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download Follow Me - The Mekanism - Breath (Vinyl, Album) full album


Retrieved 17 June Tefiphon early s Teficord early s Tefifon Neither of these was necessarily a great advantage in practice because of the limitations of AM broadcasting. They could hold up to 15 minutes per side. Week 15, ".

In , Columbia Records introduced "extended-play" LPs that played for as long as 52 minutes, or 26 minutes per side. The minute playing time remained rare, however, because of mastering limitations, and most LPs continued to be issued with a to minute playing time. A small number of albums exceeded the minute limit. But these records had to be cut with much narrower spacing between the grooves, which allowed for a smaller dynamic range on the records, and meant that playing the record with a worn needle could damage the record.

It also resulted in a much quieter sound. Spoken word and comedy albums require a smaller dynamic range compared to musical records. Therefore, they can be cut with narrower spaces between the grooves. At around 14 minutes per side for inch and 23 minutes per side for inch, LPs provided a satisfactory time to enjoy a recording before needing to change or turn over a disc.

Turntables called record changers could play records stacked vertically on a spindle. This arrangement encouraged the production of multiple-record sets in automatic sequence. Then the stack was flipped over. Larger boxed sets used appropriate automatic sequencing 1—8, 2—7, 3—6, 4—5 to allow continuous playback, but this created difficulties when searching for an individual track.

Vinyl records are vulnerable to dust, heat warping, scuffs, and scratches. Dust in the groove is usually heard as noise and may be ground into the vinyl by the passing stylus, causing lasting damage. A warp can cause a regular "wow" or fluctuation of musical pitch, and if substantial it can make a record physically unplayable. A scuff will be heard as a swishing sound. A scratch will create an audible tick or pop once each revolution when the stylus encounters it.

A deep scratch can throw the stylus out of the groove; if it jumps to a place farther inward, part of the recording is skipped; if it jumps outward to a part of the groove it just finished playing, it can get stuck in an infinite loop , playing the same bit over and over until someone stops it.

This last type of mishap, which in the era of brittle shellac records was more commonly caused by a crack, spawned the simile "like a broken record" to refer to annoying and seemingly endless repetition. Records used in radio stations can suffer cue burn , which results from disc jockeys placing the needle at the beginning of a track, turning the record back and forth to find the exact start of the music, then backing up about a quarter turn, so that when it is released the music will start immediately after the fraction of a second needed for the disc to come up to full speed.

When this is done repeatedly, the affected part of the groove is heavily worn and a hissing sound will be noticeable at the start of the track. The process of playing a vinyl record with a stylus is by its very nature to some degree a destructive process.

Wear to either the stylus or the vinyl results in diminished sound quality. Record wear can be reduced to virtual insignificance, however, by the use of a high-quality, correctly adjusted turntable and tonearm, a high-compliance magnetic cartridge with a high-end stylus in good condition, and careful record handling, with non-abrasive removal of dust before playing and other cleaning if necessary.

The average tangential needle speed relative to the disc surface is approximately 1 mile per hour 1. It travels fastest on the outside edge, unlike audio CDs, which change their speed of rotation to provide constant linear velocity CLV. By contrast, CDs play from the inner radius outward, the reverse of phonograph records. It was discernible by some listeners throughout certain recordings but a quiet passage followed by a loud sound would allow anyone to hear a faint pre-echo of the loud sound occurring 1.

Pre- and post-echo can be avoided by the use of direct metal mastering. The first LP records introduced used fixed pitch grooves just like their 78 predecessors. Edit Artist. Scottish guitarist, singer, keyboard player, and songwriter born October 10, in Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland. His stage name, Midge, is a phonetic reversal of Jim, the diminutive form of his given name. Father to Molly Lorenne. Otto Flake Jr. Viewing All Midge Ure. Bob Geldof , Cure , J. Vinyl Collection Album. Enjoy The Ride Records Record label.

Record Store Day Netherlands Event. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Record label. Back On Black Records Record label. Jack Broadbent. Record Planet Event. Long Live Vinyl Magazine. Crate Diggers. U-Turn Audio. Pages Other Brand Website Discogs. Discogs Stickers. Crate Diggers Turntable Weight. Discogs Turntable Weight. See all. Once mere blips and bloops meant to accompany the action on screen, the music that soundtracks video games has reached cinematic heights over the past three decades or so.

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We were all very open. It was Even though it was so successful, it was made in the same way as all our other albums, and the only criterion we have about releasing music is whether we like it or not. It was not a deliberate attempt to make a commercial album.

It just happened that way. We knew it had a lot more melody than previous Floyd albums, and there was a concept that ran all through it. The music was easier to absorb and having girls singing away added a commercial touch that none of our records had.

Main article: Dark Side of the Rainbow. Wright Clare Torry [nb 9]. I was against Eclipse and we felt a bit annoyed because we had already thought of the title before Medicine Head came out. Not annoyed at them but because we wanted to use the title. Roger Waters , rollingstone. David Gilmour , rollingstone. Alan Parsons , rollingstone. Retrieved January 27, The Business - 6th Edition.

Random House. Henry McCullough , entertainment. The Dark Side of the Moon , allmusic. Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th ed. Omnibus Press. Tour begins March 5. The four albums are: Ultimate Classic Rock. Retrieved 27 April Retrieved 9 June Catalog Returns To ".

New York: Nielsen Business Media. Retrieved 17 January Observer magazine: Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the End of Classic Rock.

Dey Street. A Tribute to Pink Floyd , allmusic.


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