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download Full In The Sun - Claudio Calzolari - Sons Da Natureza - Wellness Vol. 3 (CD, Album) full album

Label: CID - CD 00580/7 Series: Wellness - 3 Format: CD Album Country: Brazil Genre: Electronic Style: New Age

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Commenting is disabled for this post. March 14th 3. Pi appears in equations describing the orbits of planets, the colors of auroras, the structure of DNA. Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day: March 14, , Stephen Hawkings died on Pi Day: March 14, YouTube Audio Library. Add a comment Anja Wessels Photography.

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Join our mailing list at most twice a month emails http: Centered on the Downtown area flanking Commerce Street, the map depicts in immense detail everything within a five-mile radius, with the distances indicated by concentric circles. The city limits as they then stood are delineated by a heavy, meandering dotted line, which encompasses among other things the recently-annexed areas of East Dallas and Oak Cliff Of particular historical value is the delineation of property lines, both the small lots in town and in outlying subdivisions, as well as the boundaries of larger, undeveloped parcels.

Stokes Survey. Private landowners subdivided their parcels, improving them as necessary with roads and other services, all without regard for the whole. Over time these developments morphed and grew, eventually meeting and fusing, often at odd angles, yielding a crazy-quilt street plan. Also evident is the double-edged sword of the Trinity River: Disaster came in , when the Trinity crested at over 52 feet—still a record today—submerging Downtown and much of West Dallas, overflowing the sewer system, wreaking havoc on the rail network, and displacing some people.

A year later, the Dallas Chamber of Commerce established the City Plan and Improvement League later called the Kessler Plan Association and hired Kessler to draft a design for a long-range plan for managed growth and civic improvements.

The plan was not implemented at the time because it was not believed to be practical, but it became increasingly clear that changes were needed. He remained in Dallas until January 3, , when he returned to St. Although Kessler died in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 20, , the Trinity River was improved and the levee system was completed in the s. The Central Expressway was first opened to traffic in , decades after Kessler called for its construction. A native of Saxony and son of a nobleman, Schauseil studied at Eisenach University and pursued more advanced scientific studies in Jena Melugin claims, somewhat more vaguely, that he also pursued archaeological studies in France, North Africa and Turkey.

In he emigrated to America and at some point was joined by his father and perhaps other family members. He or they tried settling in various locales in the Midwest before heading West. From here the limited and somewhat contradictory sources make it hard to piece together a sequence, but the following summary at least conveys the flavor of his adventures: The map was only superseded by the map offered here, also signed by Schauseil.

Some time around Schauseil apparently completed the manuscript for an autobiography, titled Lost Life of Theodore Schauseil, though I find no record of its having been published. It would no doubt have made for excellent reading. See the details: Josefina Wojciechowski: Bartlomiej Volf, Szczykutowicz: Peter Quinton. While the bush land nearby is tinder dry, the river bed remains humid.

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Massive growth in open source adoption in according to Liran Tal, author of a report published last month by open source security company, Snyk: The State of Open Source Security The report draws on information from several public and private data sources, including a survey of over open source maintainers and users, published reports by a variety of vendors, and data gathered by scanning millions of GitHub repositories and packages on public registries; and internal data from the Snyk vulnerability database as well as hundreds of thousands of projects Snyk monitors and protects.

In every registry we reviewed, we saw an increasing rate of open source libraries being indexed in every language ecosystem," Tal said. More interesting insights at https: Morten Ross. Chris Sutton. Chris Sutton: Georg Srama: Auf Wiedersehen! Anna Jethwa: I refuse to get to Facebook or the mainstream of social media as my kids insisting, so we are grateful for your lifeboat.

Nishioka Yoshio. Antarctica will melt big, to become hot seriously. So I checked West Antarctica only if those ice glaciers melt rising 3m by sea level, but recently East Antractica and South area will be dangerous sutiations! If Totten Glacier and others will melt 7m rising! This slow-moving river of ice sits on a remote coastline of West Antarctica. The ice is up to 3. Only a few rocky hills poke above it. Or they look like hills.

In fact, they are the tops of huge mountains buried up to their noses in ice. Ice sheets and glaciers Despite the ice, this December day was unusually warm. A steady rain pattered onto the wet snow. That made life hard for the scientists. But since , the ice shelf has thinned by 70 m roughly feet. As Antarctic glaciers reach the coast, their ice begins to float on the ocean. And they do an important job. They hold back the glaciers behind them, slowing their flow into the ocean.

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Paul Manafort Ex-Trump chair given seven-year prison term and severe rebuke from judge. Ex-Donald Trump campaign chair given additional three and a half years having already been sentenced to four years in Virginia. New York Manafort charged by prosecutors with 16 more crimes. Masterpiece by 17th-century artist Brueghel the Younger was swapped to foil heist.

Science Experts call for global moratorium on gene editing of embryos. Democracy It is good for your health and heart, major study finds. Writing for a show watched by kids and elderly conservatives, I began to feel I was in the wrong room, wrong job, wrong body. Once used to attract a spouse or consolidate power, the evolution of royal portraiture reflects the changing face of the monarchy.

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Tip us off. The long read. Having fled violence, a million Ethiopians now face hunger and disease. Yet Abiy Ahmed seems intent only on their return. Densely populated areas are vulnerable to outbreaks of disease — and to the spread of misinformation. The racism of technology Why driverless cars could be the most dangerous example yet. Jeanette Winterson. Can we all move to Mars?

Prof Martin Rees on space exploration. Picture essays From the agencies Photo highlights of the day. White heat Factory workers of the s and 60s. Photo essay The Monlam great prayer festival in Tibet. Monlam, or the great prayer festival, is the most important prayer event for many Tibetans. It was banned during the Cultural Revolution in China but is now celebrated in many areas. Peace wall people The youth of Belfast. Views with value How cities preserve their defining vistas. Cities have long sought to preserve historic views of landmarks or mountainous horizons.

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