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download Kill Your Idols - Migra Violenta - Migra Violenta (Cassette) full album

Label: Not On Label (Migra Violenta) - none Format: Cassette Compilation, Unofficial Release Country: Germany Genre: Rock Style: Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust

Deathtoll bring on a thick guitar sound drawn from scandi-influenced writing and vocals that punish your eardrums. The featured bands are: Great soundboard recording from a show at the Globe in New Zealand. Powerful production and really aggressively played music with raspy vocals makes this one highly addictable. All the sing-a-long classics by these English legends on vinyl! I hope they will please you.

Brutal hardcore grind from Japan. Great live recording of this grindcore band. Awesome grindcore on colored vinyl. Great soundboard recording from a show at the Globe in New Zealand. Great fast hardcore.. Strange Rec. A collection of recordings from to Chicago punks The comeback record by these Long Beach legends. Great political hardcore in Spanish from Chile. Nice gatefold sleeve. Grindcore madness. Great split by two brutal bands. Great political crustcore.

Great stuff!! Great SoCal punk. All the old stuff from back in the day. Slick hardcore by some guys from bigger bands. Great Japanese hardcore. Silk screened cover. Limited to copies. The vinyl version of this great release. Raw hardcore punk from Florida. All the stuff on one release. Woulda" CD Dr. The BMB collection. Raging hardcore in Spanish from Argentina. Classic re-release of the first LP..

John Wayne was a Nazi. The followup to the classic first release. In your face offensive hardcore. Great old school punk. East Coast hardcore the way it was meant to be. The CD version. Great thrash from Ohio. Japanese hardcore. Helter Skelter a Manson Scenario: Manson , 61 Cal.

Retrieved June 19, Retrieved 28 April They sit back real stoic like and watch and stay cool, you know. Archived from the original on Retrieved CS1 maint: This is not the only chronological mismatch between the recollections of Watkins and Watson. Retrieved April 14, The Family. New York: Retrieved June 3, Running to nearly three pages when it appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, December 14, , the said account was based mainly on a tape-recorded interview of Atkins by her attorney at his office on December 1; it detailed the "2 Nights of Murder" of the Tate-LaBianca crimes.

See Bugliosi , pages and Retrieved 17 September Fourth Edition. As Watkins tells it, Manson said, "Are you hep to what the Beatles are saying?

They put the revolution to music Minute by Minute David J. Retrieved 30 August The State of California v. Retrieved May 24, We began with the band at the beginning of the , when Daniel Brazilian met carolina Colombian in Venezuela where she was playing in a local Anarko-punk band, they together came to live in Argentina and decided to start Migra Violenta, a fast sound with compromise lyrics in a DIY way All the songs in general talk about the problems that the young people have in latinoamerica, the absence of horizon, without job, the poverty, all real problems, not taking american posture and not talking about things that we dont live and things not agreed with the life that we have to live like latino people.

We make face to subjects like globalization, capitalims, the wars from army and then factorys, the xenophoby inside latinoamerica also, we talk about the escene, etc We had made several tours including many countries of latinamerica and europe. Essential RAW brutality!!! Ballst also infuses their sound with slower parts to the songs that hint at old anarcho - peacepunk bands.

Haunting, epic, catchy, crusty, melodic, this band blends it all together to create something truly great! Political hc crust with a touch of metal from Sweden. Birdflesh from Sweden do a sort of gore grind youth crew disco ninja thing , Catheter from Usa do a metal influenced hc grind. Two amazing bands,good split on red vynil. Deathtoll bring on a thick guitar sound drawn from scandi-influenced writing and vocals that punish your eardrums. Contains ex-members of Attitude Adjustment and Deface.

A newly added 2nd guitarist and fresh vocals enhance this bands newest recording. Both bands contain an ex-member of Exitwound. Both hailing from Sweden,Bombstrike should already be a little familiar because of their other releases. Great stuff! In addition they supply all the lyrics to their songs which deal with topics like being homeless, war, love, death squads and religion and add some words to explain the lyrics of each song.

Nice split LP, which proves again, that Sweden still has to offer the best band of that genre! Thirteen songs in just 18 minutes. No ballads here, just full speed ahead thrashing-punk. Heavy-load crustcore from Sweden. In , Conflict headlined a sold out Astoria in London, in memory of Barry Horne, the animal rights activist who died in prison on hunger strike, and subsequently began writing material.

Great record! Sentenza condanna di vuota comparsa. A new album for the political italian hc king! Come out blazing with a great hardcore punk attack, overtly political and unapologetic abou tit!! Germany Stalker have it all going on this release. While not as instantly memorable as those bnads, with a bit of work these guys could eventually take their own path.

