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download Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Gangway - Never Say Goodbye (Japan Tour at On Air West) (CD) full album

Label: HAL2001 - 10001-10002 Format: 2x, CD Country: Japan Genre: Rock, Pop Style: New Wave

Comment by hamacus To the contrary ChaosD. Someone below said 20 seconds in relation to Night Elves racial Shadowmeld, but in my case it was 18 seconds, when she bit me. I just healed it on my Discipline Priest no bite on another week when we switched up assignments to add some variety to our runs. I imagine a trinket pet might also work. You need to use Spectral Guise.

Guitarist and keyboardist, Michael Lardie, praised Malloy for his musical chops and reputation. This music is bigger than any one person. Great White continues to tour worldwide and in the last four years logged nearly dates in several states and countries.

Great White is focused on its newest journey with Malloy. They plan on returning to the studio and will update fans as soon as they can. Catch Great White on tour! More dates are being added and all dates subject to change.

Visit OfficialGreatWhite. Just imagine - being able to see the creation process and Great White teamwork. June 2nd also marks the release date on all download sites - for music only iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, more.

Are you ready for the Big Time?! Because I messed up the first pull thinking it would be 20 secs , I had two attempts and both were 18 seconds sharp. Perhaps it depends on latency or it was just changed as a side effect a patch or so?

Anyway, for hunters with FD it should be no problem if it is a few seconds later as FD does not break on damage unlike Shadowmeld.

But Shadowmeld with some more precise timing should get it done as suggested below. Comment by jd The "while a vampire" part is easily soloed now. The "without becoming a vampire" part is less easy. As a kitty elf druid I respecced for the " Force of Nature " talent. Just before she casts bite, summon out a treant, shadowmeld, wait till she bites your treant. Then burn her. I imagine a trinket pet might also work. Not sure. Comment by DarkDei7 It took me 20 tries,then I understood. So the bitten part is very very easy,just pull the boss and dps him,whenever you get the 2min debuff nuke her down.

Have fun with this trick and ask in the comments if something is unclear. Comment by Wheeljack Recently did this achievement with a couple of friends for the mount. Just fight normally and make sure everyone that needs to be a vampire gets bitten.

The other one, took us a few attempts to figure out. It seems that the Queen will more than often bite the player that is lowest on her aggro-table first.

Same strat; by now use stampede or aMoC. Good luck! Comment by Hawkseyes Alright! Required Talents: Mirror Image Optional Talents: Greater Invisibility This just makes it easier if your timing is a bit late. As SOON as you engage, start your stopwatch. She bites around 15 seconds in. Once your timer hits around 12 seconds. Pop Mirror Image then invisibility. If you time it correctly, she will bite one of your mirrors.

After she has bitten, pop all cool downs and burn her down as fast as possible. Comment by jemaris I got this achievement solo just now. I have feral druid. Died twice while bitten myself so after reading the Mage mirror image post thank you for that, upvoted - purely for putting the treants idea in my head.

I wondered if I could use the talent Force of Nature. So I changed my tier 4 talent to that. I kept popping them whenever off cooldown. Happy days. Comment by protomenace Just did this as a shadow priest in 6. The "without getting bitten" part is, as always, the harder one. You need to use Spectral Guise. I used DBM to predict when she would bite you. It was quite finicky, but I found it worked best not to use Spectral Guise until the exact moment that she bites.

If you do it too early, your image despawns and you get bitten anyway. Engage her only using Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger and go really far from her. After she bittes your pet, you can smash her down. Just stand there. Let your pet attack. It takes a few minutes, but seems to work well. So nuking with a little geared class also works. Comment by Xaruman Easy to do as pally. For the non bitten part just pop bubble 13 seconds into the fight and finish her off.

It gets bitten at 15sec and you will stay clean. Nuke her down. After reset wednesday I will let myself be bitten and get the mount due to it. Found out the hard way tonight - have to wait another week for my mount. Comment by danicadb1 I would suggest going in there, by yourself, no pet, hit her with your weapon, about sec. I already had without being bitten. You need to be in a fight with her for at least a sec. Comment by redback Here is how I did it as a enhancement shaman without getting bitten 1.


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