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download Eyes Of The Dragon - Various - New Atelier Rorona Story Of The Beginning Alchemist Of Arland Original Soundtrack Re-Compilation (CD) full album

Label: Vap - VPCG-84960 Format: 3x, CD Country: Japan Genre: Stage Screen Style: Soundtrack

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Sophie Neuenmuller is the protagonist of Atelier Sophie: After the death of her grandmother, Sophie makes it her goal to become an alchemist who can be relied upon just as her grandmother was, yet at the start of Atelier Sophie is relatively inexperienced and without any renown as an alchemist.

After creating her first batch of a common medicine in the beginning of the game, Sophie writes down the recipe in an empty reference book left behind by her grandmother. When she returns to the Atelier, the book has come to life and introduces itself as Plachta. Sophie is the player character in Atelier Sophie , and as such, she cannot be removed from the party. In addition to having an infinite equipment cost, Sophie is the only character able to equip accessories that change field conditions, such as items that influence gathering rates or enemy aggression.

Because of this, Sophie reassumes her once failed plans to turn Plachta human. She also decides that she take on the alchemist exam in order to walk in the footsteps of her grandmother.

The journey to where the exam is held is very long, but she takes it as an opportunity to collect the materials needed to create a fully human body for Plachta. This is how she first meets Firis. They soon part ways once Firis begins her journey, but Sophie leaves her with the Atelier tent. She can be faced in battle during the alchemist exam, and later joins the party after the player has passed said exam.

Despite the years that has passed, Sophie is still often very childish or unresponsible, something that Plachta scolds her for. Plachta is always keeping Sophie in check and can be stern, but the two are still very close. Sophie describes their relationship as a mix of family, friendship and master and student. Sophie misses Firis very much during their separation. The reason she joins Firis on her journey to find her path in life is because she wants to be a proper teacher to her student, as well as she simply wants to travel together with Firis.

Firis also synthesizes items for Sophie at several times, who is very busy from accepting too many quests. One time when looking for materials together, the ground collapses beneath Firis and Sophie and they are trapped undergound.

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Для возможности комментировать, включите пожалуйста javascript;. Навигация Записи, главный раздел Записи, мастерская Записи, барахолка Категория: Gameplay in this segment requires little player interaction as most of the duration is spent reading the text that appears on screen.

There are fourteen main plot lines that the player will have the chance to experience. The game opens with a brief introduction to the city of Arland, a city that is slowly being industrialized, but also a city that uses technology possessed by an ancient civilization.

We are then introduced to the main character, Rorolina Frixell Rorona, for short , who is forced to work for a master alchemist Astrid Zexis to pay off a debt her parents owe. Over the next three years, she must pass 12 examinations to assess the ability of the workshop to do this.

Atelier Rorona sold quickly in Akihabara on its first day of release, and, by 1: This makes Atelier Rorona the fastest and best selling title in the franchise since at least Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. However, Western reception was mixed. GameSpot awarded it 6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Publisher s JP: Gust Co. NIS America. June 25, June 25, NA: September 28, EU: October 22, AU: October 28, Submitted on Jun 27, Related Albums.

Added Apr 27, Edited Jul 11, Page built in 0. You must be logged in to edit. User Name. Jun 24, Falling, The Star Light. The Story Begins. Palace Entrance. The Unfriendly-Looking Mr. The Young Lady is a Tomboy.

Atelier Rorona. Eat it with the Special Menu. I Learned it. A Stroll in the Forest. Encounter with Alchemy. When You are Troubled, Talk it Out. The Cycle of Disturbing Thoughts. Father and Mother. Quiet Moment Alone.


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