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download Versailles, MO - Dave vonKleist - Forever Vigilant...Music to Live For (CD, Album) full album

Label: Not On Label - none Format: CD Album, Stereo Country: US Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, Country

In he emigrated to America and at some point was joined by his father and perhaps other family members. CelebrateCountdown please feel free to use this hashtag to celebrate your own favorite posts. Wayne Radinsky. Some developers claim that automatic emotion detection systems will not only be better than humans at discovering true emotions by analyzing the face, but that these algorithms will become attuned to our innermost feelings, vastly improving interaction with our devices. While the bush land nearby is tinder dry, the river bed remains humid.

A single iPhone shot, toned for structure. Thank you. This is an unreprocessed image of this fall 12th most viewed 2. CelebrateCountdown please feel free to use this hashtag to celebrate your own favorite posts This platform has been great for photographers and writers.

Peter Quinton: Danie van der Merwe. Massive growth in open source adoption in according to Liran Tal, author of a report published last month by open source security company, Snyk: The State of Open Source Security The report draws on information from several public and private data sources, including a survey of over open source maintainers and users, published reports by a variety of vendors, and data gathered by scanning millions of GitHub repositories and packages on public registries; and internal data from the Snyk vulnerability database as well as hundreds of thousands of projects Snyk monitors and protects.

In every registry we reviewed, we saw an increasing rate of open source libraries being indexed in every language ecosystem," Tal said. More interesting insights at https: Josefina Wojciechowski: Morten Ross. Chris Sutton. Chris Sutton: Georg Srama: Auf Wiedersehen! Anna Jethwa: I refuse to get to Facebook or the mainstream of social media as my kids insisting, so we are grateful for your lifeboat.

Nishioka Yoshio. Antarctica will melt big, to become hot seriously. So I checked West Antarctica only if those ice glaciers melt rising 3m by sea level, but recently East Antractica and South area will be dangerous sutiations! If Totten Glacier and others will melt 7m rising! This slow-moving river of ice sits on a remote coastline of West Antarctica. The ice is up to 3. Only a few rocky hills poke above it. Or they look like hills.

In fact, they are the tops of huge mountains buried up to their noses in ice. Ice sheets and glaciers Despite the ice, this December day was unusually warm. A steady rain pattered onto the wet snow.

That made life hard for the scientists. But since , the ice shelf has thinned by 70 m roughly feet. As Antarctic glaciers reach the coast, their ice begins to float on the ocean. And they do an important job. They hold back the glaciers behind them, slowing their flow into the ocean. And more heat enters the oceans every day, notes Douglas Martinson. The world has so far warmed about 1 degree Celsius 1.

As warming increases to 1. At first it would not be dramatic, says DeConto. But his simulations show that when the warming hits 3 degrees C 5. And researchers have become especially worried about one. Called Thwaites Glacier, it sits kilometers roughly 60 miles west of Pine Island. And Greenland is losing about billion tons of ice per year. But among these masses of ice, Antarctica is the sleeping giant.

So as the world continues to warm, the growing heat will attack Antarctica from both the air and the sea. And within a few years, Antarctica will become the leading contributor to sea level rise. New worries West Antarctica holds enough ice to raise sea level by 3 m 10 feet. Gained 20 Pounds just Looking at These Dessert Pancakes There are about recipes here on Chowhound and the photos of them may cause weight gain.

The one shown here is Bananas Foster pancakes, oh my. And you should see the chocolate ones too. So many recipes, links and great ideas from friends. Michael Schrody Barefoot Mike: Looks yummy! I made them in a restaurant a LONG time ago, but had not thought of them for years. Which is fine until the idiots and spammers descend.

So adieu to this thread, my friends. Joerg Fliege. In London as well as other places in the UK there are children which arrive at secondary school unable to read and write. Its usually working class boys. Why is this so? We can make some educated guesses.

General deprivation and neglect. Bad food. At home, a culture of anti-intellectualism, with no tradition of learning, and a severely limited outlook on life options. Note, however, that there are fewer working class girls with such issues. Beehive Creek Falls Coopracambra National Park Water in the Beehive Creek is crystal clear - fizzing with air from its drop through the high alpine forests.

More shots at: I first ventured here a couple of years ago, but i fell into the ravine and was chased out by a couple of dingos. I have come here many times since but i play it very safe, avoiding the area if cut off by floodwaters floodwater adds layers of uncertainty to any waterfall adventure.

A panorama of 5 shots, hand focused, and toned for structure the underlying rock has interesting tones and patterns, showing some signs of tool sharpening, patterned so as to evoke a hexagonal pattern in water spray from certain view points.

CelebrateCountdown please feel free to use this hashtag to celebrate your own favorite posts. Wayne Radinsky. John Oliver robocalls the FCC to complain about robocalls. Paul Hosking: I love the piece. But what Oliver misses is that the recording is not a robot. Sound-boards were popular in the 90s - someone would take clips of various movie roles by an actor my fave was Arnold Schwarzenegger and then arrange them in to conversational zones.

Pranksters would then take the sound-board and record phone calls consisting of a conversation with the victim via button-presses. The problem for the boiler-room operator is that there is no "I am not a robot" button. So they do the best they can with the options they have to get the conversation back on script. SS is one of the names that keep coming up. Among such a crowded city of aspiring rap superstars, Warhol appears to be one of the most likely to achieve his full potential.

The young artist recently released his new mixtape Chest Pains, keeping fans entertained…. Thugger has been grooming a few specific names for hip-hop superstardom, including the blood brothers Lil Gotit and Lil Keed.

While Keed may not be the biggest name in the world yet, he has…. Apparently, Rich the Kid issued a Tweet back in February containing…. The R.

Kelly story keeps on getting more and more farfetched. With each new day comes some insane new details about the singer and his sexual abuse case. Ever since unveiling the stylish and unique Nike Air Max , the Beaverton brand has been buttering us up with teasers for a whole slew of new colorways for us to feast our eyes on.

Considering just how new the model is, it only makes sense that Nike would want to load the market up….


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