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download The Summer Days - Mono (12) - Different Reality (CD) full album

Label: Spliff Music - SP1CD019 Format: CD Compilation Country: Israel Genre: Electronic Style: Psy-Trance

A glimpse into the rough waters Jim wanted to go. And Your Dream Comes True. Landy - 2: More strutured but less psyche than "The End". So please allow me to shut up and keep talking, as I go into a little more detail.

A good, very good weird song, weird because, although at first it sounds like a happy, merry-go-round song, Morrison and Krieger makes us doubt a lot about the true nature of the dancer, or the driver, in this case. Should the girl trust him? Packed in 2 minutes, the same two minutes that other bands need just to get a song started, is so much wit, irony, sarcasm, joke, desperation, helplessness, LSD. My Eyes have seen you 8. This new recording is so fantastic, everything sounds so incredibly clear.

Good, because this album deserves to come "stoned, immaculate" to the ears. Great song. Is it finally happening, Morrison and The Lizard King starting to part ways? This band surely had a strange way to write songs talking about or TO a woman. Instead of the shamanistic, LSD-induced, Oedipal, psychological ritual of "The End", we get a more carefully-constructed, focused, calmed song that mixes some ethanol with the acid. A superb conclusion. Darkness, Acid, Rituals, Freud, Psychedelia, all have come together to, finally, give birth to The Lizard King, something that, sadly, was not so good in terms of musical-production for the band.

Recommended for: The minimum desire to get a great classic rock recording qualifies you to fit this recommendation. Not recommended for: If you want only "modern" music, well. It sounds so present-day, so original, so unique. I can swear that many prog giants heard this and got inspiration. Creative-wise, those were truly Strange Days. Great Days. Less than a year after the release of their debut album, The Doors returned with this fine follow up.

While the album runs for a rather miserly 35 minutes short even for the LP generation , we are nevertheless presented with ten new songs, including a ten minute feature track. Much of the album is made up of sophisticated but straight forward pop orientated songs. The prog relationship here can be found in the innovations in sound techniques and the superb production, rather than in the compositions themselves.

Indeed, in retrospect that comment holds good for many of the tracks here. Nowadays songs of the quality of "People are Strange" would never be considered complete after just over 2 minutes. The even briefer "Horse latitudes" is an early example of Morrison reciting his unique poetry. In all, another album which laid the foundations for prog, and which stands in its own right as an excellent work.

The sleeve, notable for its lack of reference to either the band or album name, has a bizarre photograph of a circus troupe in an alley. Strange indeed. I doubt that too, since most psycho songs are crafted to listen to while tripping.

And, although this album is perfectly acceptable under those conditions, you really have to HEAR this thing, analyze it. No, these songs are there to unnerve you. Goth-pop maybe? Whatever besides, what else fits that moniker? So please allow me to shut up and keep talking, as I go into a little more detail. Floaty, ethereal guitar solo, and more weird lyrics. Dig how it gets scarier as it goes along.

Still the same ole Doors. However, all fears were abated when I actually just listened to the damn thing. And, secondly, and more importantly, it fits into the flow and mood of the album perfectly! God, the build! Sure is. Pretty cool martial drumming too. Besides, would a real pop song contain such dark, repetitive lyrics I mean, a pop anthem to being a weirdo?

Great use of percussion. Open with that deceptively jaunty, rising keyboard, then launch into a full frontal musical assault.

Gosh, with friends like that Then it all slows down. When he was good, he was GOOD. Sheer Gothic, psychedelic, metallic, insert-genre-here bliss. Worth every minute. So, every song is memorable, every song is intelligent, every song is well played, every song is different, and every song accomplishes that ever important mood that the album is going for. The length, damn it! The length. This album is WAY too short, and so are most of its songs.

Not even Procol Harum. They were just human beings, whereas Jimmy Morrison was a psycho. A good psycho. No one else on earth has ever yet popped in some poetry that has, not only failed to offend me, but has actually served the overall recording.

I mean, this album is GOOD damn it! Forget about me and buy it. Seriously, ever song I can link back to that freaky, washed out circus.

Why, why, why is almost every great album cursed with such lousy bonus tracks? Just every now and then. But no change in rating. The Doors second album, often overlooked, is a great piece of work. It may not be the masterpiece that their first one was, but the album is definitely one of the most classic albums out there.

Of course, there are other songs, and they all have their moments. I want to mention some highlights on Strange Days even though the whole album is really one long highlight. Great obscure vocals from Jim Morrison, and some really eerie carnival organ parts from Ray Manzarek.

