or wringing of hands while facing such a kind of situation, thanks to Stalled Printer Repair.

It is a small, and portable application designed to list the stalled print jobs and clear the printer spool of all the stuck jobs. The other features are: Portable Application - does not need to be installed and does not write to the registry; Replaces the Manual Process, very useful to stop the printing too, just include it in the start menu.

It facilitates three variations of visual display: Switcher can be brought into play by a user-defined hotkey or via mouse movement or a combination. Just type in a keyword or a part of a keyword in order to filter the displayed options and hone in on the program or window that you wish to focus.

The other features include: Panchang is currently is available for most Nokia devices with touch support. To know more visit http: To download visit Ovi Store at http: Panchang has been rated with 4 stars out of 5 on Ovi website, and was downloaded 16, times, during last month. DH reader Prahlad Desai wrote: Please suggest a utility to hide all desktop icons DH suggested: The KB DeskSweeper v2.

Some operations appear fairly sophisticated and involve brokers and middlemen, he added. Their friends tell their friends, who tell their friends. And the pay is not great when compared to more traditional data-entry jobs.

Still, it appears to be attractive enough to lure young people in developing countries where even 50 cents an hour is considered a decent wage. It is not a lot of money, he acknowledged, but it requires little effort and can help supplement their pocket money.

Shaon, who agreed to speak to a reporter only over an Internet chat, said he gets the work on Web sites and is paid through Internet money transfer services. He does not know the identities of the people paying him, nor does he have any interest in finding out. Three shifts of workers allow the operation to hum 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some sites, for instance, might also send confirmation codes as text messages to cellphones, which then have to be entered into a separate verification page before new e-mail accounts are activated.

The executive, Dileep Paveri, said his firm had stopped offering the service because it was not very profitable. They lose their interest. Fix It: This new Microsoft service provides a set of online and offline tools to fix common PC problems, automatically.

It occupies minimal space in the handset memory, works in real time. You can try it out for your phone and platform at http: The KB Advanced Uninstaller v1. Do note that Fix It is in Beta, could function erratically. For the first time, marketers spent more in on Internet advertising than in magazines, according to a report from ZenithOptimedia, which said online ad spending would rapidly close ground on newspapers.

The loss in ad spending across all media was an even steeper The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers reported that search ads posted a slight rise from , comprising 47 percent of all Internet ad spending.

Display ad spending rose a similar amount, while digital video ads climbed 38 percent. Revenues for online classifieds and e-mail advertising plummeted. John Markoff tells the Google hacking story. Ever since Google disclosed in January that Internet intruders had stolen information from its computers, the exact nature and extent of the theft has been a closely guarded company secret. The program, code named Gaia for the Greek goddess of the earth, was attacked in a lightning raid taking less than two days last December, the person said.

Described publicly only once at a technical conference four years ago, the software is intended to enable users and employees to sign in with their password just once to operate a range of services.

The intruders do not appear to have stolen passwords of Gmail users, and the company quickly started making significant changes to the security of its networks after the intrusions. But the theft leaves open the possibility, however faint, that the intruders may find weaknesses that Google might not even be aware of, independent computer experts said. Ultimately, the intruders were able to gain control of a software repository used by the development team.

The details surrounding the theft of the software have been a closely guarded secret by the company. In March, after difficult discussions with the Chinese government, Google said it would move its mainland Chinese-language Web site and begin rerouting search queries to its Hong Kong-based site.

Google continues to use the Gaia system, now known as Single Sign-On. Hours after announcing the intrusions, Google said it would activate a new layer of encryption for Gmail service. The company also tightened the security of its data centers and further secured the communications links between its services and the computers of its users.

Several technical experts said that because Google had quickly learned of the theft of the software, it was unclear what the consequences of the theft had been. When Google first announced the thefts, the company said it had evidence that the intrusions had come from China. The attacks have been traced to computers at two campuses in China, but investigators acknowledge that the true origin may have been concealed, a quintessential problem of cyberattacks.

