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download Synth Interlude - Thor Kissing - Thor Kissings Eccojams, Vol. 1 (Cassette, Album) full album

Label: Not On Label (Thor Kissing Self-released) - none Format: Cassette Album, Numbered, Reissue Alternate artwork Country: Netherlands Genre: Electronic Style: Vaporwave

In most of the songs the focal point is Macan s play on the vibraphone and the marimba, accompanied by a strong and tight rhythm-section. He was active in electroni, experimental and new wave during the late s and early s. The two met during touring with Steve Hackett. Rumours are that Holding Pattern is working on a new album. One of the rarest from the country. The music transports you to the Vol. 1 (Cassette and suddenly takes you off on a fancy free flight, what have you got to lose? The versions are okay, but with a massed talent like this I expect much more.

Steve sings together with Terry and Gregory and it is rather strong done. When you read that a lot of different styles are used, you might think that Steve made a very strange album, but this is not the case; all styles are falling together as pieces of a puzzle.

You can hear that he did a lot of work to bring all those pieces of music together in one strong format. I must warn every fan of Steve Hackett who wants to buy this record: I truly believe that not everybody might like the music.

It is advised to listen first before buying. At the time rather new songs such as "In the heart of the city" and "Theatre of sleep".

Two Genesis tunes which are in his repertoire for ages were also recorded: The weirdest track that we can see was called "Jazz jam". It is indeed a jazz jam which starts with real old fashioned jazz and ends with real modern jazz rock. Steve s voice was in perfect shape during this concert and also his guitar synth solo on "In the heart of the city" was pretty incredible.

It only shows that Steve s guitar playing still remains out of this world during all those years. Also, there are a couple of classical Eric Satie compositions, representing his album with Satie pieces. It all marks a very complete set of songs and a showcase for acoustic guitar in general. Needless to say that this is a set every Hackett follower should own, while it will be also interesting for lovers of acoustic guitar playing in general.

This recording is highly recommended. But what the hack this is really awesome and it contains only great versions of songs from Steve s solo albums and old Genesis stuff. Camino did a great job by releasing this wonderful live album. Reading the tracks on this 2CD it becomes clear that all songs played during this tour can be found on this fantastic live album.

Yes, the album again is fantastic. After the NEARfest live CD we again have a live recording which is recommended to all fans of this incredible guitar player. The band did some of the songs in a more jazzy style, which I certainly found refreshing to hear.

The same versions can be found on this album. The band played very strong in front of a very cheerful audience. On this second part of the tour we can hear more material from his latest album. Not just the familiar songs such as "Mechanical bride", "Serpentine song" and "Brand new", but also songs such as "Circus of becoming" and "Frozen statues" are performed.

He even played a couple of new tunes as he always does during a live tour. We can hear a new intro followed by the Arabian sounding "Valley of the kings". This time some real old classic tracks can be heard that were not on the previous "Archive" albums.

Even some new Genesis songs are included: And what would a Hackett live album be without "Every day", "Spectral mornings" or "Firth of fifth". The songs are the same as on the 2CD. This time, however, you can actually see what everybody is doing on stage. We get great close ups of all the five musicians.

For example you can see at close range who did the lead vocals on "Blood on the rooftops" drummer Gary O Toole.

His drum parts during "Los endos" are also excellent. If Genesis ever decides to tour again Gary is probably ready to take the job of the extra live drummer. For those people who can t get enough by watching only the entire concert, an extra bonus is featured. On "Backstage In Budapest" we see the band arrive and get ready for the concert.

Images of the sound check and at the hotel are nice to watch but are nothing more than something extra. Be aware that this music has no rock elements, only classical! There are some exquisite melodies and we all ready knew Steve is still an astonishing guitarist! A delicate album that ventures more into classical waters that into prog.

Real weak spots are not to be found. Spock and Mr. But fear not! The music draws from the melodic South American neo prog tradition with Portuguese lyrics. Roughly half of the tracks are instrumentals. Traces of Floyd and Camel and some jazzy and Latin touches come along.

The main criticism would perhaps be that the keyboards sound a bit thin and cheap on some parts. One drawback however: I think that the first part, showing more variation, is a bit stronger than the last part of the CD, which tends to be a bit more keyboard-orientated and softer.

