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download Fašistickým vraždám - Various - Make Compost Not War (Cassette) full album

Label: Hogo Fogo records - none Format: Cassette Compilation Country: Czech Republic Genre: Rock Style: Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore

Lucas Croon EP. First published inthe standard was formally adopted by the IEC as an international standard inwith various amendments becoming part of the standard in Soul Trader Records. Reggae Disco Special. At the time of his death, his girlfriend was comedian Lotus Weinstock. His ideal was to walk out there like Charlie Parkertake that mike in his hand like a horn and blow, blow, blow everything that came into his head just as it came into his head with nothing censored, nothing translated, nothing mediated, until he was pure mind, pure head sending out brainwaves like radio waves into the heads of every man and woman seated in that vast hall. Straight Shooting.

Toolroom Miami PAX , Mousse T. Volen Sentir. Shanti Radio Moscow. Sonny Fodera , Eli Brown. Mason Maynard. Repopulate Mars. Hungry Music. Psychodrama feat. Jasmien Nanhekhan. Sol Selectas. Pits are much closer to the label side of a disc, enabling defects and contaminants on the clear side to be out of focus during playback.

Consequently, CDs are more likely to suffer damage on the label side of the disc. Scratches on the clear side can be repaired by refilling them with similar refractive plastic or by careful polishing. The digital data on a CD begins at the center of the disc and proceeds toward the edge, which allows adaptation to the different size formats available.

Standard CDs are available in two sizes. By far, the most common is millimetres 4. The format is a two-channel bit PCM encoding at a Four-channel sound was to be an allowable option within the Red Book format, but has never been implemented.

Monaural audio has no existing standard on a Red Book CD; thus, mono source material is usually presented as two identical channels in a standard Red Book stereo track i. CD-Text is an extension of the Red Book specification for audio CD that allows for storage of additional text information e. The information is stored either in the lead-in area of the CD, where there is roughly five kilobytes of space available, or in the subcode channels R to W on the disc, which can store about 31 megabytes.

These six bits store the graphics information. This extra data is stored in subcode channels R-W. Introduced in , it was developed by Sony and Philips, the same companies that created the Red Book. CD- MIDI is a format used to store music-performance data, which upon playback is performed by electronic instruments that synthesize the audio. For the first few years of its existence, the CD was a medium used purely for audio. However, in , the Yellow Book CD-ROM standard was established by Sony and Philips, which defined a non-volatile optical data computer data storage medium using the same physical format as audio compact discs, readable by a computer with a CD-ROM drive.

Overall picture quality is intended to be comparable to VHS video. Poorly compressed VCD video can sometimes be lower quality than VHS video, but VCD exhibits block artifacts rather than analog noise and does not deteriorate further with each use. This approximates the overall resolution of an analog VHS tape, which, although it has double the number of vertical scan lines, has a much lower horizontal resolution. While no specific limit on SVCD video length is mandated by the specification, one must lower the video bit rate, and therefore quality, to accommodate very long videos.

It is usually difficult to fit much more than minutes of video onto one SVCD without incurring significant quality loss, and many hardware players are unable to play video with an instantaneous bit rate lower than to kilobits per second.

Launched in , the discs were designed to hold nearly high-quality images, scanned prints and slides using special proprietary encoding. They are intended to play on CD-i players, Photo CD players and any computer with suitable software irrespective of operating system.

The images can also be printed out on photographic paper with a special Kodak machine. The Philips Green Book specifies a standard for interactive multimedia compact discs designed for CD-i players This format was supposed to be more compatible with older audio CD players. Enhanced Music CD, also known as CD Extra or CD Plus, is a format which combines audio tracks and data tracks on the same disc by putting audio tracks in a first session and data in a second session.

It was developed by Philips and Sony, and it is defined in the Blue Book. VinylDisc is the hybrid of a standard audio CD and the vinyl record. In , material costs were 30 cents for the jewel case and 10 to 15 cents for the CD. This was done because the apparent value increased. The incremental cost, though, to produce an MP3 is very small.

A photosensitive dye is then applied, after which the discs are metalized and lacquer-coated. The write laser of the CD recorder changes the colour of the dye to allow the read laser of a standard CD player to see the data, just as it would with a standard stamped disc.

CD-Rs follow the Orange Book standard. CD-R recordings are designed to be permanent. The design life is from 20 to years, depending on the quality of the discs, the quality of the writing drive, and storage conditions.

However, testing has demonstrated such degradation of some discs in as little as 18 months under normal storage conditions. The recordable audio CD is designed to be used in a consumer audio CD recorder. CD-RW is a re-recordable medium that uses a metallic alloy instead of a dye.

The write laser in this case is used to heat and alter the properties amorphous vs. The Red Book audio specification, except for a simple "anti-copy" statement in the subcode, does not include any copy protection mechanism.

Home Health Care Solutions. As Seen on TV. Photo Cards. Print or download Rx records You could get tax reimbursements and more! Right relief. Right here. Get allergy relief Right relief. Get exclusive offers Sign up to receive weekly deals, valuable health information and more. Sending, sending, sending, he would finally reach a point of clairvoyance where he was no longer a performer but rather a medium transmitting messages that just came to him from out there—from recall, fantasy, prophecy.

They were married that same year, and Bruce was determined she end her work as a stripper. Bruce then went on to join the bill at the club Strip City. Harlow found employment at the Colony Club, which was widely known to be the best burlesque club in Los Angeles at the time. Bruce left Strip City in late and found work within the San Fernando Valley at a variety of strip clubs. As the master of ceremonies, he introduced the strippers while performing his own ever-evolving material.

