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download Different People - The Flower Kings - Stardust We Are (CD, Album) full album

Label: Foxtrot Records - FOX CD 018 Format: 2x, CD Album Country: Sweden Genre: Rock Style: Prog Rock

Especially on the final track. I guess either you like it or not. My Grade: Upgrade now for ad free listening and unlimited song skips. There are some guitar shots in jazzy style. For me, they embody everything I love about prog music. The Flower Kings.

Feedback Email: How can we make your Slacker Radio experience better? News updates on Slacker Radio. Want more news? Less news? No news? Manage News Not now. Message Loading The two hours of music on Stardust We Are completed a four-album run in a little less than four years. Different People 6: Kingdom Of Lies 5: If 28 2: Ghost Of The Red Cloud 4: Hotel Nirvana 1: Stardust We Are This happens in the track "The Man Who Walked With Kings", whose retro-style of a soft pipe-organ introduces the main section, characterized by a stunning melodic guitar-solo, despite of being much in the vein of Andy Latimer!!

Anyway in my opinion the best track of the album is the mini-suite "Circus Brimstone", whose profuseness of mellotron, in the chorus section, reminds us of "Hybris" by ANGLAGARD; but these latter however stand on another planet, that F. The second disc is a bit discontinuous, as from the presence of a couple of commercial tracks, even though in the instrumental "Don of the Universe" F.

Finally -regardless of a couple of forgettable tracks "Different People and "Ghost of the Red Clouds" and some normal songs. I like to talk about the last suite honestly too much long - the title track - which is their best effort so far Moreover the religious and spiritual lyrics are quite interesting!! Recommended, along with "FLOWER KINGS" in some circumstances only and "Retropolis", their best albums even though - unfortunately - their last productions begin to fall into the common places of such psychedelic prog music and metal prog too!!

And of course they cannot fulfill the wishes of everybody. But I think their hardcore fans appreciate everything they are offering and are happy about every extra song of them, no matter which style it is. For me they are probably the only band I know which are able to let the most emotional song not sound like sob stuff, because their compositions are all the time of highest quality and there are very few songs with a really simple structure.

A song which is an essential on all their concerts. After a short interlude Just This Once is following, which is really not less interesting with plenty of joyful sounds and tunes. Then we have Poor Mr. As well the next track The Man Who Walked With Kings is a rather quiet instrumental piece, almost drifting towards a New-Age sound before fortunately guitars are setting in again.

After all this relaxed but not boring I would say music the sound is shifting quite dramatically with the weird trip through the Circus Brimstone where we can listen once again to all musicians at their very best.

Last track on this CD is Compassion , again a rather quiet one with dramatic vocals. First CD is really brilliant! The whole song is in a very melancholic mood. Nevertheless great keyboard playing and rhythm section.

Don Of The Universe is an oriental inspired song with nice sitar and tablas, nothing special, rather pop-ish but well done and a very nice listen. I love it! Then there is just a short jazzy interlude followed by a few rather pop-ish songs, of which I would call Kingdom Of Lies the weakest one. Hotel Nirvana has a rather dark sound and is leading to the only real highlight of the second CD, the title theme of the album.

Symphonic prog at its very best with many variations, great solos and grooving sections inbetween. The first CD of this album is definitely the better one and would deserve a rating of 4. So finally the whole album is coming to 3 and a half star actually I would say! Not really an essential one in prog but still very good!

I was already curious of this band since the guitar player from Transatlantic is the Flower Kings leader. What a nice purchase I made! Starts with ELP-influenced Hammond organ riffing which introduces the main theme which has an anthemic organ riff and processed vocals.

It later turns into a carefully arranged instrumental section which eventually transitions itself back into the main theme. A Room With A View: Nevertheless, this is one of the weakest songs in this album.

It features great church organ playing and vocal harmonies. It is a very optimistic song. Acoustic guitar transition 6. This one does show the technical talents of the band as the next one does, but it still is among the best pieces in Stardust We Are. Circus Brimstone A-: The playing is very difficult and overly complex, making it a challenging track but ultimately satisfying during the first minutes of the song.

I find the Backward vocals amusing, but what follows is a bit too playful to me. Overall, a very scary song for anyone afraid of clowns. Crying Clown: This Roger Waters influenced song gives a message of loving and accepting all people around you. The music is repetitive and slowly builds into a climax which features the electric guitar. The second half of the song is very electronic sounding and reminds listeners of Vangelis, but it is completely unnecessary and you can just skip it.

Pipes Of Peace: Great transition that uses Stardust we Are melodies. It is a mellow track that ends with a longish guitar solo. The Merrygoround B: This is a happy track with good musicianship. Not the greatest song, but the last minutes feature very good guitar playing. Don Of The Universe B: The Stardust we Are Melodies are heard here as well.

It seems like filler, but it is still a good instrumental. A Day At The Mall: A good pop song, but nothing groundbreaking. Kingdom Of Lies C-: Good lyrics, and nice melodies, but nothing special. It screams filler. If Great piano melodies that are later heard in the title track. Hotel Nirvana: It is a phenomenal epic song filled with quality-melodies, substantial instrumental music, and unforgettable refrains near the end.

This is their most coherent epic to date, and possible their most satisfying one. All in all this is an outstanding album from the Flower Kings. This band seems to be the best of the modern prog rockers. I hope they still continue Making more music. My Grade: But he has this addiction to make too long albums, with some memorable songs, while other songs are just forgettable And "Stardust We Are" is a good example Just This Once just a little boring and without soul song The rest of the record is pretty good, even excellent most of the time.

But there are more things I miss in this album. Despite the forgettable moments, Stolt managed to improve the songwriting, offering his first long epic, Stardust We Are, the great highlight of the album! Best songs: In the Eyes of the World strong and dynamic opening Church of Your Heart a great keyboards work My rating: I believe there must be good thing beside bad thing we are experiencing. Bad thing? Nothing wrong with amazon as actually the CD is already in town but I still cannot pick it up.

So, I played this album altogether with "Flower Power" since last week to kill the waiting time of "Paradox Hotel". What I find now is a terrific experience because I enjoy the album very much. Oh my God It combines great melody, stunning guitar work and harmonious vocals. Everything moves smoothly from start to end. Roine Stolt plays his guitar with his "heart" as he plays really soft and wonderful!

Nggeblak man! Disc One The opening track "In The Eyes of The World" kicks off the album wonderfully with great pulsating keyboard by Bodin combined with stunning guitar work by Stolt and harmonious vocals. Structure-wise this track is relatively straight forward but it has rich styles and tempo changes.

Stream or buy on: Styles Neo-Prog Prog-Rock. Recording Date December, - April, Recording Location Vppsala, Sweden. Quirky Theatrical. Track Listing - Disc 1. In the Eyes of the World. Roine Stolt. The Flower Kings. A Room With a View. Tomas Bodin. Just This Once. Stardust We Are is the third studio album by the progressive rock band The Flower Kings , which was released in All songs written and composed by Roine Stolt , except where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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