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download En Dr Höhnergass 204 - Various - Kölsche Evergreens 4 - Ein Spaziergang Durch Köln (Vinyl, LP) full album

Label: EMI - F 666.088,EMI Electrola - F 666.088 Series: Kölsche Evergreens - 4 Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation Country: Germany Genre: Pop Style: Schlager

The text book features the complete original treatment. Nowadays, a future orientated progress is on the agenda. Ah, there they are! Piecing together information from various sources. One of the key image-makers from that period is LeRoy Grannis, a surfer sincewho began photographing the scene in California and Hawaii in the longboard Gidget era of the early s. Dancing is a good example of a contact sport.

Perhaps it was I who said it. Now he has gathered together the fruits of more than forty years of work in a lyrical. Nude through Blinds. Strikingly graphic. Format I love photographing women and could say that the female body is absolute and perfect. Chicago Nude. Lake and Palmer were voted as being among the top hundred in music history by music journalists.

Giger www HR Giger com Hardcover in clamshell box.. Don Vito Corleone: A Man of Reason —— No. Don Michael Corleone: You broke my heart — you broke my heart!

Unless you do, you cannot act. The Godfather Family Album Photos: Steve Schapiro Ed. Paul Duncan 29 x 44 cm Imagine the experience of witnessing renowned actors as they made their most memorable performances.

This lavish,. His photographs have appeared on the covers of most major magazines in the world, including Life, Look, Time, Sports Illustrated,. Preface by Steve Schapiro. One of the key image-makers from that period is LeRoy Grannis, a surfer since , who began photographing the scene in California and Hawaii in the longboard Gidget era of the early s.

His photos soon started appearing in many of the burgeoning surf. Between trips, Steve lives in San Diego, California. Zaha Hadid is a wildly controversial architect, who for many years built almost nothing, despite her designs winning prizes and critical acclaim.

Some even said her work was unbuildable. Born in Baghdad and educated in London, where her practice is based, Hadid has designed radical architecture for over 30 years and is now the subject of this mas-. Also included is a special section with translucent vellum paper allowing multiple layers of designs to be viewed at once or separately.

Truly fascinating stuff. To penetrate the world of middle class mate-swapping she had to join them, often working in just shoes and a tool. Her extreme technique worked so well that in 48 months she was able to photograph 38 parties, crisscrossing the country from Mahwah, New Jersey, to Pleasanton, California; from Big Lake, Minnesota, to Washington, Texas. Her subjects are not the usual perfected androids who populate contemporary erotica, but ordinary people with extraordinary sex lives, including multi-orgasmic schoolteachers, polyamorous nurses, bi-sexual senior citizens and the Mandingos, a group of African-American men who service white wives.

Almost like a J. Ballard theme park for sex. Naomi Harris was born in Toronto, Canada, in She has been published in Fortune, Flaunt, Life, and Heeb magazines, and likes to knit, sing karaoke, and frequent nude beaches. She lives in New York City. Richard Prince, painter, photographer and collagist was born in in the Panama Canal Zone. He is known as a critic of and commentator on American consumer culture and as a master of appropriated art.

He currently lives and works in upstate New York. And Hanson says she knew immediately. Royal Departure: Long live the Queen! Photographers included: Royal Edition of Her Majesty: Royal Greeting: The Queen takes her leave of her hosts at the end of a two-month tour of the Commonwealth in Audrey reclines on a grandiose bed in Paris When It Sizzles.

Audrey Kathleen Ruston. Willoughby became a trusted friend. His historic. Willoughby was enraptured. Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda. Audrey Hepburn.. Wave after wave of simply brilliantly conceived books just keep rolling off the presses. Willoughby was called in to shoot the new starlet one morning shortly after she arrived in Hollywood in Photographs — Bob Willoughby Hardcover in clamshell box. Bob Willoughby took iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe. It was a humdrum commission for the portraitist often credited with having perfected the photojournalistic movie still.

With essays by Tony Shafrazi and Walter Hopps. Walter Hopps. Victor Bockris. Photographs — Tony Shafrazi Ed. Jessica Hundley Hardcover in box. The many worlds of Dennis Hopper A reluctant icon captures a decade of cultural transformation —— Limited to numbered copies. Dennis Hopper. Self-portrait at porn stand.

Art Edition. He photographed movie idols. Volume I contains a text by Wieland Schmied. He was director of the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hanover. Friedensreich Hundertwasser: Hundertwasser sent over 3. Limited edition for collectors: From to Wieland Schmied was chief curator at the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Wieland Schmied is an art critic and essayist. Hundertwasser reinvented the art of living as an artist 24 hours a day. Book collage. He was one of the most controversial and innovative artists of the s and 90s.