Similarities and differences Several people involved in the investigation of break-ins at more than two dozen other technology firms said that while there were similarities between the attacks on the companies, there were also significant differences, like the use of different types of software in intrusions. They then transferred the stolen software to computers owned by Rackspace, a Texas company that offers Web-hosting services, which had no knowledge of the transaction. It is not known where the software was sent from there.

The intruders had access to an internal Google corporate directory known as Moma, which holds information about the work activities of each Google employee, and they may have used it to find specific employees. Tech companies are on cloud nine.

This year, Netflix made what looked like a peculiar choice: But the online retailer, based in Seattle, has lately gained traction with a considerably more ambitious effort: The idea, though typically expressed in ways larded with jargon, is actually rather simple.

The concept of renting computing power goes back decades, to the days when companies would share space on a single mainframe with big spinning tape drives. The technology industry has matured to the point where there is now an emerging mass market for this rental model. Led by Amazon, most cloud services have largely been aimed at start-ups, like the legion of Facebook and iPhone applications developers who found they could rent a first-class computing infrastructure on the fly.

Now cloud providers are trying to bring these types of flexible services to the more conservative and lucrative world of large corporations. Although most large companies have taken their first cautious steps into the cloud, many are anxious about data failures and slow delivery of data over a network.

To alleviate those concerns, Google held a daylong conference last week called Atmosphere at its Mountain View, Calif. Companies have also used Amazon as a backup system, either to handle sudden spikes in computing demand or to keep information in a secondary spot in case of a disaster.

For that to happen, Amazon and other cloud providers will have to convince big business. Thinking deep Almost every big company is cautiously testing the waters these days. Paul, Minn. When given a clean slate, many new companies have chosen a full embrace of the cloud model, figuring the technology industry has matured to the point were these types of services make basic business sense.

For example, Arista Networks, a five-year-old company that makes networking equipment, runs its sales software with a cloud software company called NetSuite, its corporate e-mail on Google Apps, and other Web infrastructure with Amazon.

Instead it sequentially scans through the files on the hard drive and looks inside the contents of each one of them. Though Agent Ransack is quite fast for an unindexed search program, it is slow compared to the index-based ones like Everything Search. Got it. Explore music. Time by L. Paisley Shirt Records. Bill Roe. Rob Yazzie. Jacob Daneman. E Steele. Ben Hubbird. Thomas Hyland. Julien Riou. Linley Kissick. Capes and Fog.

John Beckinsale. Joe Duffy. Hockey Dad Records. Chef LeClam. One-Dimensional Man. Tadej Strok. Dora Cardinal. Lisa A. V F LeFevre. Thomas Gamble.

Ned Norland. Cameron Johnson. Includes unlimited streaming of L. Tape of L.


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Label: Epic - BFE 38602 Format: Vinyl LP, Album Pitman Pressing Country: US Genre: Rock, Pop

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Australian Chart Book Columbia Epic. Singles Top Archived from the original on February 1, January Conway Studios, Studio at the Palms. The song has been covered numerous times on American IdolAccording to a Songfacts interview with Steinberg, Kelly, himself an experienced session singer, provided the high harmony parts on the record.

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MSN Music. Scroll through the page-list below until year to obtain certification. Archived from the original on October 6, Retrieved December 12, Slant Magazine.

The one shown here is Bananas Foster pancakes, oh my. And you should see the chocolate ones too. So many recipes, links and great ideas from friends.

Michael Schrody Barefoot Mike: Looks yummy! I made them in a restaurant a LONG time ago, but had not thought of them for years. Which is fine until the idiots and spammers descend. So adieu to this thread, my friends. Joerg Fliege. In London as well as other places in the UK there are children which arrive at secondary school unable to read and write. Its usually working class boys. Why is this so? We can make some educated guesses.

General deprivation and neglect. Bad food. At home, a culture of anti-intellectualism, with no tradition of learning, and a severely limited outlook on life options. Note, however, that there are fewer working class girls with such issues. Beehive Creek Falls Coopracambra National Park Water in the Beehive Creek is crystal clear - fizzing with air from its drop through the high alpine forests.