Nevertheless, a fine album. Instead we get fine melodic, kind of soft symphonic progressive rock of the Latin American kind. The vocals are fine in Portuguese and English which is a first as far as I recall. The instrumentals on this CD, by the way, may be counted among their best work until now, so if you liked anything from Haddad before this is a safe choice.

Per Nilsson, a well-known Swedish guitarist joined, as well as singer Michael Ohlsson and drummer Patrick Jansson, but best known band member was Hans Lundin, one of the leaders of Swedish prog legend Kaipa in the s and early s.

Hagen made one CD after all members went their own ways. Nilsson went to metal act Scar Symmetry but later teamed up with Lundin again in a reformed version of Kaipa.

What a great album this is! Real Swedish folk with heavy guitar riffs. There is no need however to get into details. Each song is great. The keyboard sound and solos reminded me of Manfred Mann. The folk melodies are great, the arrangements are very good and the riffs and guitar playing are superb.

The only minor point of criticism I have is the singer. This can be heard on their first demo, but afterwards they changed their style to incorporate classical, folk and symphonic elements. Another demo followed and the the band recorded its debu album that was received very well and marked their breakthrough. Also the third studio album was a concept, this time about Italian scientist Galileo Galilei. The title was the quote attributed to Galileo.

CD Collaboration of German musician Georg Hahn, who composed and played - together with some guest musicians the music and Wolfgang Nocke, who took care of illustrations.

After a break of more than two decades, mastermind Vesa Lattunen reformed the band in the s with a couple of young musicians. Imagine Van Der Graaf Generator performing with a tex mex wind instruments especially sax player and taking Finnish folk into their music. This might approximately what you get if you also add an expressive Finnish singer.

Sure, the music is quite okay, but the surprising blend of music and the freshness seems gone. Harry Tilbach: After this Hairy Chapter disappeared. Here it is indeed just plain bleus. Busto Hondar: The line-up mentioned above was taken from the album. The title of the solo CD is a slight nod towards his band work, by the way, indicating the height of the Kebnekaise mountain…. The music is sophisticated and catchy at the same time. Actually, maybe a tad better.

CD SEE: CD A very, very surprising album. The first track sets you on the entire wrong foot because it makes you believe that we have a progmetal group here oh no, not another one… but quickly it turns out that the band is much, much more versatile. Are you still with me? Can you in fact imagine something like that? Hard to c lassify this band. They lost their vocalist in the last months of and nothing was heard of them after.

Richard Hallebeek is a jazz-rock guitarist, hailing from Groningen, The Netherlands, but born in Bilthoven, 2 August He studied at the Hilversum conservatory, where he graduated with excellent results. He played in a band called What A Gig!

His plan was to learn as much as possible in a short time, to get experiences and to meet as many people as possible. He succeeded in all of this and finally stayed ten months instead of the intended six! After several weeks of studying at the GIT, Richard started playing in several bands and did sessions with other musicians. Meanwhile Richard had formed sort of a steady band featuring a Swiss drummer, a Finnish guitarist and a German bassist. The latter had some contacts with a recordcompany.

Richard discovered that an album would be more successful if some well-known name appeared on it. They cut one heavy progressive rock album with a folky touch in only released in Germany then. Au Dernier Rang! Taking that aside the music is very fine, combining symphonic prog with great work on keyboards and guitars with extensive violin play, giving the band a rather original sound.

Ollie Halsall died in from a drug overdose. They were rather successful, but after ten years they parted ways and Mara concentrated on solo work. They played at Baja prog and set on recording a new album. Unfortunately singer Jocelyn Beaulieu left the band shortly after the festival, just before they were ready to do another album after their successful debut album. So the band rearranged their material and decided that their bass player Jean-Francois Desilets was a good choice to do the lead vocals.

The second CD was another success - the complete first pressing sold out before its release! Forget The Watch and anything they did after their first album and play this instead.

