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download Peter Conda - Anja (Vinyl) full album


Setting her impossible tasks, then beating her with his "contradiction stick" when she invariably fails, the troll makes sure to make her life miserable, until she one day makes a wish. Daedalus decided that he and his son had to flee Crete and get away from Minos. Hans and the King have made a deal that in exactly one year and one day his prize the princess shall be his. Retrieved 19 October Retrieved from " https: Theseus grew up and became a brave young man. As the Storyteller tosses the bag aside, a Peter Conda - Anja (Vinyl) emerges from the bag unnoticed by the Storyteller but noticed by the dog who dismisses it as his imagination.

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From an early German folk tale. The Storyteller recounts the adventures of a boy who goes out into the world to learn what fear is , accompanied by a dishonest but loveable tinker. He faces many dangers without learning to be afraid, only to learn that fear is at home: Featuring elements from the German folk tale " The Griffin ".

The seventh son of a seventh son is born—a Luck Child. The cruel King hears about the prophecy, and plots to kill the child. With his chancellor by his side, he sweeps the countryside for the Luck Child. While the chancellor becomes a meal for the Griffin , the boy survives since his swaddling safely unraveled him to the shore. He is found and raised by an elderly couple and is named Lucky.

Lost in the forest, Lucky stumbles into an underground den of thieves and meets a little man. The little man drugs the gullible Lucky, being skilled in the art of hiding his concoctions in goulash. Do this without delay". While Lucky is still unconscious, the Little Man drags him within eyesight of his destination. The King is enraged upon his return as he sees Lucky marrying his treasured daughter with his written approval. Claiming that the new groom must prove his worth, the king declares that Lucky must bring him a golden feather from the dreaded Griffin a nigh impossible task as far as the king is concerned.

Lucky sets for the island where the beast dwells and has a ferryman take him to his destination. So Lucky promises to find the answer. As Lucky escapes while the Griffin sleeps, the youth takes a chest full of treasure on the shore of the island and returns triumphant. He explains to the ferryman to offer his pole to the next visitor in order to gain freedom. The King begrudgingly gives his blessing to marry the Princess , yet is soon enchanted by the jewels Lucky has brought back.

From an early Celtic folk tale. In an adaptation of the Stone Soup fable, the Storyteller tells of a harsh time when he was forced to walk the land as a beggar.

Finding himself in sight of the castle kitchen, he picks up a stone and fools the castle cook into helping him make soup from a stone, by adding it into a cauldron of water and slowly adding other ingredients to improve the flavour.

When the cook realizes he has been swindled, he asks that the Storyteller be boiled alive. As a compromise, the King promises to give the Storyteller a gold crown for each story he tells for each day of the year - and to boil him if he fails. The Storyteller does well at first, but on the final day, he awakens and can think of no story.

In a panic he roams the castle grounds, running into a magical beggar who turns him into a flea. At the end of the day when the king calls for his story, the Storyteller confesses he has no story, and instead tells the king the true tale of his adventures under the magic of the beggar that day. This is the only episode where the Storyteller himself plays a major part in the story he tells.

This episode was directed by Charles Sturridge. From an early German folk tale of the same name. She says to him that she wants a child so badly, she would not care how he looked even if he were covered in quills like a hedgehog.

That, of course, is what she gets: So eventually Hans leaves for a place where he cannot hurt anyone and where no-one can hurt him. Deep inside the forest, for many years Hans dwells with his animals for companions. When Hans helps him to escape the forest, the King promises that he will give to Hans the first thing to greet him at his castle - which the King secretly expects will be his dog. Instead, it turns out to be his beautiful daughter, the Princess of sweetness and cherry pie.

Hans and the King have made a deal that in exactly one year and one day his prize the princess shall be his. A year and one day later Hans returns to the castle. The princess says she knows what she must do. Hans asks her if she finds him ugly and she replies that he is not nearly as ugly as a broken promise.

They are married, to the dismay of the entire kingdom. On their wedding night, the princess awaits her husband in bed. He comes into the chamber with his bagpipes and takes a seat by the fire and begins to play the same beautiful music that saved the king a year prior.

The Princess is soothed by the music and dozes off. She wakes and finds a pelt of quills as soft as feathers on the ground before the fire. She sees her husband in the form of a handsome young man freeing the animals of the castle, to live with his friends in his forest castle. He knows she has seen him when he finds her slumbering on the discarded quills the following night.

He tells her that he is bewitched and only if she can keep his secret for one more night can he be freed and remain in the form of the handsome man. She agrees.