I deal in ideas. Ashtray Baselitz Ed. Following this close collaboration evolved the idea of an artist book. Ashtray Ed. To him. I am far more to people than just someone who paints pictures. Ashtray Baselitz. Smoking hot: Richard Prince. Nan Goldin. Kiki Smith. Since Holzwarth has focused on book design. The co-author with Paul Mattick of Art Works: Eckhard Schneider was business manager and artistic director of the Kunstverein Hannover between and and Director of the Kunsthaus Bregenz from to Christopher Wool.

This exhaustive monograph begins with a biographical essay by Interview magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Sischy. Jeff Koons. An essay by Eckhard Schneider sees Koons from a European perspective. Ed Ruscha. Nicole Kidman. Albert Oehlen. John Waters. But at the same time he charmed the art world with Puppy. Issey Miyake. Juergen Teller. Robert Frank. Arranged in chronological chapters by work groups. Jeff Wall.

A former staff writer. Since he stirred up the art world establishment in the s with his unapologetic basketball sculptures and stainless steel toy blow-ups. David Hockney. Boris Mikhailov. No 1— —— Limited to individually numbered copies. When I make an artwork. No —1. The books are printed with 14 different spot colors. I try to use craft as a way. High chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating. Really superb. For 40 years. Kubrick embarked on two years of intensive research.

Jan Harlan. Mais on se console. The culmination of years of research and preparation. To write his original screenplay. Slated for production immediately following the release of A Space Odyssey. The text book features the complete original treatment. Christiane Kubrick. But alas. All of these books are tucked inside of — or shall we say hiding in? But someone who makes me laugh is David LaChapelle.

Jennifer Lopez. His unfettered images of celebrity and contemporary pop culture have appeared on and between the covers of magazines such as Italian Vogue. Once called the Fellini of photography. His photography has been showcased in numerous galleries and museums. Philip Johnson.

Sozzani and Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Italy. Leonardo DiCaprio. Hillary Clinton. Not yet out of high school. The Vines and No Doubt. Bursting at the seams with spectacle and drama. In recent years LaChapelle has expanded his work to include music videos. French Vogue. LaChapelle has worked for the most prestigious international publications and has been the subject of exhibitions in both commercial galleries and leading public institutions around the world.

Paris Hilton. David Beckham. Britney Spears. XL-sized book is packed cover-tocover with vibrant full-bleed images. Rolling Stone and i-D. Amanda Lepore. Goss Gallery in Dallas. He has photographed personalities as diverse as Tupac Shakur. Camerawork in Germany. Lance Armstrong. Uma Thurman. Pamela Anderson. Elizabeth Taylor. His directing credits include music videos for artists such as Christina Aguilera.

Two artists. Michael Bracewell. And while her images are wildly diverse in discipline and form. The Gentlewoman. Inez is a passionate leader of a small army of loyal collaborators and has the mesmeric ability to extract the extraordinary and unique from everybody around her.

Penny Martin. Limited to 1. Print size: Me Kissing Vinoodh Lovingly. Lady Gaga. Olivier Zahm Hardcover. Her vast back catalogue reflects not just one style but a total fashion photography universe. Bruce Sterling. Inez van Lamsweerde launched herself into a career in fashion with some zeal.

Working together from New York City. Vinoodh Matadin. Next spread: Original silkscreened poster. To take possession of everything around you by taking a picture of it. He was up in the nosebleed section of the grandstands in Yankee Stadium. Featuring over photos. Between and With gumption and an eye for the decisive moment. All the pathos. Ron Shelton. In the stillness that precedes action. Native New Yorker Neil Leifer began photographing sports events as a teenager.

Hank Aaron. The writers: Neil Leifer. From the World Series between the Yankees and the Pirates—decided in the 9th inning of the 7th game by a Bill Mazeroski home run—to the Series between the Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Neil Leifer never stopped shooting. The Game. Hank Aaron stands poised and relaxed. The blood. Milwaukee Braves County Stadium.

Ballet in the dirt: Neil had the human drive to match his new Nikon motor drive and he was on his way. He is the author of three books. He has shot over covers for Sports Illustrated. Mickey Mantle. He usually left a trail of nosebleeds behind him. Packers Chiefs Gabriel Schechter. No pain. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Guts and Glory: The Golden Age of American Football. He arrived with the ball.

Kicking It Down the Field: Super Bowl I. Hardcover in slipcase. Starting then. Jim Brown. Tom Landry. Though the price tag may seem stiff. Jim Murray was a Hartford.

Frank Gifford. Alan Ameche. Joe Namath. Each numbered copy is packaged in a cloth-bound slipcase. Following an introduction assembled from the best football columns of the era by famed sports columnist Jim Murray. Dancing is a good example of a contact sport. Ballet in the Dirt: The Golden Age of Baseball.

