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download Contagion - Scratch (Vinyl) full album


The views expressed are those of the author s and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Kratzer in Schallplatten reparieren. The people most likely to rate themselves as itchy after watching were also the most likely to scratch themselves they also found a correlation with neuroticism. You should have thin, even lines over all of your record. Contagion Titel: Rub a toothpick back and forth over the scratches with soft pressure. You can also make your own!

To answer this question, the authors of this study took 33 people, and showed them videos of someone either scratching a body part upper arm, lower arm, or chest or tapping that same body part with the flat of the hand, and asked them whether they felt itchy afterward. They then took another 18 people and looked at them with fMRI in the same conditions. These people were instructed NOT to scratch yikes. You can see that the itch was contagious.

The people most likely to rate themselves as itchy after watching were also the most likely to scratch themselves they also found a correlation with neuroticism. When they put another set of patients into the fMRI and showed them the videos, they got nice activity in the "itch matrix", including the insula, the premotor cortex, the somatosensory cortex, the thalamus, etc.

Keep in mind though, they this activity is relative. In addition to the itch matrix, they authors found that higher levels of activation in the somatosensory areas were associated with higher itch intensity. But the finding that the itch matrix is activated in response to someone else scratching is both interesting and could be important in the future for those who suffer from constant itch. As to why some people are more prone to it, the author saw a correlation between the degree of itch experienced following the videos associated with neuroticism , and itch matrix activation.

The itch is just as real from watching someone else scratch, even if nothing if there. I once knew a guy who was trying to completely stop scratching itches. Like, physically stop himself from it ever.

He considered it the next step in total self control. Neural basis of contagious itch and why some people are more prone to it. B2 Aggress Suicide Mix. Capitol Item No: VAT plus Shipping Costs. Item Description. Item No: Contagion Titel: Capitol Katalog-Nr: SPRO Format: Vinyl 12", Vinyl, Singles, 12" Pressing: US — Original Release Date: Electro Available since: Used Vinyl Vinyl: VG Price: Related Items.

Use a piece of cardboard or cardstock to spread the glue. Let your record continue to spin, and the glue will spread out and cover the record as it moves.

Then, lift up on your card and place it at the inside of your record to spread out all of the glue. You will have a smooth, even surface of wood glue covering the entirety of your record.

Stop your turntable and let your the glue dry for around 24 hours. You can leave your record on your turntable overnight. To see if the wood glue is dry, you can gently touch the outer edge of the glue with your finger. If it still feels sticky, let it sit for more hours and try again.

Peel away the dried wood glue starting at the outer edge of your record. Using your index finger and your thumb, pull up on the outer edge of the wood glue. Then, lift up with steady, consistent force to peel away all of the glue. Remove the glue slowly and gradually to try to pull it up in 1 piece. Lift up at another edge and peel away the glue until it is completely removed. Avoid touching the surface of your record as you peel away the glue.

Play your record to test the sound. Put the arm of your turntable onto your record and power it on. Listen to your record, and the part of the song that used to skip may play clearly now. Wood glue can help your vinyl by capturing even the toughest dirt and dust. The wood glue provides a thorough clean of the entire record by removing any dirt and debris and smoothing over uneven vinyl surfaces. If your record still skips, try another coat of wood glue or another vinyl cleaning method.

You could also search online for a professional vinyl restorer near you. Method 2. Use a dry vinyl brush to remove surface dirt and dust. Place your record on your turntable and turn it on. While the record spins, lightly hold the brush on the surface of your record to sweep away any impurities and static build-up. Keep your brush on your record for spins, then angle your brush at the edge of your record and slowly remove it.

Be sure to clean your brush after each use. That way, you do not spread debris to and from your cleaning brush. While this will not erase scratches, it will help your turntable pick up as many grooves in your record as possible, helpful to avoid skipping parts of the song.

Purchase a record cleaning kit to use professional cleaning products. Visit a music store or search online to find a kit. Most come with a liquid cleaning solution, directional brush, and smaller brush used to clean the directional brush. Make your own cleaning solution to deep clean on a budget. Place your record on a microfiber cloth, and spray the solution on your record. Wait 30 seconds to let the liquid fill the grooves, and wipe away the liquid with another microfiber cloth.

Then, soak another microfiber cloth in distilled water, and wipe off both sides of your record. Avoid spraying the label of your record.


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