The next morning at breakfast the Queen inquires why her daughter is so cheerful. The Princess tries to resist but as her mother pries she gives in and tells her that Hans is bewitched. The Queen says that the only way to reverse the spell is to fling the quills in the fire.

That night when Hans sheds his quills, she obeys her mother and burns them. She hears his screams of pain as if he were aflame, and Hans runs from the castle.

The Princess has a blacksmith make her three pairs of solid iron shoes and slips away in search of her husband. She wears the shoes to nothing and moves on to the second pair, with still no sign of Hans. When she is donning the third pair of shoes, she finds a river and reclines by it, taking off the shoes and rubbing her sore feet.

Catching sight of her reflection, she sees that her hair has grown white. She weeps bitterly for her hair and her husband, forever lost. The next day she comes to a cottage , abandoned, covered in dust and cobwebs. Then comes the flapping of wings and she sees her husband whom she had so long searched for. He toasts a glass of wine to no-one, "to the beautiful woman who could not keep her promise.

She tells him. She tells him all of the perils that she has faced and how she has walked the world and worn through three pairs of iron shoes. Then she flings herself into his embrace and with her confession of love and loyalty , he transforms into the handsome man, the spell lifted by her fidelity and affection. Based on the early German folk tale, The Six Swans. After the queen dies, an evil witch ensnares the King and turns his three sons into ravens to rid herself of her rivals. The Princess escapes and must stay silent for three years, three months, three weeks and three days in order to break the spell.

From an early German folk tale, this is a variant on Allerleirauh as well as containing elements of Donkeyskin and the Cinderella story recorded by the brothers Grimm.

There is a widowed king, who has three daughters. Two are as ugly and as bad as can be, but the third nicknamed Sapsorrow is as kind and as beautiful as her sisters are not. There is a ring belonging to the dead queen and a royal tradition that states that the girl whose finger fits the ring will become queen as decreed by law.

Neither of the bad sisters wish their father to marry for fear that his bride will stand to inherit his title and riches. The princess attempts to stall the wedding by demanding three magnificent gowns: Once her father provides these, on the night of the wedding she takes the gowns and goes into hiding, disguising herself as a creature of fur and feathers known as Straggletag.

She lives thus for years, working in the kitchen of a handsome but proud prince. On the night of the ball, she discards her disguise and attends three different balls in one of her bridal gowns and captures the heart of the prince, leaving him naught but a single slipper as she runs off into the night. The prince scours the kingdom for the girl whose foot fits the slipper and agrees to marry Straggletag when hers is the foot it fits.

At this proclamation, her pets strip away her disguise for good and the two become happily wed. A heartless giant , who once terrorized the land before being captured and imprisoned, is befriended by the young Prince Leo who, one night, sets him free. His older brothers go after the giant to capture him, but do not return, so Leo sets off to find the giant himself. No easy task indeed.

Even when Prince Leo finds the heart and brings it to the giant, one of the guards grabs the heart and squeezes it enough to kill the giant, whose dead body becomes a hill. The Storyteller tells his dog that when Prince Leo became king, he retold the story where he states that he gave the heart back to the giant and that the giant never bothered the kingdom again. Based on an early German folk tale The True Bride. A troll had a daughter, but she left straight off.

So the troll took another girl to replace her to wait on him hand and foot. Her name is Anja and she has no father or mother, making the troll her only "family". Setting her impossible tasks, then beating her with his "contradiction stick" when she invariably fails, the troll makes sure to make her life miserable, until she one day makes a wish.

Her wish is heard by a wondrous white lion called the Thought Lion who completes her impossible tasks for her. When the troll asks her to build him a palace, the Lion build it for her, and the troll falls to his death in a bottomless room.

Anja lives happily in the castle. When she finds her true love in a Prince , he disappears one day, so Anja sets out to find him.

The episode was directed by Peter Smith. The Storyteller: Greek Myths is a four episode mini-series, which had a different storyteller Michael Gambon , but the same dog again performed and voiced by Brian Henson. An Athenian storyteller and his dog take shelter in the labyrinth of Knossos. There he recounts the story of the Minotaur confined to the maze by King Minos ten centuries earlier. King Aegeus had left his sword under a huge rock and told Aithra that when their son Theseus would grow up, he should move the rock to learn who his father was.

Theseus grew up and became a brave young man. Theseus decided to go to Athens, either by sea, which was the safe way or by land, following a dangerous path with thieves and bandits all the way. Young, brave and ambitious, Theseus decided to go to Athens by land. After King Aegeus recognized the sword that Theseus is carrying, he knocked the poisoned drink out of his hand.


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