Terry Bradshaw. Presented in a custom slipcase and limited to a total of 1. John Madden. This game. Johnny Unitas. Printed on 38 x This collection represents the best of his best. His photo of legendary Giants quarterback Y. Dick Butkus. Weeb Ewbank. He died in The indepth captions put the images into their historical context. While best known for his iconic photograph of Muhammad Ali towering over a fallen Sonny Liston. Portrait of a City designed by Paul Smith London.

Portrait of a City. Art Edition of London. London Paul Smith. London Art Edition No. From the late s to the mids Elmar Ludwig. Portrait of a City: From glimpses inside Victorian pubs to the chaotic street scenes of the Blitz.

Moon landings are one. Thank god. It has been called the single most historic event of the 20th century: On July Illustrating this volume are hundreds of the best photographs and maps from the NASA vaults. This new edition includes an original introduction by Colum McCann and captions by leading Apollo 11 experts which explain the history and science behind the images.

And no one captured the men. Colum McCann is the author of seven books. NASA regulations prohibiting any sale of collected specimens limits the market to meteorites only. American Photo. A decade of tests and training. The photography is unparalleled. LIFE magazine. Norman Mailer. A graduate of West Point. One of the greatest writers of the 20th century.

He has written for The New York Times. Each of the 12 Lunar Rock Editions. A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. Equally adept at examining the science of space travel and the psychology of the men involved— from Saturn V rocket engineer Wernher von Braun. He is the founder of the ShareSpace Foundation and author of several books.

Photographer and Space Photography Expert. Neil Armstrong. The Times. Buzz Aldrin. Of a Fire on the Moon. Many of them previously unpublished. The Atlantic Monthly. North West Africa —— Size: Unnamed —— Type: Feldspathic Regolith Breccia —— Discovery site: NWA —— Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia —— Discovery site: Morocco —— Size: Algeria —— Size: Sahara Desert.

Oman —— Size: Lunar Feldspathic Fragmental Breccia —— Discovery site: Feldspathic Impact-Melt Breccia —— Discovery site: There are only 58 lunar meteorites known and their total combined weight is less than 30 kilograms. Copy no. Each book is contained in a LEM-inspired case whose surface is an actual 3D topography of the Moon made from a single piece of aluminum size: In order for a piece of moon rock to get to the Earth.

The design concept is inspired by the Apollo 11 LEM lunar excursion module. Each of the 12 Lunar Rock Editions comes with an authentic and documented specimen of lunar rock.

The Lunar Rock Edition by A piece of the moon: One of the largest lunar meteorites ever found on Earth. Since acquiring an Apollo Moon rock is impossible. He has worked across a wide range of disciplines to create everything from chairs. This book. In this bold synthesis of literary classic and legendary portrait sitting. June Right: Bert Stern Hardcover in clamshell box. Photographed for Vogue magazine over three days at the BelAir Hotel.

The contributing authors: Lawrence Schiller is a prize-winning photojournalist. He collaborated with Norman Mailer.

Mailer and Stern lift the veils of confusion surrounding Monroe — the woman. Stern caused a sensation when he published several of the photographs she had nixed in the Autumn issue of Eros magazine a few months after her death.

But though she was feted and adored by her public. Six weeks later. Monroe and Stern. Marilyn Monroe Norman Mailer.. He is best known for his revolutionary print ads for Smirnoff and his portrait sitting with Marilyn Monroe just six weeks before her death. She would cross out her rejects with a marker. Marilyn had never allowed such unfettered access. Stern lived and worked in New York City until his death in June Bert Stern.

It is a biography. Michael Lennon —— Limited to 1. In the flesh Just months before her death. His many book collaborations include the Pulitzer Prize-winning book with Norman Mailer. Marilyn Monroe gave a young photographer his big break. His is a story that has never been told before. Lawrence Schiller began his career as a photojournalist for Life.

Whether with the photographs or without. Taroni of Como. He has also directed seven motion pictures and miniseries for television. Frame Schiller has a talent for popping up. February —— Over two-thirds of the pictures have never been published before or have rarely been seen LEft W E F Art Editions —— Limited to two editions of numbered copies. Color 3. Larry Schiller. Roll Italy —— Four fold-outs. Schiller has phenomenal instincts and even better luck.

Paul McCartney with the Trade Edition. Whether photographing her children. Martin Harrison is a historian of art and photography and an exhibition curator. Linda McCartney is known for her passionate animal-rights activism and her staunch vegetarianism. She died of breast cancer in at the age of He worked with Linda McCartney on Roadworks She was designated a Living Legend by the Library of Congress. Stella and James.