The clubs of the Valley provided the perfect environment for Bruce to create new routines: He had been soliciting donations for a leper colony in British Guiana now Guyana under the auspices of the "Brother Mathias Foundation", which he had legally chartered—the name was his own invention, but possibly referred to the actual Brother Matthias who had befriended Babe Ruth at the Baltimore orphanage to which Ruth had been confined as a child.

He was found not guilty because of the legality of the New York state-chartered foundation, the actual existence of the Guiana leper colony , and the inability of the local clergy to expose him as an impostor. Bruce was arrested again in , in Philadelphia , for drug possession and again in Los Angeles, two years later.

The Los Angeles arrest took place in then-unincorporated West Hollywood , and the arresting officer was a young deputy named Sherman Block , who later became County Sheriff. The specification this time was that the comedian had used the word schmuck , an insulting Yiddish term that is an obscene term for penis. The Hollywood charges were later dismissed.

He was arrested along with the club owners, Howard and Elly Solomon, who were arrested for allowing an obscene performance to take place. On both occasions, he was arrested after leaving the stage, the complaints again pertaining to his use of various obscenities.

A three-judge panel presided over his widely publicized six-month trial, prosecuted by Manhattan Assistant D. Bruce and club owner Howard Solomon were both found guilty of obscenity on November 4, The conviction was announced despite positive testimony and petitions of support from—among other artists, writers and educators— Woody Allen , Bob Dylan , Jules Feiffer , Allen Ginsberg , Norman Mailer , William Styron , and James Baldwin , and Manhattan journalist and television personality Dorothy Kilgallen and sociologist Herbert Gans.

Solomon later saw his conviction overturned; Bruce, who died before the decision, never had his conviction stricken. Despite his prominence as a comedian, Bruce appeared on network television only six times in his life. These performances often included rants about his court battles over obscenity charges, tirades against fascism and complaints that he was being denied his right to freedom of speech. Bruce was banned outright from several U.

Bruce was heckled by audience members during his performance, and when local actress, Barbara Wyndon, stood up and complained that Bruce was only talking about America, and asked him to talk about something different, a clearly annoyed Bruce responded, "Fuck you, madam.

By the next day the local press had blown the incident up into a major controversy, with several Sydney papers denouncing Bruce as "sick" and one even illustrating their story with a retouched photograph appearing to show Bruce giving a fascist salute. Although the theatre had a capacity of 2,, only people attended, including a strong police presence, and in the event Bruce gave what was described as a "subdued" performance. Bruce left the country a few days later and spoke little about the experience afterwards.

Increasing drug use also affected his health. By , he had been blacklisted by nearly every nightclub in the United States, as owners feared prosecution for obscenity. Bruce gave a famous performance at the Berkeley Community Theatre in December It was recorded and became his last live album, titled The Berkeley Concert ; his performance here has been described as lucid, clear and calm, and one of his best.

Zappa asked Bruce to sign his draft card , but the suspicious Bruce refused. Serialized in Playboy in and , this material was later published as the book How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. Hollywood Blvd. Record producer Phil Spector , a friend of Bruce, bought the negatives of the photographs "to keep them from the press. Periodica Italy. Ivan Neville. Dance Your Blues Away. Mda Analog. Shine EP. MDA Labs. Exquisite Corpse. Between Rhythms I. Platform Attack The Dancefloor Vol Z Records.

Deep House: Essential Selections Volume 1 EP. Chaos In The Cbd. Orange Blank. In Dust We Trust. Coastlines EP 2. Flower Japan. Needs Needs not-for-profit.

Play The Game. Kimochi US. Black Light Smoke. City Life. Melchior Sultana. Deeper Than It Sounds. Ilija Rudman. Default Position. Gregory Porter. Ninja Tune. Ruby Rushton. Eleven Grapes. Peoples Potential Unlimited. Tomorrow Comes The Harvest. Blue Note. Mo Horizons. You Gotta Know It.

Agogo Austria. The Hot 8 Brass Band. Take Cover. Tru Thoughts. We Out Here. Cloud Nine. Oliver Night. Make Believe EP. CoOp Presents. Proto Persuasions Volume 1. Rapscallion US. Jesuino Galo Doido. The Wannadies. Be A Girl. Music On Vinyl. Wings Of Joy reissue. Tom Tom Club. Tom Tom Club reissue. Real Gone Music US. Billie Eilish. The Xx. The XX. Young Turks. Julia Jacklin. Joy Division. Closer remastered. The Bends. Better Oblivion Community Center. Dead Oceans US. Forever Breathes The Lonely Word remastered.

Cherry Red. Jessica Pratt. Quiet Signs. Click enter key to open sub-menu tier. I Want to First Days Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich is focused on his vision for a more equitable and inclusive Montgomery County as he marks his first days in office this week. View more photos from the event. Planting the Seeds of Business Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and members of his staff visited Baltimore to explore innovative job-training, incubator, and redevelopment projects with the goal of garnering new ideas to bring to the County.

Troubled Property List and a New Interactive Housing Code Website Montgomery County is committed to strengthening tenant rights to protect the safety and well-being of renters. Affordable Housing County Executive Marc Elrich discussed with local developers a range of creative, win-win approaches to promote more affordable housing in Montgomery County. Featured Sites. Visit activemontgomery. Featured Programs MPIA Request When requesting public records maintained by Montgomery County Government, please reference the contact list and forward your inquiry to the appropriate departmental representative s.


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