Comes with poster sixe insert and Japanese translations. Very well done. Fierce, down-tuned political stench-crust from Wisconsin. After the split eps with Wojczech and Disarm, they are back with fury!

Put double speed to your classic d-beat albums, add 2 classic early days crusty voices guttural and histeric and you have D. A killer solution for the hopes of humanity! Their politics were defiantly anarcho-punk and they took a dramataic stance against the fascistic nature of the local Zionist movement, Musically they blasted out track after track of raging hardcore, with two vocalists to drive their message home. Now sadly defunct, we are able to keep the spirit alive with this 46 track discography LP, which includes a beautiful gate-fold jacket and huge booklet with lyrics and writing in both English and Hebrew.

Symbols, Signals and Noise. Fifteen brutal tracks filled of political outrage equally weighed with a lust for ganja and a sense of humor. They also recorded some songs for a Negative Approach tribute that sadly never saw the light. Shortly after the release of Violent , Voorhees changed their line-up with a more stable one. Michael replaced " Gaz " in the drums and Graeme joined the guitars. Also, with this "classic" line-up considered as such by many fans and music reviewers , Voorhees recorded songs for their split with Stalingrad released in They also made an European tour in and in they toured for the first time the US.

After the US tour, Sean quits the band. Shortly after the release of this EP, Graeme leaves the band. And, the next year, Fireproof is released by Chainsaw Safety Records. This record featured two new guitarists: Atkinson and Richard. Shortly after, both Michael and Paul quit the band. They recorded that year 13 released by Armed With Anger Records and Six Weeks Records , which is regarded by many fans as their worst record.

Its sound is a little bit different with some modern metallic hardcore influences and it is not executed in the same way as the "classic" line-up recordings. Despite the critics, Voorhees continued with this "final" line-up performing and recording different albums.

Shortly after the release of their third and final full-length album, Voorhees was officially disbanded. Last but not least , Voorhees reunited in for celebrating the tenth anniversary of their swansong with the "original" line-up, except for Paul who was working in the US at the time and was replaced by Steve. Since then, Voorhees has eventually reunited for playing on some gigs. For example, an European tour was planned for April with the "classic" line-up, but the volcano ash cloud over Europe meant Paul and Graeme were stuck in the US.

Gosh, how could I miss those live performances? Finally, click on the banner below for downloading all the material that Voorhees ever recorded, including two compilations: Smiling At Death released in by Grand Theft Audio , which contains all the recordings made by both first and "classic" line-ups including some Spilling Blood Without Reason outtakes some of these tracks have been featured in different re-editions of the record as well as compilations tracks; and The Final Chapter released in by Violent Change Records , which contains all the featured tracks in different splits with Radio Alice, Out Cold, Kill Your Idols and Bookburner 7".

Remember that, as I mentioned you before, the Peel Sessions are incomplete and the track Oblivion is only featured. Hola, hola, mis gatitxs! Migra Violenta. With this line-up they released their first demo named No Te Calles, whose sound was more "melodic" than later releases, and also started to play difusing their message of self-management and independence. After the demo release, they changed the drummer and Rodrigo replaced him.

Migra recorded the 6 tracks for the split with Cucsifae, another important outfit within the argentinian hardcore scene. In , the band starts making tours in Argentina and Uruguay. Once again, the drummer is replaced by Alejo from Cucsifae and their first CD named HC Crust is recorded between may and april and was released later that year.

In october, Mauro enters for taking the drums and they record 4 brand new tracks for the split with Disarm Italy. Also, all the demo tracks and the tracks from the split with Cucsifae are put together for the split with Hydrophobia Mexico.

Now, regarding the sound, Migra Violenta was one of those south american politically-charged hardcore punk bands that perfectly blended crust punk with thrashcore. They also contributed to the huge explosion of the successful spanish-speaking hardcore punk bands within the international hardcore punk community during the early and mid 00s.

On the other hand, this partial discography was released in by many latin american record labels and distros, including Bombas de Odio, La Resistencia Distro and Crust Or Die collective, among others. Sadly, this record neither contains the demo tracks, nor even the tracks from their splits with Cucsifae, Disarm and Sick Terror. Also, their studio live record in Paris during their european tour in is still missing. It does exist another discography named Gritando Contra Todo , released in by Renacer Records Peru , containing the demo tracks, tracks taken from HC Crust , and the tracks for the split with Cucsifae, Disarm and Kontrattaque featuring some tracks taken from Superficial.

Finally, get this partial discography disc. Click on the image for getting the record with the artwork, inserts, layout and the live performance video. We do hope they return in the near future. Best picks of Chibchombian power in Nairo Quintana is one of our most beloved diehard fans. No joke. Fuck yeah!

It was about time, right? So, did you notice that colombian hardcore bands were absent in our best picks of post?


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