Her shots range from spontaneous family pictures to studio sessions with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. In May During her tenure as the leading photographer of the late s musical scene. W Magazine. Light from Within Always unassuming and fresh. For the next three decades. Annie Leibovitz has been a working photographer for 40 years. In addition to her editorial work at Vanity Fair. She is the editor of titles on photography. Outside of her photography. He has published widely on photography and.

Jimi Hendrix. Bob Dylan. As such. Linda Eastman snagged a press pass to a very exclusive promotional event for the Rolling Stones aboard a yacht on the Hudson River. It certainly inspired my work. This retrospective volume—selected from her archive of over Janis Joplin. Mary McCartney.

She wrote cookbooks and founded her own brand of frozen vegetarian meals. Annie Leibovitz and Martin Harrison. The Doors. The Who. Paul and Linda fell in love. Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic. Anthony Stewart. Limited edition of Combining travel. National Geographic Society.

Readers will discover how the magazine evolved from an idyllic view of the world. National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated with its incredible photographs. This world-class set is a cultural investment to be cherished. Our transcontinental trip starts in the Americas and Antarctica Volume 1. His challenge was to depict something as iconic—or overly familiar—as the Grand Canyon in an entirely new way.

From early black-and-white to the golden age of Kodachromes and recent digital photography. A Space Odyssey Marc Newson. Expect sharp insights into the archives of a cutting-edge designer.

Micarta is a century-old resin and fabric laminate process that has a wood-like grain. It was originally invented as an electrical insulator and was an all but obsolete material when Newson resurrected it to make limited edition chairs for his Gagosian exhibition.

Laszlo Adams. Interiors and Architecture. From massproduced products to limited edition furniture to fashion. Newson has blurred boundaries. Nicholas Foulkes. For Australian industrial designer Marc Newson.

SUMO World record for the most expensive book published in the 20th century: SUMO copy 1. SUMO Ed. The magazine page had been the constant on which he had built his career. December Helmut travelled widely. October Helmut Newton at the Frankfurt Book Fair. For here was a forceful statement.

Crespano del Grappa. SUMO is everything you need in a living room… you could even eat upon it! A ton press is needed for embossing the name of the artist in relief on the front and back bars of the table. Its size and consequent costliness. Helmut created. A Landmark Revisited Helmut always demonstrated a healthy disdain for easy or predictable solutions.. SUMO might also be interpreted as a triumph of another order. Helmut truly found his form once he settled in Paris. The student anger was defused and by the end of his talk all were ready to offer up their resounding applause for an artist with the courage and tenacity to pursue his creative instinct to the full and who.

He would surely be pleased that. He took inspiration from his nostalgic fondness for the evocative symbols of old Europe. Helmut liked to probe possibilities. In his rue Aubriot studio in the s. SUMO — a bold and. The idea of a spectacular compendium of images. Huge piles of printing sheets waiting to be bound at Legatoria LEM.

As he matured. SUMO — revised by June Newton and in a format that allows for a more democratic distribution — will reach the widest possible audience.

Over tons of paper were needed at the printer in Verona over a period of three months. A social commentator of exceptional insight. February With this book-sculpture I want to raise a monument to him. Up to six proofs per print were necessary to meet their perfectionist quality standards.

Monte Carlo. Billy Wilder admiring the portrait of his wife Audrey and him at the Taschen residence. Canal Plus. There are very few like him. Or there are none like him. I might add. It is no longer a book. April Helmut Newton. At Paris — Renzo Piano. Lille — From to Switzerland — His major completed projects since include the Culture and Convention Center in Lucerne.

Philip Jodidio studied art history and economics at Harvard University. Richard Meier. Norman Foster. Santiago Calatrava. One can truly say that this publication is Nouvel by Nouvel. Since then he has completed the Lyon Opera House — The sheer variety of the work keeps you turning the pages: Apart from receiving the Pritzker Prize.

Building a New Millennium. He has published numerous articles and books on contemporary architecture. Jean Nouvel by Jean Nouvel. Culture and Convention Center. Gold Box. Based on the original edition. He designed the rug beneath his feet on special commission. Each book includes a gemstone and is bound in white leather. New York Galerie Max Hetzler. He insists that any painting is foremost the story of its own making.

Never without a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor. Smart and often wryly funny. In his most recent work Oehlen expands painting through the use of advertising posters whose in-your-face aesthetics he transforms with subtle brushwork. Klaus Kertess examines the years from onwards.

During his career he has chosen to paint in primary colors only or in gray. An exhaustive biography and bibliography round out this comprehensive study. No 1— —— Limited to numbered copies. The artist continuously challenges himself. Roberto Ohrt discusses the early years. Hefner Hugh Hefner and Benedikt Taschen.

Chicago Club. Richard Nixon. French and Spanish translations —— Special bonus: Jack Kerouac and Ray Bradbury. A vast selection of personal photos—many previously unseen— include behind-the-scenes shots from the Playboy Mansion.

