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download Chaconne - Bradford Gowen, Henry Cowell, George Perle, Samuel Adler, Robert Evett, Frederic Goossen, Wendell Keeney - Exultation (Vinyl, LP, Album) full album

Label: New World Records - NW 304 Format: Vinyl LP, Album Country: US Genre: Classical

Sing Out! The anthology includes both authentic cowboy music and early pseudo-cowboy songs by the movie and radio stars who popularized the genre. Intonation and diction are superb. All students, regardless. TyersSmyrna: King s Table Marty Ehrlich, alto sax, soprano sax, flute, alto flute, George Perle, bass clarinet; Sam Furnace, alto sax, soprano sax; Andy Laster, alto sax, flute; Gene Ghee, tenor sax; Andrew White, tenor sax; Alex Harding, baritone sax The pieces given rousing interpretations are among those the George Perle Julius Hemphill never got around to recording himself This the most revelatory CD to come my way this year.

Albert, by contrast, revels in his greater traditionalism. The Juilliard Orchestra sounds remarkably polished.

New World provides warm and detailed recordings, probably their best ever. The Village Voice Both Balinese and new music fans should enjoy this. Each was tailored specifically for Thomas Stacy, probably the instrument s most celebrated virtuoso, and he performs each work splendidly. A disc that in every way is a pleasure to play.

This great orchestra responds to every challenge, virtuosic and textural, that these three composers ask of it.

American Music. The recorded sound is bright and clean. A terrific release. Study No. You cannot possibly remain indifferent. Bartlett, George F. Jerome Hopkins, William Mason, George William Warren Ivan Davis, piano They range from delicate waltzes, outgoing polkas and spirited marches to rippling water pieces, elegiac memorials and Bristow s cascading, pre-impressionist Dream Land.

Broken Sequences, Passacaglia from Four Studies on Basic Rows Peter Serkin, piano All the works here are valuable nuggets from this century, played with the allegiance to line and thrust and to structure that illuminate what is meant by musical integrity.

Le Dizes-Richard plays with absolute assurance, and has an obvious understanding of this music on both technical and aesthetic levels.. The program is wide-ranging and very good indeed. Davidovici sounds a masterful player. The sonics are absolutely top drawer. Abe and Harvey are sensitive, committed, and energetic proponents of this music, and they make the case well. To me it seems a model for how to present electroacoustic music. Excellent sound.

This is a valuable collection and I recommend it unreservedly. Beautifully balanced Abbey Road sound. The recorded sound is just right. Intonation and diction are superb. Because of the fine selection of works and excellent singing and interpretations of the choir, this disc is worth a place in the library of serious choral conductors.

The second disc features beautiful vocal music from the period between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Luke s Chamber Ensemble, Judith Clurman Recommended to choral music buffs who like to look outside of the English tradition.

It is a significant and inspiring musical document He was a sharer of what makes for a listener s or a composer s delight. The Official B. A Midnight Chase The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, Rick Benjamin, conductor A hundred years later, we can thank the always-reliable Paragon Ragtime Orchestra for bringing these brilliant arrangements back to our attention.

March, all presented like precious diamonds in Alford s creative settings and performed with panache and decorous swing by the Paragons. Bernstein s score proud. Playing it for the first time was like stepping out onto a cloud.

Highest recommendation. What a treasure chest! Talkin Broadway Herbert s passion for his Irish homeland keeps the music lilting and sparkling through three short acts of Irish rebellion, British snootiness, and cross-cultural romance. The New Yorker This set is the culmination of two decades of research, social anthropology and painstaking forensic reconstruction. And I can t think of a more worthwhile task musical archaeology that needed doing than rescuing Joplin s sole surviving opera from obscurity and misunderstandings This is the most important document about the history of American composed music to have appeared in a long, long time.

This well-chosen anthology of twenty songs, the first-ever comprehensive survey of Jordan s remarkable output, features several of his most popular hits, including Lovie Joe, the song that made Fanny Brice a star.