More shots at: I first ventured here a couple of years ago, but i fell into the ravine and was chased out by a couple of dingos. I have come here many times since but i play it very safe, avoiding the area if cut off by floodwaters floodwater adds layers of uncertainty to any waterfall adventure.

A panorama of 5 shots, hand focused, and toned for structure the underlying rock has interesting tones and patterns, showing some signs of tool sharpening, patterned so as to evoke a hexagonal pattern in water spray from certain view points. CelebrateCountdown please feel free to use this hashtag to celebrate your own favorite posts. That"s very beautiful and excellent photography: Wayne Radinsky.

John Oliver robocalls the FCC to complain about robocalls. Paul Hosking: I love the piece. But what Oliver misses is that the recording is not a robot. Sound-boards were popular in the 90s - someone would take clips of various movie roles by an actor my fave was Arnold Schwarzenegger and then arrange them in to conversational zones.

Pranksters would then take the sound-board and record phone calls consisting of a conversation with the victim via button-presses. The problem for the boiler-room operator is that there is no "I am not a robot" button.

So they do the best they can with the options they have to get the conversation back on script. And there are no fewer than two companies who specialize in developing sound-boards for boiler-rooms. Wayne Radinsky: Or a sound board, for that matter. He just puts in the clip and moves on. Andre Amorim: Some developers claim that automatic emotion detection systems will not only be better than humans at discovering true emotions by analyzing the face, but that these algorithms will become attuned to our innermost feelings, vastly improving interaction with our devices.

Broderick, Peter - Grunewald Pop. Buckley, Tim - Lady, Give Me.. Collins, Phil - Singles 2-CD. Lotti, Helmut - The Comeback Album. Lp - Lost On You Rock. Malky - Where Is Piemont Rock. Marillion - F. Mars, Bruno - 24k Magic Pop. Crowbar - Serpent Only Lies. Dark Tranquillity - Atoma Metal. Hughes, Glenn - Resonate Rock. The biggest selling point of the album was the top ten comeback hit " New Beginning Mamba Seyra ", released in May The song become their first big hit in some time and received some of their biggest critical acclaim.

The song stalled outside the top 40 and the next single, " Keep Each Other Warm ", also failed to sell well. Because of this, a planned early single release of "Love in a World Gone Mad" was shelved. On original release the album was issued on Vinyl, Cassette and Compact Disc, all with slightly varied track listings. The album was re-issued on CD in with a very different track listing, featuring only tracks. The album was re-released yet again on CD in April This time as an "Ultimate edition" 2-CD set.

The first CD follows closely to the track listing, but with remastered sound the edition had received fan criticism at the low bass sound , while the second CD featured the third volume of The Lost Masters albums. Reviewer Tom Hibbert said that "[their music] is awesomely brilliantly conceived pop music performed with relish", while the songs "are thoroughly ravishing, proper popular music".

Nevertheless, they gave the album a 4 out of 5 rating, commenting that " Writing On the Wall sees the Fizzers moving ever further away from their light pop of old, [giving] a fair impression of American AOR rockers — in the most melodic way possible of course". In their year-end polls, Number One magazine rated Bucks Fizz as the thirteenth best act of , and placed the single, "New Beginning", fifteenth in the best songs of the year.

Duckworth Riera Morgan Khalil Muhammad. Duckworth Khalil Abdul-Rahman D. Quincy Hanley T. Hanley T. Kendrick Lamar — art direction, primary artist Dr. CD digital download LP []. Aftermath Interscope. The Boston Globe. Archived from the original on October 26, Retrieved October 29, D City — Kendrick Lamar".

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Il Velo del Tempio Come un Ruscello Che Moe Bius 4 de diciembre de , LinCab 5 de diciembre de , Philos Amaltea 13 de julio de , 6: Suscribirse a: Enviar comentarios Atom. Un Presidente en el Congreso. El discurso del presidente Mauricio Macri en la Mese di maggio 4: Tanto amore 3: Dellacasa and O. Lacagnina CD2 Papillon 1. Papillon - Overture 1: Divertimento 1: Parte Prima 4: Parte Seconda 6: Parte Terza 5: Donato Ruggiero. Membro fondatore e redattore di HamelinProg. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.