Playboy Clubs. John Lennon. Chicago —— Limited to 1. Six volumes totaling 3. Hefner and Playboy Bunnies. This sumptuous six-volume anthology celebrates the decadence. But it became more than a magazine. Special bonus: Every copy is signed and numbered and includes a 7 x 7 cm 2. It became a symbol and a voice of the sexual revolution. Forte Belvedere. The prince of prints Emilio Pucci.

Each book will be signed by his daughter Laudomia Pucci. Op Art graphics and Arabian exotica. Vintage Art Edition Hardcover in acrylic box plus portfolio with four art prints. This history of the house of Pucci is an explosion of kaleidoscopic splendour. It offers a generous range of writings that illuminate the personal. Gary Tinterow Hardcover in clamshell box.

Harald Kunde. Born in Leipzig in His scenes involve the viewer in a history that is at once mythic. Within this atlas. Only a book of truly epic scale could begin to unpack the emotional. In the late s. Rauch learned his trade behind the Iron Curtain. By Through a deep consideration of philosophy. Comprising over pages. A second shoot followed. The contributing author: Catherine Millet is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Art Press.

She is also a curator and the author of many books. All international tariffs: Diese ist notwendig, damit Ihr Telefon auch angerufen werden kann. Imagine, instead of a telephone cable your home phone had a network cable. Instead of a phone socket in the wall, you would simply connect the base of your cordless phone to the router — anywhere in the world.

You would then dial and be connected as usual. This revolutionary technology has been available for years. This is necessary so that your phone can be called too. This means that you can make and receive phone calls cheaply on your UK landline number anywhere in the world. Info Sipgate. Unfortunately shipping costs are often disproportionately high to the price of the ordered goods. But there are also online shops which offer free delivery for films, music, books and more to Portugal with no minimum order.

So nothing stands in your way of a buying a single CD or game anymore even if shipping time can take up to 10 days. However, few will be aware that there are some outstanding designers in this country. The capital Lisbon in particular is becoming more and more of a breeding ground for innovative minds and artists.

Those who want to gain an overview of Portuguese designer works and labels should take a look at www.

We have selected some of the most interesting design objects for you - all percent Portugal. Osnofa, Tel. They only use branded kitchen appliances, which are perfectly integrated into the customised kitchen modules. As base material Osnofa prefers medium dense fibreboard with applied matte and gloss fronts, glass and aluminium.

The Martinica kitchen model shown here represents cosmopolitan lifestyle combined with modern and functional design. Colourful - so what! Carlos Faria from Santo Tirso is considered one of the leading product designers in Portugal. His unusual furniture can be seen at trade-fairs in Madrid, Milan and New York. The year-old draws his inspiration from nature.

In each of his objects he tries to incorporate moments of life, impressions and emotions, variations of wind, light, colour, space, culture and history. Unlike other designers he draws all his ideas on simple paper, not on notebooks and computers. Millionaire, ein limitierter Wertschrank, ist eine Homage an den kalifornischen Goldrausch von Bei der wundervollen Form beeindruckt besonders die gezackte Tischplatte, ein Baum mit vielen Jahresringen. This name stands for a designer group from Rio Tinto, a north-eastern suburb of Porto.

Millionaire, a limited edition safe, pays homage to the Californian gold rush of Just like the designer sofa Versailles with its exuberant stucco elements, reminiscent of the 17th century or the exotic Forest bookcase left , also made of mahogany. The gilded dining table Fortuna is the materialisation of luck and fortune. The wonderful form particularly impresses with its jagged table top, a tree with many annual rings. Und wie damals wird auch heute noch jede einzelne Seife handgefertigt und von Hand verpackt.

Brito Kult, ein absolutes Must have! Schweder, founded a soap and perfume factory in Porto, whose fragrant products quickly won favour with the royal court. In Achilles and Alfonso de Brito took over the factory. And just like back then, every single bar of soap is made and packed by hand. For connoisseurs and the nostalgic Ach.

Brito is a cult, absolute must-have! Zentrum ihres gemeinsamen Lichterkosmos ist Porto Salvo bei Lissabon. Ihre Auftraggeber sind Hotels z. Das Design ist spacig, assoziiert Supernovas, Spiralnebel und Raumschiffe. Rita Muralhas and Raul Santos are actually architects, but in the two decided to venture into something new: They started Mood, their company for lamps and lighting systems, later taking young designer Filipa Maia on board.

Porto Salvo near Lisbon is the centre of their joint light cosmos. The trio only uses premium materials for creating the most daring of lighting objects, hanging and standing sculptures made of cork, wood, glass, steel and acrylic. Their clients are hotels such as the Longevity Wellness Resort in Monchique , restaurants, casinos, shops and private homes.

