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download Never Know Why - Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin (CD, Album) full album

Label: CBS Associated Records - ZK 40026,CBS Associated Records - 40026 Format: CD Album Country: US Genre: Rock Style: Heavy Metal

Atmospheric, melodic and insanely catchy- the best song on the album. Shot In The Dark is the only hard rock tune in the set. When you see the cover of The Ultimate Sin, or even the musician behind the album in Ozzy Osbourne, naturally there will be some trepidation about what you are about to listen to. Castillo is the best drummer so far and helps the song by playing really hard. Outside of that, the band manages to shine in other ways here and there. However, the bleaker lyrics and darker music help it from actually being hair metal.

An absolute classic. Hannes Grossmann - Apophenia. But, You cannot hide or ignore all the tracks on the album: Anyway, a great job by Ozzy and Jake E. Lee PD: Never had the chance to see Ozzy live. Lighting strikes has really good guitar playing but has a terrible and cheasy lyrics. This is truly a great record - the video for Shot In The Dark kicks ass as well. Yes it is a glossed over hair metal piece. Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin 3. Review Summary: Unfortuantely, Ozzy would be one of them.

This album would be Jake E. Even Ozzy himself appears to not like this album! While it may have some weaker, stereotypical hair metal songs, some of the genious that is Ozzy Osbourne continues to shine through on some songs, making this a fairly good and somewhat underrated album. The Ultimate Sin 3: It has a fairly solid hook to it, with a good riff and some excellent melodies by Ozzy.

With the traditional bass thumping, this is really more like a 80s influenced Ozzy song, rather than a hair metal Ozzy song. Although nothing is standing out to make this a great song, there is nothing bad about either. Secret Loser 4: With a very catchy guitar riff and being one of the faster songs on the album, it seems meant to be a classic. Every part of this song stands out in a very positive way, from the very intense and heart-pounding bridge, which leads into a very chilling octave-chord lead by Jake E.

Lee, it makes a great set up for a fast paced guitar solo, with a great lick at the end to lead things back into the chorus. The final verse brings the pace back down, only to explode back into the chorus which eventually fades out.

A great song, in my opinion one of the most underrated Ozzy songs ever. Never Know Why 4: Once again with the traditional bass line, providing a great complete to the intro riff. My favorite part of the song is probably the opening notes of Jake E. Thank God For The Bomb 3: This song however, with a definite theme to it, about the cold war and the nuclear bombs. It appears to be a clashing lyrical theme and music style until you reach the chorus, which has a very unpredictable feel, like the feeling during the Cold War of uncertainty.

In my opinion, the song does a good job telling how some see war as "just another game", and then brings the song to a more serious mood as the realization of war comes true. The Eighties. Burlington, Ontario , Canada: The Ultimate Sin: Music Reviews".

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Library and Archives Canada. Lee era albums is the innocent charm, seriousness and the dark, eerie mood. Perhaps the most elegant of all of Ozzys guitarists, Jake E. Lee is in my opinion the best Ozz guitarist ever. He lefts the licks for a better dessert, he shreds less than leafs fall out of an oak tree and he surely has the most freakin insane vibe.

Osbourne, on the other hand was like a flaming bush in the middle of a snowy mountain peak: He ate too much food: The perfect set for an electric guitar based metal album would consist of the songs on this album. Secret Loser is definetly Osbournes best solo career song. It begings with a croacky guitar riff but in the chorus there are present every freakin churchyard and the band. Mockingly clear lyrics, Osbourne was a total loser at that time ya gotta admit.

Not that we was already unauthentic he did drugs and drank alcohol and simply dosed himself up some real crap more than Zakk shreds in a live concert. The Ultimate Sin has perfectly clear message: So in other words, the bottom line idea of The Ultimate Sin album is in the aquistic moments only to be broken down with moany screams, the melancholic guitar shredding only be painted clean with the face melting dramatic keyboard tunes. Shot In The Dark is the only hard rock tune in the set.

Fool Like You really takes character to compose. Could hair metal improve or does this album have any flaws? Sure, the overall sound due to really weak production, of course scares away the most slurpy and dreamy Ozzfans and the odd, if not out of place noisy drum rants make some kind of a beginning of a disaster.

Out of that, its the very treasure of Jake. Lees positive, empowered and sarcastic guitar altitudes. Osbourne led down the booze after this album and drank too little so he realized that this was not the way he wanted his musical career to vanish into. The Ultimate Sin is also Osbournes larger than life album catalogues second last concept album.

The monster in the cover is Ozzy with a dragon body. Some war, capitalism and other neopractical unintellectual society critics fills the album, but Ozzy never solves the problem which is, who is the sinner? Who is the Ultimate Sin? Is it too late to realize that Ultimately Sinners do belong somewhere mix in this albums high atmospheres. I think it has to do more with the state he was in at the time. Their previous one was quite heavy but tended more to commercial. If this is what you think you are so damned mistaken!

In fact it balances these two elements almost perfectly. Once again a big change in the line-up has occurred. Ozzy tries to freshen up the band by recruiting Phil Soussan on the bass and Randy Castillo on the drums. It turned out to be a very clever move in the end. They have brought a new sound and energy to the band that prevents them from sound old-dated and tiresome.

The album begins with the self-titled song which is rather mid-tempo but manages to give out a heavy feeling. Lee seems less stressed-up now and his guitar playing is very improved.