Strutture 3: Rimani nella mia vita 4: Papillon - Ouverture 1: Divertimento 2: Le vacche sacre - falso menestrello Vitanza - Gori - Poltini - Damiani 5: Menestrello Vitanza - Gori - Poltini - Damiani 5: A new interpretation of a classic RPI title!

This is quite an undertaking, but it comes off in an outstanding way, giving new life to old friends. Rather, the new work stands well on its own, not only helping me listen to the original with new ears, but also bringing new insights and experience. In , Latte e Miele released their debut, an incredibly ambitious work based on the Passion of St. Matthew, "Passio Secundum Mattheum.

The band would never equal this album, although the subsequent title, "Papillon", came close. After that the band broke up for a time, until drummer Alfio Vitanza reformed the band, with new members including bassist Massimo Gori.

Their only album, "Aquile e Scoiattoli", has its moments but is inferior to the first two, and the band disbanded a few years later after moving toward more commercial music. The quartet released "Live Tasting", an excellent live album that portended of the good to come.

Their time together also produced a wonderful new album, "Marco Polo: Sogni e Viaggi" in Over the years, Lacagnina never stopped composing his masterpiece, his "Passio". Now the quartet has recorded anew their masterpiece, adding those "new" compositions into the narrative. Also, the ending has been fleshed out significantly, with four new songs, and the final song, "Come un Ruscello che Also of note, a solo organ piece entitled "Toccata per organo" is placed just before "Calvario"--this is special, as it is an original take from !

The instrumentation is true to the spirit of the piece, although with an updated sound. Ditto the choir, which sometimes on the version is muted and thin--here the choir parts are strong, lush, and vibrant.

The majority of the pieces that were rerecorded for this edition also maintain their compositional structure, although there are a few changes inserted notably in "I Falsi Testimoni", the new version of "I Testimoni" parts 1 and 2. There is nothing that violates that spirit of the original work, though it is impossible to duplicate its wonderful innocence.

Another unique feature of this album is the presence of several prominent figures from RPI providing the spoken Evangelist parts. The CD comes in a jewel case with a lyric booklet. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

Aquile e scoiattoli - LP. Rimani nella mia vita - 45 giri. Un silenzio diviso in due - 45 giri.


Пусто Турско - Татјана Лазаревска* - Татјана Лазаревска (CDr, Album), Malombra - The Dissolution Age (CD), Sõbrad Ütlesid ... - Various - Eesti Lahe Vol. 3 (Cassette), The Mayor - U-Nix (3) - 8 Songs (Cassette)

download Level 42 - Running In The Family (CDV) full album

Label: Polydor - 080 000-2 Format: CDV Promo, PAL Country: Germany Genre: Funk / Soul, Pop

Polydor - POSP Languages Nederlands Edit links. Indifferent [4]. Find sources: The video was produced by Wally Badarou.

It features all the contemporary members of the band: The musicians take turns in switching between "active" when they are performing, and "inactive", where they stand perfectly still as if a colored statue, when they are not. The video was produced by Wally Badarou. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Level Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Pages using extra track listing with no tracks Pages using extra track listing with unknown parameters Articles with hAudio microformats. Namespaces Article Talk. April " Running in the Family " Released: August " Children Say " Released: November Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 25 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Recorded and mixed at Sarm West Sophisti-pop [1]. World Machine Running in the Family


Creative Visulization - Asem Shama - Creative Visulization (File, MP3), Voe Voe Kun Haetari Vuotaa - Mika Sundqvist - 20 Parasta Vuotta (CD), Suite - Aage Kvalbein - Spanish Miracles - A Journey In Wine And Music (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ancestral Echo - Mantaray - Numinous Island (CD, Album)

download Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now - Various - X-Plosion MP3 Update Volume 02 - 2008 (CDr) full album