The design is very space-age, associating supernovae, nebulae and space ships. The wall lamp Ferrero right made of brushed aluminium and copper is typically Mood. Russische Luxusuhren made in Germany jetzt auch in Portugal Russian luxury watches made in Germany are now also available in Portugal. Aviworld, Tel. Aviworld, tel rdmaviworld vodafone. Besonders stolz ist er auf seinen Herdade dos Pimenteis Branco , der auf der Fatacil mit einer Goldmedaille ausgezeichnet wurde.

Serviert bei 6 bis 7 Grad entfaltet er eine anhaltende Frische im Mund. Leider ist dieser Wein restlos ausverkauft. Das Bouquet ist interessant: Die Tannine sind weich und samtig, der Abgang lang und nach-. Doch die beiden anderen Rotweine der Herdade brauchen sich nicht zu verstecken.

Urs Mayr. The mild afternoon sun allowed the remaining vine leaves to shine for one last time: Together with his wife Ana Sofia Pimentel, he cultivates about 20 hectares. Meanwhile Paulo has gathered enough know-how for himself to be able to produce good wines.

He is particularly proud of his Herdade dos Pimenteis Branco , which was awarded a gold medal at Fatacil The white wine is clear lemon yellow, possesses a fine acidity and gives off a multitude of aromas, with the fruitiness of the Moscatel grape clearly dominating.

Served at 6 to 7 degrees it develops a lasting freshness in the mouth. Unfortunately this wine is completely sold out. The bouquet is interesting: The elegant red has also convinced neutral testers from Northern Portugal.

They awarded the Reserva with the Grande Medalha de Ouro grand gold medal for the best red wine of the region at the Concurso de Vinhos do Algarve The wine reveals a beautiful ruby red in the glass, convinces with wonderful scents of wild berries and blackberries, plum, chocolate, vanilla and spices.

The tannins are soft and velvety, the finish long and lasting. The Vinho Regional can be found on the menu of many restaurants in the area. Robust, powerful, and good, the Touriga Nacional is deep red, while boasting flavours of cherry, raspberry, mocha and liquorice, making it quite complex and a fine drop for quiet enjoyment Urs Mayer. Die Algarve mag zwar eine 3. Hier holten sich die Winzer bereits Mitte des Kommen wir zum Wein. Nach dem Eguren-. Simply because these vintages from Rioja and Toro are of exceptional quality and were recently presented by leading winemaker Marcos Eguren at a tasting event in the Algarve for wine makers, wine experts, restaurant owners and connoisseurs.

The Algarve may be able to boast some years of wine history, but local winemakers only started producing wines of good quality within the last 20 years. Here winemakers were already visiting neighbouring France in the mid 19th century to gain an insight into their expertise.

And they let their wines mature in barricas, oak barrels holding litres, which gave the wine its distinctive character. Nowadays Crianza, Reserva and Gran. Reserva, the Rioja premium wines, are among the best wines in the world. This is of course not only due to the barrels, the Tempranillo grapes, the numerous microclimates, the different soil conditions, and the combination of traditional modern growing methods, but above all to the philosophy of the respective winegrowers and their respect for the environment.

The pomegranate-red, El Puntido , aged in the barrel for 16 months, seduces with aromas of cassis, ripe cherries, cinnamon, a velvety texture, melting tannins and a pronounced mineral edge. She will bring untold joy until and beyond. Another collector of awards and highest points is the Finca El Bosque - crimson coloured in. Named after a Eguren ancestor, the Amancio , is a large, mighty red wine full of harmony and freshness, a bouquet of strawberries, ripe blackberries, vanilla, aniseed, liquorice, exotic woods and graphite, which ignites a long-lasting flavour explosion on the palate.

Toro with a mysterious, deep red colour, a silky texture, intense aromas of ripe wild berries, soft oak wood and oriental spices, ripe in tannins, very complex with a lasting, beautiful finish. The superlative Koh-i-Noor Mountain of Light of the Eguren collection is the Alabaster , a perfect creation of individually picked grapes, ripened on ancient vines, aged twice in barrels made from French oak.

The colour, a velvet-black ruby; the bouquet beguiling, exhilarating: In a few years, this wine will be one of the very greatest in the world.

Der Eichelschinken aus dem Hinterland von Huelva ist so zart und aromatisch, dass er. Unser Tipp: Das Beste kommt auch in diesem Fall zum Schluss: However they also love Spanish cuisine and share a weakness for tapas — the tapas they are served in the bodegas of Barcelona or the Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville.

The concept of wine, sherry and beer combined with a multitude of hot and cold appetisers appears to be crisis-proof. You dine in a rustic feel-good atmosphere, surrounded by good wines and spicy legs of ham, dangling from the ceiling.