The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra s performances sound as authentic as you could wish. They are bouncy, joyous and full of vaudevillian touches: Benjamin s piano, which is featured solo on some tracks, is sensitive, yet swings when required I guarantee that you will be intoxicated by the score s melodies and disarmed by the enchanting performance The performances likewise capture the moment, Evans Haile conducting with the same panache we heard on his much praised recording of Babes in Arms.

Buy it! Stereophile How luxurious to have one of the most luscious of Rodgers and Hart scores in its near-entirety, with original or near-original orchestrations Opera News. The voices are spot-on firmly music-theatre and not opera slumming it. There are no weak entries in the singer roster or anywhere else for that matter. Weisgall s atonal lyricism is astringent yet authentic, an expression of character, not compositional artifice. The New York Times An absolute delight Six Characters belongs in the collection of everyone who cares about opera in America.

This Is the Life! Old Negro Melody traditional, arr. Harry T. Burleigh , Hey There! Hi There! Tyers , Sambo: Tyers , Smyrna: Tyers , Strut Miss Lizzie fox trot, J. Will H. Vodery , Swing Along! Those who think ragtime begins and ends with Scott Joplin are in for a pleasant surprise, while aficionados no doubt will treasure this uniquely enjoyable disc. Dixon , Breath of Autumn concert waltz, Will H.

Johns , Nobody Bert A. Williams , Oh! You Devil rag, Ford T. Sweatman , Valse Angelique J. The initial inspiration behind this effort was James Weldon Johnson s fascinating history book Black Manhattan, which described the evolution of New York s black music and theater communities from the s through the s. Through its pages, Johnson brought to life an amazing group of achievers musicians, writers, stage performers, and businessmen whose work profoundly transformed the cultural life of this nation Add an authoritative page booklet that sheds new light on many of these African American composers The performances all have a sense of style Notes with song texts are included, with a useful bibliography.

Lake , Dramatic Agitato No. Andino , Furioso T. Schertzinger , Pizzicato Misterioso No. Zamecnik , Savage Carnival: Gramophone This is an exemplary recording that reaffirms Abrams s status as one of this era s boldest and most consistently rewarding composers in or out of jazz. And Ehrlich is a young master in peak form. Boston Phoenix Abrams and Ehrlich are both supremely lyrical players, working the smallest sonic fragments into passionate and evocative waves of color.

To hear them do this together is a real treat especially with this kind of sonic clarity and closeness. Adams bops and shuffles through infectious stomps and zany romps, and also throws in a couple of sweet and sour ballads. This is one jazz avant-gardist with a sense of humor. The adventurous will be rewarded. The Sevens is a fine album They honk, funk, scream and slow dirge, and come laughingly back on a disc full of ambitious original material. This Box is a complete package.

A music as filled with enthralling new sounds as Hendrix s was. Gramophone Dick is the Hendrix of his instrument. Douglas is a major talent, and this is an important album. Stereo Review Pungent horns and hard swing Imaginatively conceived, a creative breakthrough for Dresher and Rothenberg.

Parran, narrator, soprano and bass sax; Lisa Parrott, baritone sax, bass clarinet; Jason Robinson, tenor sax; Warren Smith, vibraphone, percussion; James Weidman, piano; Matt Wilson, drums; James Zollar, trumpet; Marty Ehrlich, conductor It s one of the most lustrous pairings of music and text I know of offhand, and everything else here is equally stirring. National Public Radio This densely rich album, which is chock-full of interesting ideas, yields rewards with repeated spins.

Editor s Choice, Downbeat One hates to abuse the word masterpiece, but surely A Trumpet in the Morning will go down as a major statement from veteran reed player Marty Ehrlich, [who] marshals a sound of extraordinary power and beauty. Stereophile JAZZ A rewarding outing. The Boston Phoenix Exciting and adventurous music by three masterful improvisors who make music unlike anything else you ve heard.

From , seven tunes, five of them by Ricky Ford, the then year-old tenor saxophonist and member of the Charles Mingus band and leader of the session. Great compositions and strong improvising from the soloists.