Label: Digifactory - none Series: X-Plosion MP3 Update - Volume 02 - 2008 Format: CDr CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release MP3 Country: Netherlands Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop Style: House, Dance-pop, Pop Rap, Pop Rock, Eurodance

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The Jellicle Ball - Andrew Lloyd Webber - Cats (Vinyl, LP), Wszyscy Byli Odwróceni - Złodzieje Rowerów - ...Gdy Wrzała Krew 1995-1999 (CD), On A Storytellers Night - Magnum (3) - On The Wings Of Heaven Live (Laserdisc), Chez Michel (Mike Shannons Entrée Mix) - Apollonia (5) - Tour A Tour Remixes (Vinyl), If Six Was Nine - Various - Easy Rider (Songs As Performed In The Motion Picture) (Cassette)

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Label: Tempo (2) - LP 7019 Format: Vinyl LP, Album Country: Germany Genre: Pop, Classical, Folk, World, Country

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It became apparent that this was a remarkable, ever-yielding pop jukebox. By 1984, the album got an extension on its lifecycle with the John Landis-directed video for Thriller, which took the album from successful pop record to cultural icon. Casting the then-clean cut, scandal-free singer as a werewolf in a 15-rated short film was a risk, but one that truly paid off. Soon enough Thriller had become a greatest hits package seven of its nine tracks were issued as singles.

Love it or hate it, Thriller is pop s great, immovable Everest.


Planeta 5000 - Video (2) - Videorama (1983-1986) (CD), Anytown - Everything But The Girl - The Works - A 3 CD Retrospective (CD), Street Tab - The Captain* RR Fierce - Street Tab / Progressive Llama (Vinyl), Adios - Various - The Greatest Bands In All The Land - The Third Show (Vinyl, LP)

download Red Ant (Nature) - Various - GASCD (CD, Album) full album

Label: Not On Label - RAMCD - 76U Format: 2x, CD Album, Compilation Country: Canada Genre: Rock, Non-Music Style: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Punk, Political, Speech, Spoken Word, Poetry

Tried going on iTunes and deleting it from there. Adam and the Ants were an English rock band active during the late s and early Album). It would be this line-up that recorded and released their first single " Young Parisians " to confused reviews and little success. Стоимость и способы международной пересылки указаны отдельно в каждом из объявлений. Retrieved from " https: We put together two components in one app. Although popular, the outfit were, according to critic Simon Price"dismissed by the punk cognoscenti as something of a joke band".

As part of our worldwide promotional efforts, we offer all music and sounds from In-App Purchase Premium Collections for free. All tracks have quality mp3 with And all that is for free.

Any comparable CDs are about 5 to 10 dollars. This app has beautiful soundscapes that will help you to get away from the noise of the city, feel free from the problems that surround you and help you fall asleep.

Using it you can: This is a 2 in 1 application. We put together two components in one app. Which is an audio experience with 25 beautiful nature sounds and a soundboard with 35 sounds where you can mix a number of soundtracks to have a peaceful experience. Please see what customers have said about Relaxing Sounds of Nature: Love using it to calm me down and relax. I was a bit skeptical when I bought this. But this put me to sleep within 10 minutes!

I am amazed! It works great so much to choose from. I asked you delivered, thanks. Perhaps you will choose the sounds of breaking waves with seagulls, crickets chirping or the sounds of a flute, or perhaps played all together.

You can do it all and much more. All you have to do is open the Soundboard and tap on any of the sounds that you would like to combine together and save them. So we have included 2 easy to use night timers that you can set to various time intervals to allow you to peacefully fall asleep to any of our breathtaking sounds. Just set time and your favorite soundtrack. Retrieved 24 April Retrieved 13 April Retrieved Rock of rages" fee required. Boston Globe. Retrieved 31 March Archived from the original on 12 May Adam Ant.