The walls are decorated with bottle labels and old wooden boxes in which expensive red wines were once packaged. As an appetizer Picos — Spanish bread sticks — and olives are on the table. The companion to match comes from the Ribera del Duero, a Finca Villacreces Pruno , boasting an intense crimson-red not dissimilar to the gourmet ham, while convincing with a wonderful fragrance, strong tannins and intense smoked and woody notes. Wine guru Robert Parker awarded this likeable red wine 94 points.

The baconwrapped scallops, mushrooms in Greek vinaigrette, smoked salmon parcels with herb cream, meatballs with sweet chilli sauce, puntillitas, fried baby octopus, calamari with aioli, and pork cheeks braised in red wine make for a convincing line-up. Our tip: Atteca Armas Old Vines , a fine wine, dark velvet red in colour, bursting with aromas of wild berries, blackcurrant, pepper, silky tannins and a lasting finish that is compatible with both Stilton and with some slices of fine German goose breast, cooked at a low temperature for eight hours, with fruit compote or a homemade meringue tart with raspberries.

Followed by a Brandy Infante Gran Reserva and a toast to hedonism. Das gelang ihm recht erfolgreich im Pestana Hotel und im Onze in Carvoeiro. Bom apetite!

Bacalhau im Schinkenmantel Bacalhau wrapped in ham. Die Haut vom Kabeljau entfernen und mit einer Scheibe Schinken aufrollen ggf. Safransauce Zutaten: Blumenkohl mit Speck Zutaten: After stopovers in Malaga and Nerja Andalusia , he supported a restaurant project in Venezuela before he decided to go to Portugal, where he has endeavoured to combine elements of South American and Mediterranean cuisine for the last five years.

This he has done with great success at the Pestana Hotel and Onze restaurant in Carvoeiro. Since March , the adventurous Venezuelan chef has been at the Taste restaurant in Carvoeiro, surprising guests. Saffron sauce Ingredients: Bring the white wine with saffron to taste to the boil for 2 minutes , add cream, salt and pepper, leave to simmer, stirring constantly so the sauce does not separate.

Add the chives and cook for about a further 5 minutes on a low heat. Cauliflower with Bacon Ingredients: Mashed Potatoes Ingredients: For Algarve Vida readers he has prepared fresh cod fillets with Parma ham and saffron sauce. Es passt hervorragend zu erlesenen Speisen und besticht durch einen vielschichtigen Duft. The beer goes perfectly with fine food and captivates with its multi-layered fragrance.

The beverage is served well chilled in half-filled medium-sized wine glasses. Remove skin from cod and roll up with a slice of ham if necessary hold together with toothpick. Fry on all sides with in a little olive oil for minutes in a very hot pan. Anscheinend kann sich der Platz das jedoch leisten. Zu dem besonderen und anregenden Spiel gesellt sich ein beispielloses Spielererlebnis, das bereits im Moment des Eintreffens im Clubhaus beginnt.

Andrew Lang. The thing is, though, it seems that it can afford to be. Designed by no less than the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus, the par 72 championship course is monumental from the outset, developing over an enormous area to ensure that each hole seems as if lost in the countryside, unseen from other holes.

This is a real treat, unlike anything else in the Algarve, making the whole experience a more private affair for players, as any sense of other players on the course is almost removed.

Indeed, this feeling is further reinforced by the extended intervals between tee times that the management insists on ensuring. Opened for play in the summer of , the stunningly designed course has settled gracefully into the scenery in the. The jaw-dropping views and the all-pervading silence, punctured now and again by birdsong and the sound of the breeze rolling round the contours, provides the perfect backdrop for inspired play.

And you will feel inspired here, with the truly impeccable maintenance levels of the course and obsessive attention to detail only adding to the many reasons to enjoy a round. Golf on the grandest of scales, the huge expanses of fairways and spotless greens are joined by equally impressive bunkering and natural water features, with Nicklaus truly a master of sand and water placement.

Exceptional and thought-provoking play is joined by unprecedented player experience, which begins the moment you arrive at the clubhouse. Bag drop and valet parking services are followed by a unique meet-and-greet and escort service, where players, in their personal, sparkling buggy, complete with towels, tee pegs, ice box and water, are taken out to the driving range, before being guided on time to the first tee. The pampering continues as you leave the 18th, with an escort back to the clubhouse, where you can leave your clubs to be cleaned and returned to your car without lifting a finger.

Jack Nicklaus Golf Manager: David Shepherd Pro: James Beesley Max. Herren - 24; Damen - 32 Handicap Zertifikat erforderlich Max. Men — 24; Ladies — 32 Handicap certificate required Kleiderordnung: Buggy, etc. Standort Location: Malcolm McDuff. Als im Jahrhundert der Fluss zunehmend versandete, verlor Aljezur seine Bedeutung als Hafen.