I love it! This new sound has traces of the old Genesis with a lot of Mellotron. The lead vocals have elements of the way Peter Gabriel used to sing. I must admit that I really liked their rather new style of music. It is obvious that we still hear traces of the bands early album but now we also hear that they are influenced by their fellow country men Rush. The drum and guitar parts done by the brothers Jalbert still go into this direction on several tracks. As a sort of new Tony Banks he also not only plays the B3 organ and Mellotron but also touched the 12 string acoustic guitar.

Instruments which are used a lot on all of the tracks. Also his synthesizer solos are very tasteful done. The band delivered a very strong second album. The LP had Christian lyrics in German language. During this time, he played a great variation of musical styles, like free jazz, latin music, and experimental electronic music.

In he started a new music studio with Ulrich Stranz, and between and he would cooperate with people like Josef Anton Riedl multi-media projects , Morton Feldman, Luc Ferrari and Carl Orff. In , he founded Between with which he got quite a name and did several albums. Hamel had a great interest in oriental music and travelled to Asia several times. Since he had indulged in studies into relaxation methods and Far Eastern singing techniques and tone systems.

These influences can clearly be found on his early albums with meditative and flowing music. Besides that, he has done music for choir and orchestra. She went into music relatively early, debuting at the age of Her early work was in folk-rock direction In the early s she supported Wishbone Ash and even joined the group for a brief stint. Quite a difference in sound from her s work which were the only albums I knew so far , this one is very much with a s sound and quite electro-pop oriented.

Rather sympho-pop oriented as well and with some really good songs on the LP. Having only read about the lady before listening to this album, I was slightly surprised. Very good with fine melodies and enough edges to keep it from becoming sweetish. He worked a lot with people like Joe Satriani and Frank Gambale. But we have some vocal tracks, partly bordering hard rock, a couple of powerful jazz-rockers the style that Hamm suits best and also some more acoustic work.

Yes, indeed, monsterfusion. Impressive instrumental display with load of chops and virtuosity while remaining the melodic edge and not loosing themselves just in showing off and noodling along. Power fusion rules! The stress is not as much on the bass play as I expected, although there is plenty of room for Stuart to display his chops.

Not bad, but I prefer it when they show some muscle. What is that all about! Later Jan became a member of Mahavishnu Orchestra. After this he had his own band and did an album with Mahavishnu colleague Jerry Goodman which also featured Jeff Beck.

Hammer played a very important role and wrote many tracks on Jeff Beck s jazz-rock albums "Wired" on which also Michael Narada Walden appears and "There And Back" A nice rocker, though. This compilation shows a nice selection of this work. On the second LP there are some different names of the members listed, but it may be suspected that most are pseudonyms of the original line-up well, that of the first LP: The opening title track is very rock oriented with some screamy vocals in a most manic Hammill manner, but overall the album takes the direction of what he did with VDGG including a lot of busy sax.

Others can very well do without it. Peter dug out the tapes of these emotional shows and compiled two discs. In more than two hours, Peter runs through most of the back catalogue, often giving it a different treatment to the original.

From emotional heartfelt love-songs to tortured aggressive, the discs has an intimate atmosphere. Although this is not Peter s strongest outing, there are plenty of fine moments here. Fans know what to expect. A few years after the recordings of this double LP, the band split. CD Some kind of Korea prog group. Legendary American jazz and jazz-rock keyboardist, sometimes pretty rocky, at other times very funky and danceable.

The piece contains many freaky improvised, almost free jazz-like parts that will give many listeners either a hard time, or the definite creeps. Challenging to say the least! A must have for serious progressive jazz-rock listeners. Fine fusion in the line of Headhunters with sublime electric piano. A fantastic album! Columbia CK CD, ? LP compilation Columbia CD, ?

So, the majority of the album is rather accessible, almost poppy and not quite jazz-rock, but very pleasant. I would have loved to hear a full album of this music, but overall quite good, nevertheless. On this album we see Herbie travelling through various styles,. While the sound is a tad jazzier this version stays very close to the original and adds really little.

So, a couple of good tracks, many interesting and some utterly uninteresting musicians, a lack of really original ideas and great artwork. Unbelievable that this remained unreleased for so many years. Highly recommended! CD Alex Boyce: On his solo disc he showcases a varied repertoire between Alan Parsons-like sympho-pop the title track is a dead ringer for APP , poppy stuff, and heavier some AOR-ish leanings.