Antics in the Forbidden Zone Antmusic: Book Portal. UK best-selling albums by year — The Singles: Arrival ABBA Saturday Night Fever original soundtrack Parallel Lines Blondie Kings of the Wild Frontier Adam and the Ants Love Songs Barbra Streisand Thriller Michael Jackson Brothers in Arms Dire Straits True Blue Madonna Bad Michael Jackson Kylie Kylie Minogue Ten Good Reasons Jason Donovan. Authority control ISNI: Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 7 March , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The line-up of Adam and the Ants in Adam Ant — vocals, guitar — , harmonica — , piano Andy Warren — bass — Paul Flannagan — drums Lester Square — guitar Mark Ryan — guitar died Dave Barbarossa — drums — Johnny Bivouac — guitar — Adam Ant - vocals, guitar, Dave Barbarossa - drums.

Grammy Award: Best New Artist [14]. Ниже ,00 руб. Введите действительный ценовой диапазон. Формат покупки показать все. Все объявления Аукцион 3. Купить сейчас Находится показать все. По умолчанию. Только США. Северная Америка. Параметры доставки показать все. Бесплатная международная доставка.


You Do Good For Yourself - Various - Duomo Sounds Ltd: Nigerian 80s Disco Music To Move Your Soul (V, In Manus Tuas - Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki - Completorium / Missa Paschalis (Vinyl, LP), Fat Ass - Fire On Earth (File, MP3), Appease - Against Nature - Appease (CD), Which Way Will The Wind Blow - Uriah Heep - Blood On Stone - Anthology Volume 2 (CD)

download Outro - Asbel - Elegist - Hymns for Lost Souls (CD, Album) full album

Label: Blasphemous Attack Productions - BAP015 Format: CD Album, Limited Edition, Reissue Country: Colombia Genre: Rock Style: Black Metal

Farewell To Sanity Indiculum Horrific Realm of Gorecsta Grim Nocturn Symphonia Where U Uffection Is Death.

This socio-musical web reveals lineages of mentorships, friendships, and influences on Beale, which will be demonstrated and contextualized through performance and lecture.

PAPER SESSION 2 2 2 50 PM DMI 201. The Blues without Melancholy. Against Revisionist Histories Mr.


A Challenge Of Honour vs. Materialschlacht (2) - Live In Leuven (CD), Kiss - Destroyer (Vinyl, LP, Album), Huey Lewis The News - Small World (CD), I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) - Various - Dance Mix 87 - 40 Non-Stop Mega-Mix HITS (CD)

download Sogno Parigi - La Famiglia Degli Ortega - La Famiglia Degli Ortega (CD, Album) full album

Label: Vinyl Magic - V.M. 062 Format: CD Album, Remastered Country: Italy Genre: Rock Style: Prog Rock

Reset Password Successful. Powered by last. Remember your video choices. The band dissapeared a couple of years later. Watch artist interviews here.

Click this button to skip to the next video. No Videos Found. The lyrics can frequently be found here check the full description and comments or by filtering for lyric videos. Watch artist interviews here. La Famiglia Degli Ortega. Sogno Parigi. La Famiglia Degli Ortega were a short-lived Italian twelve-piece folk-prog band.

Music for your Website. For Artists. Powered by last. Sign Up. Connect with Facebook. Log out. Have an account? Log in with Facebook. Reset your password. Set new password. Leave us feedback. Well, this is not an album that everyone should have, nor even those who love the Italian progressive scene, though for them i surely recoommend it, in order to give it a spin and enjoy it when you can, i enjoy it but it is not an album that will be played frequently, 3.

Enjoy it! Guida La Mia Lancia A blues one, nice and smooth. Inversione Dei Fattori Renaissance the age. Merryon Lot of fun in this track, Honky Tonk. Sogno Parigi Great piano work.

Awamalaia The most dark track in the album. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Other sites in the MAC network: Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. La Famiglia Degli Ortega biography This twelve piece band from Genoa started their rather short venture on the Italian musical scene around Una vecchia correira chimata "Harry Way" 3: Inversione dei fattori 5: Sogno parigi 4: Awamalaia 3: There are several instruments featured on the album, and the vocals change from male to female.

