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download The Prisoner - No 1 Platoon - Honour And Glory (CDr, Album) full album

Label: Not On Label - none Format: CDr Album Country: UK Genre: Brass Military, Folk, World, Country Style: Folk

Peter S. Clifford C. Killed after rescuing several wounded, assisting in destroying an enemy gun emplacement and resupplying ammunition to his unit. See how delay can be used to make tracks bigger, wider and just cooler! A Time For Trumpets: Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Lieutenant Commander.

Webster Anderson. Staff Sergeant. Although wounded multiple times he continued to fight and refused medical aid until the enemy attack was over. Eugene Ashley, Jr. Oscar P. John P. Nicky D. John F. Baker, Jr. He was directly responsible for saving the lives of several of his comrades, and inflicting serious damage on the enemy. Donald E. Hospital Corpsman Second Class. Jedh C. John A. Harvey C. Barnum, Jr. First Lieutenant. Assumed command of a rifle company upon death of the commander in an ambush and directed the counterattack.

Gary B. Leslie A. Roy P. Steven L. Thomas W. Chu Pa Region , Pleiku Province. For saving many lives as a medic during a number of vicious firefights. Second conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor. Michael R. Second Lieutenant. Held his position in the face of enemy ambush despite having his lower leg blown off, allowing the remainder of his outnumbered unit to move to safety.

James L. He destroyed 10 enemy bunkers and accounted for a large toll of the enemy, including two key enemy commanders. Hammett L. Bowen, Jr. Patrick H. Daniel D. William M. Paul W. Led his company in the decimation of a superior enemy force which left dead on the battlefield. Brian L. Sacrificed his life to lead his men against the enemy and personally destroyed two enemy bunkers with hand grenades. Robert C. After his unit was ambushed, he assaulted the enemy forces, allowing the remainder of the unit to recover wounded and continue their advance.

John Canley. Gunnery sergeant. Vincent R. Wayne M. Hospital Corpsman Third Class. Bruce W. Jon R. Risked his life by attacking a wave of enemy forces alone to allow the rest of his platoon to escape. Raymond M. Clausen, Jr. Ronald L. Felix M. Peter S.

Donald G. Ardie R. Bruce P. For repeatedly flying into a landing zone under intense enemy fire to rescue and resupply ground troops. Thomas E. Michael J. For single-handedly destroying two bunkers while under fire from a third machine gun during an ambush.

Nicholas J. Maintained his position, refused assistance, and provided defensive fire for his comrades until he fell mortally wounded. He was solely responsible for killing 15 enemy soldiers while saving the lives of at least nine members of his own unit. Larry G. Rodney M. Sammy L. George E. Emilio A. De La Garza, Jr. Merlyn H. North Vietnam over North Vietnam.

Flew repeated close range strikes to silence enemy defensive positions, ignoring overwhelming firepower and damage to his own aircraft. Edward A. DeVore, Jr. Saigon—South Vietnam near Saigon.

Sacrificed his life to draw the enemy fire upon himself allowing a trapped squad to rejoin their platoon. Ralph E. Although severely wounded multiple times by enemy fire, he continued to throw grenades at an enemy bunker until it was destroyed and he was killed by enemy gunfire. Douglas E. Sacrificed his life to save several fellow Marines by diving on a grenade and absorbing the explosion with his body. Drew D. His actions resulted in 14 confirmed Viet Cong killed in action and possibly 25 more, the capture of 20 prisoners, 15 weapons, and the rescue of the 14 United States and free world civilians.

Stephen H. Although already wounded, he sacrificed his life to save other soldiers who were pinned down by silencing two enemy gun emplacements and diving into a third with a grenade.

David C. Roger H. Rescued and administered first aid to several wounded soldiers and led a group to defeat an enemy force, causing them to retreat and leaving behind 54 of their dead, many weapons, and grenades.

Kern W. Jesus S. Harold Bascom Durham, Jr. Although wounded he directed fire on enemy positions and continued to fight until he died from his wounds. Glenn H. English, Jr. Santiago J. For his courageous actions while serving as radio telephone operator in Company C, 1st Battalion Airmobile , st Infantry, st Airborne Division Airmobile during search and clear mission. Lieutenant Commander.

Hai Phong , North Vietnam. Chief Master Sergeant. Lima Site 85 , Laos. Exposed himself to enemy fire in order to place his three surviving wounded comrades in rescue slings, permitting them to be airlifted to safety. It took an act of Congress for Etchberger to be reconsidered for this Medal of Honor, since the existence of Lima Site 85 had to be kept secret in Donald W.

Evans, Jr. Was a medic who was killed while treating and rescuing members of his unit. Rodney J. Frederick E. Chief Warrant Officer. Risked his life by flying his helicopter into heavy enemy fire to evacuate several wounded passengers and aircrew of a downed helicopter. Threw himself on an enemy grenade as it exploded, saving the lives of four comrades at the sacrifice of his life. Bernard F. For absorbing an explosive charge and continuing to fight with weapons and hand to hand before successfully defending a bunker.

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These figures are not corroborated by the report of the United States Senate subcommittee that later inquired into the subsequent trial; according to the Committee. On January 13, , American forces recaptured the site where the killings had occurred. The cold had preserved the scene well. The memorial at Baugnez bears the names of the murdered soldiers. In addition to the effect the event had on American combatants in Europe, news of the massacre greatly affected the United States.

This explains why the alleged culprits were deferred to the Dachau Trials , which were held in May and June , after the war. Joachim Peiper and his principal subordinates were defendants. Eight other men were sentenced to shorter prison sentences. After the verdict, the way in which the court had functioned was disputed, first in Germany by former Nazi officials who had regained some power due to anti-Communist positions with the occupation forces , then later in the United States by Congressmen from heavily German-American areas of the Midwest.

The case was appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States , which made no decision. The case then came under the scrutiny of a sub-committee of the United States Senate. This drew attention to the trial and the judicial irregularities that had occurred during the interrogations that preceded the trial. But, before the United States Senate took an interest in this case, most of the death sentences had been commuted, because of a revision of the trial carried out by the US Army.

All the convicted war criminals were released during the s, the last one to leave prison being Peiper in December A distinct case about the war crimes committed against civilians in Stavelot was tried on July 6, , in front of a Belgian military court in Liege , Belgium. The defendants were 10 members of Kampfgruppe Peiper; American troops had captured them on December 22, , near the spot where one of the massacres of civilians in Stavelot had occurred.

One man was discharged; the others were found guilty. Peiper chose to live in France following his release from jail and settled in Traves. A former Communist resistance member in that region identified him in and notified the French Communist Party. On June 21, tracts denouncing his presence were distributed in the village. Because of the death threats, Peiper sent his family back to Germany, but he remained in Traves.

Peiper had just started writing a book about Malmedy and what followed. That article includes a diagram showing where the bodies were discovered. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. WWII war crime. Battle of the Bulge. The Sixth Panzer Army Attack. Main article: Malmedy massacre trial. The Sixth Panzer Army Attack". The Ardennes. Related News Peter Bart: Golden Globes by the Numbers.

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