Very accessible, not all too challenging and overall good fun. LP British prog with jazz, funk and heavier influences. Interestingly they were produced by none other than ELP on whose label they also appeared. Not to be confused with the late s US boy group! SON - -?? What I rate most highly about the disc is the mystic quality and atmosphere that many other Tolkien-inspired albums are seriously lacking.

I agree. Part H - HE Version Page 15 with the linernotes that state that some of the music may help to fill in some blanks of the theme, while leaving many things open to your own interpretation. Guitar playes an important part, but there are also saxes, vocals and driving percussion. They did a couple of demos and cassette-only releases, until Cuneiform Records signed them in CD Stanley Whitaker: During the s, Stan Whitaker was a short-time member of Ten Jinn and played live and on CD with them on a regular basis for several years as a guest.

He also had his own band Spirit Noise and worked on a solo acoustic thing in the late s. In he appeared with his band Six Elements. AR CD, ? Mainly focusing on instrumental compositions, Happy the Man could be called a US variety of Camel though with a definite jazz-rock tinge to them.

Although the music is quite complex there is a serenity about it. Moving flowing pieces with flute are subdued by the more quirky tracks with odd time changes and breaks. Fine guitar playing, smooth keys and a cunning rhythm session make these albums all time classics that should be in any self-respecting progressive music fan s collection. But the songs with vocals among which the helix thing reveal clearly that their strength lies on the instrumental part, not in the rather dull singing.

AR CD, Like the above and even better! The fusion between jazz-rock and progressive rock has been developed nearly into perfection here with most focus on the prog part, by the way.

Sublime songs, mainly instrumental just one track with vocals. Highly, highly recommended. Good stuff. We have been waiting way too long for this one HTM are worse than IQ in this respect , but it was worth the wait.

Blistering and varied, mostly instrumental progressive rock. One of the poll-leading albums of this year for sure. Top notch entertaining prog! Their second product "Crafty Hands" was released one year later in So their third studio album "The Muse Awakens" should have been released in , again one year later.

Because it sounds much the same as their first two albums. But let s look at the back of this disc. Time must have stood still all those years.

Again we hear great progressive rock music in a style that only Happy The Man can play. Eventually they continued with Magnum. Interesting to hear Catley singing differently than on the Magnum work I know him from.

And the female backing and lead vocals add quite a touch of their own to the music. Ne Zaman? LP Eddie Hardin: Lacks direction and good music. To quote the info-sheet: But beware the music is nothing like this band although at times the bass play can be rather funky. This may be a relief to many progheads, but - like most albums on Carbon 7 - this is not your average prog-material!

Amen to that. The obvious comparison for this kind of music of course is Frank Zappa. On the CD are many details to be discovered in each song that repeated listening is necessary to remotely grasp what s inside the music.

Most structures of the pieces are rather classically influenced by the way, while the music itself doesn t sound classical at all. The overall tone is rather set by jazz sounds, thanks to the extensive use of saxophones and marimba for the record: Their sole LP saw guest musicians Collin Heade cello and special guitar , Rob Metcalfe synthesizer programming and special effects and Mark Reagan snare drum and 2 nd hand cymbals. The album was reissued on CD through Mellow Records.

Nancy a. Nancy Kaye later appeared in a band called Astoria. An interesting, but slightly uneven effort. Their second LP was a rock opera about the life of a pirate. Later Maucher rejoined Jane. But indeed it is a song about riding a motorcycle. This nearly caused me to: After this comes a heavy prog rocker with rough singing and good guitar play. If you forget the opener a quite interesting and enjoyable disc. Originally, Harmonia was only intended to be a live band, but they ended up spending most of the second half of recording the debut.

Through a Harmonia-gig with Brian Eno that same year, Cluster became good friends with Eno, which led to some collaborative work. In a CD with previously unreleased recordings with Harmonia and Brian Eno was released under the moniker Harmonia Their self-titled debut was fairly folk oriented and mainly acoustic. Harmssen plays all the instruments, especially piano.