Skulpturen, die an den Todestag von Dom Henrique erinnern Statues, commemorating the th anniversary of the death of Prince Henry. To protect the town against their enemies, they erected a virtually impregnable fortress, complemented by an ingenious system of small forts, defence towers and solid walls stretching right to the river. According to tradition, the water is said to have turned red with their blood.

Looking onto the small town from the Largo do Mercado, it seems hard to believe that Aljezur once was an important port, from which fabric, grains, dried fruits, honey, olive oil, spices and medical herbs were shipped to Lisbon, Flanders, Castile and North Africa. Chef Victor Esteves When the river silted up more and more in the 16th and 17th century, Aljezur lost its importance as a port. After the catastrophic earthquake in , which destroyed large parts of the old town, epidemics spread among the surviving residents, causing the Bishop of Faro to rebuild the city on the opposite side of the river.

Nowadays the majority of the population lives in the new town, built around the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Alva. Restaurants and tasquinhas from the area offer sweet potatoes in all imaginable guises and variations, deep fried, stewed, boiled, baked, as chips and pureed, or as an ingredient in cookies, pastries and cakes.

Also on offer are regional products such as honey, medronho, jams, knitwear, baskets, pottery, laces, wood carvings, wine, jewellery, shoes, organic vegetables, swimming ponds and wooden pavilions. But nothing tops the purple tuber with the sweet yellow flesh, with 30 tons sold, peeled and eaten.

Incidentally, since August the Batata doce de Aljezur boasts protected designation of origin of the EU. Startpunkt ist der Parkplatz neben der Fica Bem. Auch 90 Minuten. A ke und das wild wuchernde Pflanzendickicht sind der ide- look at the map Algarve hiking guide or www. The starting point is the car park next to the Fica Bem.

There is lush vegetation along the stream. Ash trees, poplars, tamarisks, silver willows, palms, snowball bushes, sugar canes, reeds, blackberry bushes, orchids and oleander are the perfect habitat for kingfishers, tits, bee-eaters, herons, blackbirds, nightingales, blackcaps, grouses and bats. Iberian frogs, small fish, newts, salamanders, and terrapins live in the water. Otters are also at home here, but unfortunately, this species can only be observed rarely.

You can reach the other side via concrete stepping stones and then follow the path south. After heavy rainfall, the area from the ford at the picnic area to the old draw well is flooded in many places and difficult to pass. The western river bank consists mainly of slate soil. Terrapin above , paradise for Iberian water frogs, Holm and cork oaks, juniper, wild thyme and rosemary, burnet newts and salamanders centre , cork oaks of the roses, carob and strawberry trees grow here.

The bridge at the Estrada do Olival leads you back to the starting point. Length of hike: Counter crisis culture Although the government has reduced the film subsidy budget to practically zero, some films created in Portugal in found broad recognition. Culture would be a feasible means to forge a path out of the current crisis.

Beides wandert jetzt in die Historienkiste. The festive programme included Portuguese music group OqueStrada, whose musical roots lie in folk and pop, but also include hip-hop, Greek melodies and ska as well as incorporating traditional African and South American rhythms in their compositions.

The group sees itself as a mobile cabaret stage and plays not only traditional but also unconventional and improvised instruments. Marta Miranda always wears a floral print dress and a flower during their performances, which gives a traditional appearance to her stage presence. Deconstruction Am Samstag, den A large section of the work evolved from studying multiple layered advertising posters repeatedly pasted over the previous image. Because of the nature of the work, we needed to build the image without too much thought of expectation or presentation to resemble those natural and elemental forces.

The sculpture and three-dimensional pieces were constructed with the same value and approach, including the introduction of humor to highlight the often-absurd remnants of urban neglect. The exhibition represents approximately one third of the complete body of work.

Die Mannschaft bezieht vom 5. Just like last year, successful football coach Mirko Slomka and German first division team Hannover 96 have chosen the Algarve to prepare for the second half of the season. Von — hat er in Deutschland mit seinen damaligen Teams einige Titel geholt.

Between and he won several titles with his former team in Germany. In the Algarve, where the entrepreneur has been active in the window and door industry for several years, he has now found a new vocation with the American Pirates.

Aber im Flieger gibt es gesundheitliche Risiken, die to fly. Hat man die nicht, kann der Zugang zum Flugzeug verman ernst nehmen sollte. Die Sinatra gesungen.

Es stimmt, dass die Luft in Ebenso steckenden Krankheit nicht zu fliegen. Kauen und Schlucken kann helfen, oder auch ein Nasenspray. Unter Vorlage eines Attestes wird man Ihnen das genehmigen.


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