Allen, trumpet; Don Byron, clarinet A delightful record, brimming over with great tunes, clever musical puns, and timbrally rich sound. Rich in detail and spirit, this is everything an homage should be. King s Table Marty Ehrlich, alto sax, soprano sax, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet; Sam Furnace, alto sax, soprano sax; Andy Laster, alto sax, flute; Gene Ghee, tenor sax; Andrew White, tenor sax; Alex Harding, baritone sax The pieces given rousing interpretations are among those the late Julius Hemphill never got around to recording himself It s a gorgeous album, bristling with intelligence and soaked in the blues.

However, each successive album is so distinctive that it hinders a thumbnail profile. Is he a composer with excellent instincts as an improviser?

Is he an improviser whose sound installations, film scores, and numerous commissions and fellowships place him beyond category? All of the above is the obvious correct answer. Sure-handed swing, combined with harmonies that span the entire light to dark spectrum, infuses a CD that melds abstraction with a solid structure.

Rodriguez, percussion; Jim Nolet, violin We don t want jazz to stagnate. But how should it evolve? The Jazz Passengers may provide some answers. Option Runs the gamut from European street music to modern classical, all arranged with textural inventiveness and a compelling moodiness.

Down Beat Eclectic brand of musical minestrone The Kamikazes make a noise like no other Leaves you hungry for more. Music this well-crafted and imaginative gives chamber jazz a good name. Poetry in motion; Recording: A beautiful piece of work, a most emotionally satisfying effort.

Stereo Review Fans of jazz, new music, poetry, and theater will all find an edifying amalgamation of entertainment here. But there are some genuine depths here as well. Terrific; Recording: Morris is one of the post-jazz movement s best composers. Dust to Dust is full of contrasting textures and dynamics. A Conduction Collection Out of print CD Box Set individual discs still available see next page Conducting is no longer a mere method for an interpretation, but an actual part of the process of composition.

Conduction is a means by which a conductor may compose, re orchestrate, re arrange and sculpt both notated and non-notated music. Using a vocabulary of signs and gestures, many within the general glossary of traditional conducting, the conductor may alter or initiate rhythm, melody, and harmony; develop form and structure; and instantaneously change articulation, phrasing, and meter. Conduction is a viable musical tool for the improvising ensemble.

Butch Morris Recorded in nine countries, the music is surprisingly coherent. In Turkey, using a band of mostly local musicians, the music takes on a stunning, solemn quality. In Tokyo, with a group of musicians using traditional Japanese instruments, along with turntables and electric basses, it takes on different colors.

Noise and music mix; at times it s wild, at others, meditative. The New York Times When the musical history of the 20th century comes to be written, Testament will provide one of its most essential chapters.

There are many wonders in Testament, which has to be heard, and heard again, to be believed. Downbeat 37 JAZZ. Bruce Ackley, sop. Deane, trombone, live sampling; Janet Grice, bassoon; Bill Horvitz. Deane, trombone, live sampling; Elizabeth Panzer, harp; Brandon Ross, ac. Cherry Blossom, Angelica F. Angelica Festival of International Music Conduction American Connection 4 Conduction Deane, trombone, live sampling; Motoharu Yoshizawa, e.

This is a vision of history as through-street, not a cul-de-sac, and that s always been a hallmark of great jazz. Guyton, Jr. One of the best jazz records of The Village Voice Nix has crafted a witty debut album that walks a fine line between freedom and tradition, sort of Wes Montgomery in the Twilight Zone.

The Boston Phoenix. Pavone leads an edgy ensemble over angular vamp settings Tepito , quietly rich tone poems Old and New Dreams , and more intense free-form explorations Walking Mystery Man. Toulon Days is also tenorist Joshua Redman s recording debut Pavone injects aggressive forward motion, inspiring driving improvisations from his collaborators.

Rolling Stone Five stars! Keeps you on your toes! Hooks the listener with infectious melodies and unorthodox rhythms before turning to stylistic change-ups, unexpected twists, and intriguing harmonies.