The song ends with bombastic drums. A fine start I have to admit. Things get better by the second track. Up to now things are too good to be true based on my expectations. I am not to be let down. Never Know Why is pretty damn steady and solid. Castillo is the best drummer so far and helps the song by playing really hard. The whole climate does not change on the following track, Thank God for the Bomb. Yet, another metal explosion with sharp guitars and an impressive rhythm section.

The lyrics here are kind of anti-war ones. Ozzy deals with world problems; strange but true! Never is a song a bit poorer in quality but still catchy and easy to listen to. The same nice guitars prevail in Lightning Strikes. Maybe the chorus could have been worked a little better but the atmosphere remains fine and heavy. I am surprised to see that all the compositions until now are of a high level in general.

Well done Ozzy! Forget the sleazy ballad stuff you heard on Bark at the Moon. Killer of Giants is a heavy powerful kind of ballad with a killer solo and a blasting sudden break in the middle. The tension falls back before the finale making the song a hit for me. If the last two songs were more killers than fillers then I would definitely think of The Ultimate Sin as a masterpiece.

Unfortunately, Fool Like You is quite mediocre and the feeling here is not as thrilling as we lived it in the almost perfect tracks earlier on. And what is the fuss with Shot in the Dark? What is there to love in this song? Okay, it is mot horrible but it is nothing special either.

I think I hear some nice keyboards in this, yet it sounds more hard rock to me than metal. It is quite cool I suppose to listen in the radio. All in all I have to say that this release will blow you away. Personally I find this to be miles better than their debut, more or less equal to the superb Diary… and a lot better than Bark at the Moon.

I will describe it as brilliantly, perfectly performed melodic heavy metal. Surely one of his two-best albums. Way to go madman! And in the middle of the commotion, some bands like Judas Priest, who had once played traditional metal, decided to go for a more streamlined accessible sound as they introduced synthesizers on their album "Turbo" which was also released in This resulted in a mixed bag, some songs being commercialised fun rockers, and other songs sounding almost like techno metal!

This album is also apparently very disliked by Ozzy himself, for reasons I will never understand why The album starts off with the title track, which is instantly recognisable with its march like drum intro and the riffs are also infectitious as hell. The lyrics are pretty insightful and interesting, although they are probably more open to personal interpretation than a defined meaning.

The main riff is pretty basic, but catchy as anything can fucking be! It has a pretty heavy and catchy main riff, but everything goes to hell with the Bon Jovi inspired chorus and vocal lines But then the ship rises up from the bottom of the sea in triumph with the next song; "Killer of Giants". And by God, this song could kill giants with pure catchiness. Although at times the album tends to get too sleazy there are five mighty tunes making it worthwhile for Ozzy fans to own this album and play it regularly.

A great drum beat evolving into a pounding mid paced banger with an excellent main riff the best on the album and strong chorus.

It really is a strong ballad with good lyrics. It simply is a beautiful song. And knowing I am a Twisted Sister fan, you will understand I like this song but objectively speaking it does not belong to the best songs on this album.

Apart from 4 lesser interesting songs also the production was not something to be happy about. It has a Hardrock-Light sound all around. The album would have been so much better with a really heavy guitar sound and Neanderthal pounding drums.

But then again: Brilliant album cover, 5 very good and excellent songs. I, by no standard seek to downplay the talent of two obvious shred masters, but for those who ignore all the media hype and pedestrian fan boy worship of Blizzard of Ozz, a different picture begins to take hold.

The song structures are simple in their order; the lyrics dance between partying, mystical themes, and socio-political topics; and the guitar riffs and fills come at you full assault for the entire 40 minutes plus printed onto its analog medium. Of all the releases put out by the former Sabbath front man, this has the most double bass work, although still not quite venturing into speed metal territory for an entire song.

Lee opts to compose his own elaborate classical guitar intro rather than borrow one from Leo Brouwer like his predecessor did, and ultimately composes something even more epic and moving than what Rhodes accomplished on the title track of the 2nd LP.

Honestly, his attitude towards this rather brilliantly memorable metal anthem can only be explained as the incoherent ravings of a brain dead ex-junkie who can barely find his own ass with both hands, which is basically what you see if you can catch a rerun of The Osbournes.

The lyrics are catchy, the chorus commands to be sung along with, and the riff work is in perfect order. The guitar solo is the greatest ever played by Jake E. Lee and it rivals everything Rhandy Rhodes did. No matter how old this album becomes, the better it gets with every single listen, in no small way because of Jake E. This is an album that fully summed up everything that was great about the 80s, the decade that gave birth to most of the still present sub-genres that currently compete for the metal crown.

As the title suggests, this is actually a pretty good album. The most noticeable aspect of The Ultimate Sin is the general lack of cheesiness. Unfortunately, Ozzy does little for this album. His voice sounds tired and weak and the lyrics are pretty much forgettable. Yet despite its flaws I like this album. The songwriting is good, the music is good, and some of the songs are quite memorable.

An 80s heavy metal style flavoured with some extra melody played very neatly and precisely with some insanely good shredding from then guitarist Jake E. The man himself is actually on better form vocally than he often is, managing to not go off key most of the time and giving some perhaps surprisingly commendable performances.

A typically 80s metal vibe does get to take over and "Secret Loser" and "Lightning Strikes" manage to get top marks for what they are, filled with all the proper hooks and lead guitar restless and hungry. Stadium rock creeps its way into the songwriting in places "Never Know Why" par example , though the hooks are still there as the song races along and keeps itself upright in quality and performance.

They do make for some of the less interesting but certainly still competent songs on here.


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