Guida La Mia Lancia A blues one, nice and smooth. Inversione Dei Fattori Renaissance the age. Merryon Lot of fun in this track, Honky Tonk. Sogno Parigi Great piano work. Awamalaia The most dark track in the album. And the name of this band was created after two brothers from Venezuela, Ruben and Nestor Ortega, who ironically left the band before this selt titled and ony album was released.


Winter Rose / Love Awake - Paul McCartney - Oh, Mistake (CD), Red Onion Drag - Various - New Orleans Volume 2 (Vinyl, LP), Before We Met - Jim Manley - Horns In The House And Other Criminals (CD, Album), Morro De Saudade - Gal Costa - Lua De Mel Como O Diabo Gosta (CD, Album)

download La Oracion Del Desierto - Various - Family Album II. Homenaje A Surfin Bichos (CD) full album

Label: Molusco Discos - MD0704 Format: CD Country: Spain Genre: Rock, Pop

Un homenaje irrepetible para un grupo imprescindible. Publicado por Perros Felices No hay comentarios: Conde Toreno, 2. Un gran momento. Rastreando Youtube nos encontramos con una rareza de Mercromina. El proximo miercoles 16 a las

Earnie Bailey s response to this. Regarding the Marshalls, Kurt really disliked Marshall amps. Partly, due to the whole hair metal stigma happening in the 80 s, and he didn t like the sound of them. I think it was too generic for him. If you recall on his 4x12 cabs, he had his Marshall logos taped over, not removed which is a simple taskas a statement towards the status associated with owning Marshall gear.


Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Fred Waring The Pennsylvanians - Fred Waring The Pennsylvanians In Hi-, Uska Dara - Eartha Kitt - The Classic Years (CD), Σάπια Βίδα - Tug (3) - Χωρίς Μπάσσο (Cassette), Taylor Glacier - Andrea Polli - Sonic Antarctica (CD), Obtuse - Randomer - Obtuse (Vinyl)

download Uptown Anthem - Funkmaster Flex - The Mix Tape Volume II (60 Minutes Of Funk) (CD) full album

Label: Loud Records - 67472-2,Loud Records - 07863 67472-2,RCA - 07863 67472-2,RCA - 67472-2 Format: CD Mixed, Mixtape Country: Canada Genre: Hip Hop Style: RnB/Swing, Gangsta, Pop Rap

Introspection Late Night Partying. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Tour Clifton Bailey. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Greg Nice. I Emcee.

Foxy Brown - Freestyle. Foxy Brown. Hip Hop Hooray. Naughty by Nature. Uptown Anthem. Cypress Hill. Louis Freese - Senen Reyes - L.

Fulsom - J. McCracklin - Larry Muggerud. Time 4 Sum Aksion. Redman - Freestyle. Ras T - Freestyle. Michelob - Freestyle. Set It Off. Greg Nice. The Gap Band. Rising to The Top. Keni Burke. DAV - Freestyle. Mary J. Blige - Freestyle. Crowd Participation. DJ Flex. Buckshot Da B. I Emcee. Boot Camp Click - Freestyle. Akinyele - Freestyle Explicit. Method Man. Wu-Tang Clan. Notorious B. Mobb Deep Blend. Mobb Deep. Lost Boyz - Freestyle. The energy is equal to Vol. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy.

Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date February 11, Genre Rap. Partying TGIF. Track Listing. Funkmaster Flex. Let Me Clear My Throat. DJ Kool. How About Some Hardcore. Clifton Bailey. Lady Saw. Foxy Brown. Hip Hop Hooray. Naughty by Nature. Uptown Anthem. Cypress Hill. Time 4 Sum Aksion. Ras T. Set It Off.


I Got Everything - Jones Bros* - Oldschool (CD, Album), Nations On Fire - Facedown (2) - Friendship Is Still Everything (CD), Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (TV Rock Dirty South Melbourne Militia Remix) - Fedde Le Grand - Put Y, Region 2 - Morton Feldman - The California EAR Unit* - Crippled Symmetry (CD, Album), Triplex Mazi - Kolera - Karantina Embryo (CD, Album)

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