Each piece is loaded with details and surprises. Theirs is a challenging music, with rewards for the listener who desires to push music in new directions. Downbeat ROVA: An essential album. It will take you down forgotten little streams in your mind and swell them with rivers of sound as Taylor pours notes on your ears.

For me, there is sometimes the impression of an inspired wizard and his five disciples conversing at midnight, chewing over ideas, rephrasing them, listening; at other times, I m attracted chiefly to the cathartic, exquisitely controlled violence. Music of Jim McNeely Trumpets: Dick Oatts Lead alto and soprano saxophones, flute , Billy Drewes alto and soprano saxophones, flute , Rich Perry tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute , Ralph LaLama tenor sax.

Jim McNeely, piano; John Riley, drums; Dennis Irwin, bass Far from a nostalgia act, this piece orchestra is the real deal, a living testament to the beauty and artistry of big-band music. Varner s work both as an instrumentalist and as a composer This is brainy, swinging stuff - serious, intellectual music that doesn t drown in its own earnestness. Varner handles this eclectic program with fresh ideas and great playing.

When you put it together, the resultant product is a work of great power and beauty. Many of the songs come from the Enemy Way, a rite designed to exorcise Navajo warriors of the harmful ghosts of outsiders and slain enemies.

The liner notes, by ethnomusicologist Charlotte Heth, are especially thorough. Their dances are accompanied by singing, drumming, rattles, and the swishing of the elaborate costumes worn by the dancers. In all, this is a useful document of musical traditions that may be disappearing This disc contains a variety of love songs, dances, gambling songs and ceremonial music.

The music presents a variety of themes showing the wit, charm, and love of the people. The four turtle dance songs recorded here accompany an annual ceremony performed on the winter solstice. They celebrate sons and daughters, youth, renewal, grace, beauty and fertility.

Sprague; Texas Ruby; John White; Marc Williams; Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys Genuine cowboy music songs that talk about the lives of actual cowboys instead of spinning myths has persisted as a small country-folk subgenre, the history of which is traced in a two-disc anthology. The song collection surveys half a century of recorded cowboy songs. The anthology includes both authentic cowboy music and early pseudo-cowboy songs by the movie and radio stars who popularized the genre.

The direct product of the British Broadside and Scotch-Irish folk music, the traditional folk music of New England is primarily vocal expression, through which family stories and popular legends are passed from generation to generation.

Some play home-made instruments, some have toured the world, and all have an energy that only comes from a deep love for the music they play. The liner notes include a history of Puerto Rican and Cuban New York as well as descriptions of all the different musical styles represented. The dark dirges and morbid religious hymns were used for death rituals such as wakes, funeral processions, and burials. The bailes, on the other hand, were performed by guitarists and violinists at birthday parties, weddings, and other high-spirited occasions where dancing was not only permissible, but essential.

This recording features thirty-nine songs that offer us insights into Shaker aspiration and Shaker faith. A cappella gospel from Jefferson County, Alabama. The heart-felt singing, layers of powerful harmonies, and emotional exclamations situate them firmly in the tradition of the great a cappella groups that are the backbone of gospel music.

Goldie Hamilton ; Barbara Allen I. Included in the slipcase is a page booklet with extensive, excellent notes and song lyrics.

This impeccably chosen and beautifully sequenced program is further proof of the extraordinarily rich musical lega. Reissued from the original New World LP. Quite a package, this one, with superb liner notes and a perfect path for those newly venturing into the realms of American roots music and its antecedents. Sing Out! Lena Bare Turbyfill and Mrs. Allison s Sacred Harp Singers a valuable resource for anyone interested in traditional American folk songs.

Informative and well-written essays and song notes From a social and historical standpoint Wiregrass is a valuable document. The singing was much like what I ve heard at tiny Primitive Baptist churches - powerful octogenarians denying despair with their defiant faith. Songs from The B. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. To hear the previously forsaken musicians reaffirming the contours of their heritage is to experience a profound reawakening Billboard. Curriculum Vita Personal Timothy D.