YERMA - -?? CD Santi Calero: After this, he played with Tupelo Chain Sex and other groups, moved to Europe and released solo material, partly in a bluesy early progressive rock vein, others more jazz- rock or blues oriented.

The contributor of the GEPR commented: But this album just smokes. His first solo album contains jazz-rock music compared to Mahavishnu Orchestra. He also did some solo-albums. SBL LP, ?

Esoteric CD, , remastered German cosmic electronic musician, who was raised in America, but returned to Germany in the s. After his rare and unknown debut, he disappeared from the scene again.

Did also several albums with his Steeleye colleague Maddy Prior. Some songs of their albums were also later played by this band. Harth also did much solo-work, varying from RIO to free-jazz to music for theatre. The group was of course led by drummer Keef Hartley who was born on 8 March in Preston, Lancashire. Keef Hartley died on 27 November , aged Raw singing, fiery guitars and plenty of horns to spice things up. For fans of proto-prog certainly a feast.

Very enjoyable, but not quite the class of Colosseum. FACES - ? CD Monique van der Kolk: They were based in Barcelona where they started in CD Arne Eriksson: He did several solo albums with styles as varied as pure soundtrack music, flute recorders oriented music and progressive rock in the Oldfield-mould.

Far away! She later did several solo albums and collaborative works with Steve Howe among others as well forming an own version of Renaissance in the late s. In the original Renaissance finally reformed - again with Annie. Regrettably, the songwriting, and also the arrangements, are here just of an average level, despite the participation of some high-class musicians.

Biglin accompanies Annie. We hear songs played on the piano or on the acoustic guitar or with backing tracks. This version played only on acoustic guitar sounds very special.

Again she is accompanied by only one person who played all the instruments. This time with the keyboard player from her own band; Rave Tesar. The last title is probably the most well known song of all. So not really songs which are expected to be sung by one of the greatest voices of progressive rock music.

But they were all songs which played a large part in her musical journey from childhood to present time. Songs which Annie used to sing with her Mum and Dad, Christmas carols which most people can sing-a-long to, with slightly different arrangements made by Rave Tesar. Again a special new song was written for the occasion. But it was Rave who wrote the music and lyrics. According to Annie it is just a matter of time and this ballad will become a new Christmas carol which will be sung by all.

Besides being part of this electronic music legend, he also participated in a band called Lightwave and did some ethnic flavoured solowork. CD Dave Stewart: In the band broke up, just when they began to gain a reputation as a band.

It was rumoured that Hatfield was working on a new studio album with Dave Stewart in and they also played at the Burg Herzberg festival in July of that year. What did appear around that period were two CDs with archive recordings. And maybe that is typical for the music that brings a typical Canterbury jazz and prog blend in a very unobstrusive and unengaging way. Please Canterbury fans: A fantastic set of Canterbury jazz-prog with a lot of variety and humour.

Dutchman Paul Hattink, who composed and performed all music. But luckily, this is not the fact. The best way to describe the album is, by using the liner notes, which compare the music to Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield and Alan Parsons. This all presented in a splendid production and with a top-notch sound. The sound is again splendid and there are some excellent pieces of music to be found on the disc. Very enjoyable nevertheless. The music on this album was all-instrumental fusion with a strong nod towards the work of Kraan, not only because some Kraanthemes were used.

With all this in mind we insert the CD into the player and discover an album filled with mostly easy flowing - at times orientally flavored - jazzy, danceable pop music. Overall the music is rather relaxed, smooth and laid back and the mostly female vocals sometimes remind of Sade not surprising regarding the musical foundation. Heavy outbursts, breaks and solos are almost entirely absent. Quite pleasant, yet over the length of a disc a bit too much.

Musically they played the typical weird jazz-rock fusion of Guru Guru. They released only a cassette. The latter also appeared on the two long progressive tracks on side b of the second LP.

The line-up mentioned above was taken from the second album. CD Instrumental jazz-rock group from Sweden in a dual guitars, bass, drums and keyboards line-up. LP SEE: Proby short-time vocalist for Focus and also writer of music for television, movies and songwriter for the likes of Barbara Streisand and Olivia Newton John. On his first two solo-CDs with classical keyboard oriented music the influence of his soundtrack-writing shows a lot.