Note the changed bassline after the second chorus. Simple gimmick really but great. This is another favorite of mine from Strange Days. Absolutely one of the best songs they ever made. The musicianship is even better than on the excellent debut. The Girl from New York City. The Beach Boys. Amusement Parks U. Then I Kissed Her. Salt Lake City. Brian Wilson. Help Me, Rhonda. California Girls. Let Him Run Wild. The Essential Album Guide. Farmington Hills, MI: Visible Ink Press.

CS1 maint: Extra text: New York, NY: Retrieved November 30, BBC Music. Retrieved 8 June Summer Days and Summer Nights!! Bellagio Endless Summer Quarterly. Retrieved October 27, Retrieved February 23, Badman, Keith The Beach Boys: Great kudos to Andrew Sandoval!

If this is indeed the first volley in the new reissue series Capitol is planning, this is going to be one exciting year. The real find on this disc is "Soulful Old Man Sunshine;" you know, it really does sound like a shampoo commercial!

And each of the Beach Boys gets a chance to shine as well: Everything here is interesting, each cut is fresh; this is a superlative compilation. The new CD illustration also was commissioned, which I feel is a big improvement.

As the final Beach Boys release of , this upgraded CD of the Christmas album also signaled the beginning of the new reissue program that Capitol is planning for of all the Beach Boys catalog. The booklet and notes by Brad Elliott are also notable for their high quality.

Overall, a noteworthy improvement of this seminal holiday album. Is it just me, or are official releases looking more and more like bootlegs? Gone are the days when only finished products were the only things the big labels would release, now, anything goes. A shotgun blast of odds and ends that fans should joyfully snap up, "Hawthorne, CA" has something for everyone, although casual fans will likely not be enticed by the potpourri blend of rough demos, backing tracks, live cuts, stereo remixes and a couple of previously unreleased songs.

This collection does contain a couple of "huh? Here you have it, the final stage of the Beach Boys live in concert. Fans can now choose between four different entities the band evolved from: The real drawing point for fans here is the presence of all five Beach Boys: How is it as a listening experience? But whereas other artists had all recorded new albums for the company, The Beach Boys, split into three factions at the time of this release, could only manage to scrape up some odds and ends live recordings, and throw in three solo tracks for good measure.

Nice, but forgettable, which is a good way to describe the entire album. Good Vibrations [original 45 rpm single version] - 3: Good Vibrations [various sessions] - 6: Good Vibrations [alternate take unreleased in the U.

Good Vibrations [instrumental - stereo] - 3: Even for long-time fans, this is a release that should get the some attention. In short, it sounds fabulous, no matter how you slice it. Also of interest is the extended video portion of the DVD, with lots of new, extended footage of all of the Beach Boys, including rare footage of Carl and Dennis, talking about their feelings towards Pet Sounds , and the effect its had on their career.

Tony Asher, Carol Kaye, Hal Blaine, and others who contributed to the tracking sessions are all on hand as well, in extended interview segments that fill out and compliment previous incarnations. There are a lot of mixed feelings over the nearly forty-five-year-late release of what had become the most famous unreleased album in history.

First, the good things: And the music is glorious, with Brian Wilson stretching the boundaries of sonic possibilities far beyond where any producer had gone before, with songs that were both strange and riveting in their naif-like innocence.

Will it blow the minds of any young, new artists? Will anyone even care? I doubt that even Brian Wilson could answer that one now, with the long passage of years and mountains of substance abuse standing in the way. For those who have been waiting, or have been curious, or who have never heard it - get it now. An astounding album, for several reasons: Part of the surprise here is just how balanced the album is, with each member of the band getting a chance to shine; and shine they do, with Mike Love getting in some lovely vocals on "Spring Vacation" and "Daybreak Over The Ocean", Al absolutely stunning on "From There To Back Again" Bruce Johnston piping in with his pure clear vocals throughout, David Marks bringing expert guitar work to the songs, and Brian Wilson contributing his most complex songwriting in thirty years.

Helped by lyricists Joe Thomas and Jim Peterick, the format hearkens back most strongly to the Today! Exhibit A: OK, fine. Well, at least for this year. What a career-spanning collection like this almost always reveals for any artist is the creative peak, followed by the long decline.

Nor am I going to compare this release to the previous box set or deluxe stereo 40th Anniversary edition - you can look up th ose reviews above.


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