But we did our best! The debut is one of the albums I do prefer to play from then whenever I have to listen to them since it offers more variety than the heavy spacey and messy rumbling on that I experienced on their later work.

We do have some links to the later space hard rock, but there are also a lot of acoustic moments at times they even remind me of The Moody Blues at their spaciest and most psychedelic , we have some cosmic and almost electronic experimentations and some general weirdness, probably comparable to stuff found on some early Pink Floyd bootlegs.

And why not with a cover that is filled with weed-leaves? Musically influenced by, or in the line of, Black Sabbath et. Larry West, the brother of Leslie West seems to have been a member. In fact I think that this solo album is better than most of what the Moody Blues did during much of the s and certainly after the s. And also the rest of the LP contains a bunch of really good songs with interesting arrangements, occasional orchestral bits and symphonic leanings and because of additctive melodies a pleasure to listen to.

Their live recorded LP a recording of their final gig in October does not reveal the identities of the members. In the late s, the band reunited. The line-up changed a little, the drums were played by Michael Fromm now and also a guitarist, Tobias Neumann the son of flautist and singer Dieter Neumann , was added.

Thanks to this, the sound of the group became a bit heavier. In the band went into another hiatus. Brothers Chris bass, vocals and later also keys and Paul McMahon guitars and vocals are the main instigators though they had a little help from Andy Naughten on drums and Michael Powell on keyboards. This line up only played four gigs in its existence and after about one year, Michael bailed out leaving Chris to take over the keyboard duties as well and Haze ventured on as a three piece.

Dave Kirkham replaced Andy although supposedly to join the merchant navy Arthur Deas took over from him a year later. In the mean time Haze became a household name in the Sheffield area through extensive gigging. From October onward recordings commenced on a second release on a borrowed porta studio. The sessions were pared with little disasters like Paul suffering from hand injuries whilst attempting to remove a plate glass window.

Still the first of many demo tapes Haze were to release was made available to a wider audience in March of The sound Haze produce is quite hard to pinpoint.

Through extensive gigging Haze became known to the rising neo prog fan base and the cassette faired pretty well enabling the band to buy a four-track TEAC recorder. However there was one more line-up change to come. In July , Arthur departed and a more permanent member was found in Paul Chisnell. For the next five years, Haze could be found in almost every venue playable throughout the UK performing some shows traveling from gig to gig in their old retired ambulance even crossing the pond for one occasion to do some rather poorly promoted shows in the Netherlands.

Paul was put to work almost straight away when Haze started recording sessions for their first album. The album was released in a special PVC sleeve with a cardboard holding the information inside. As there was no real new album in sight the band started what was to become their trademark: As their fan base had grown over the years and the demand for releases was rising, this was an opportunity to keep the public interest and also reward the most loyal fans.

Thus north starts off on an hilarious journey around the world to find the parents that really care about him.. Upon reaching the train station to death, a dejected soul is informed that he is lucky and will have another chance at life. He is placed in the body of a year-old boy named Kobayashi Makoto, who has just committed suicide. He also has a number of other lesser duties he must complete, such as understanding what led Makoto to commit suicide in the first place and learning how to enjoy his second chance at life..

Railroad Tigers. Hell House LLC. Hero Wanted. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday. High Sierra. One for the Money. Seven Chances. The Ghost of Lord Farquaad. Dragons 3: Fighting with My Family. Le Parc des merveilles. Hotel Mumbai. Five Feet Apart. On top of that, he played played every instrument on the recording, which became the first single and biggest from an incredible soundtrack.

Written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman with Marvin Hamlisch, Barbra Streisand recorded this enduring ballad for the romantic movie of the same name, in which she starred opposite Robert Redford. It went on to win the Oscar for Best Original Song. This Richie no. Giorgio Moroder originally wanted to collaborate on the "American Gigolo" theme song with Stevie Nicks, but she had to decline.

Written by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, L. It would later win an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The instrumental hit from the drama soundtracked the romance between stars Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue and spent nine weeks atop the Hot The classic English story "Robin Hood:


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