Guitar Education Degree Educational. Music is. Music at Cashmere Opportunities in Music: California Summer Music CSM is a thriving environment for young performers and composers to learn, grow, and achieve their goals through the unique experience of music making. Every summer, we provide. This booklet will give you an overview of the diversity of instrumental lessons and music opportunities available to students. Department of Music Department Of Music The Saint Mary s College Department of Music prepares experts in the field of music for the next generation, encouraging women as performers, composers, and leaders.

Get into music with Havering Music School Tuition from only 6. Instrumental Lessons at Ivybridge Community College At Ivybridge Community College we have an amazing group of instrumental teachers who offer private instrumental lessons on a variety of instruments. Thursday, July 4 Location: Paramus High School Starting time: Intended for non-majors or students with. Women at Work Irene Haupt has been documenting the Buffalo arts scene.

Discover boundless harmonies. The best musicians, sourced from around the world, are brought together. Branscome, Ph. International Piano Series, Magnetic South,. Jesse Lewis A music producer, recording engineer and cellist devoted to the communication of great performances through music technology. Active in planning and producing commercial music products. A performer. The QCAA has no responsibility regarding implementation. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation: Visit our website to hear samples of our work: National Standards for Music Education 1.

Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music. Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music. As I look back on my many years with the National Repertory. Music Performances Roosevelt University About Roosevelt University is a national leader in educating socially conscious citizens for active and dedicated lives as leaders in their professions and.

Fill in the template. Background A young, dynamic, and energetic fast learner with love for music and technical background in different musical genres, looking to share my skills on piano, organ, harpsichord, orchestra and.

Biography Since , the Gaudete Brass Quintet has committed itself to presenting serious brass chamber music through compelling concerts, commissioning new works and adventurous recordings. The group. I have enjoyed every single day of the entire six weeks period and I would recommend the Festival to any. Choral Scholarships at King s Stephen Cleobury Director of Music I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the musical opportunities offered at King s for many years, and have seen succeeding generations of.

Six artistic disciplines are offered:. MUSIC The music program within the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences offers a broad base for understanding music as an art form and as a social, economic, and political practice. All students, regardless. Students will: Personal Choice and Vision: Students construct and solve problems of personal relevance and interest when expressing themselves through A.

Demonstrate how musical elements communicate meaning. Bruce Brown, Chair Audrejean M. See page 12 of this handbook or contact Christine Kissack. Music with Teacher Certification EC This degree is designed to train students for careers in the professional world of music performance. The Painter of Chefs Christopher M. The encore we ve been waiting for. On a typical weekday, the E. Fine and Performing Arts, Music.

TERudolph aol. Join us right after Convocation in the lobby of the brand-new Jack H. Miller Center. We look forward to meeting you in person when you come for your audition and want your.

Music Faculty: Nafziger James K. Richardson Anne Waltner Major: Music Concentrations: Compose in specific styles that. Music Teacher Biographies Upper Canada College is privileged to have 15 private instrumental music teachers who complement our curricular music programs. They all teach at both the Prep and Upper School. There are also three small rooms which. All abilities are welcome with repertoire. Music 1 Music The study of music develops skills which will serve the student well in any career: A student graduating with the B.

Grandma s Living Room The only props will. Fine and Performing Arts Award Type: Degree The Fine and Performing Arts curriculum offers instruction in theory, practice and history. These three areas of study provide the foundation.

Contact information: Commercial Music, Performance Emphasis A. Applicants must first. The training environment. Frequently Asked Questions: Applied Music Lessons Do I need to have experience playing an instrument to take lessons? We welcome aspiring musicians of all levels of experience. What instruments can. Start now, it s worth it Plan for your dream job and know your career options Studying. A maximum. Paul s Schools. These private lessons are offered weekly in The Ward Center.

Music in the Schools Teacher Resource Guide The Hamilton Philharmonic orchestra is committed to providing students in our community with informative, stimulating and entertaining musical performances. Log in Registration. Search for. New World Records. Celebrating the richness and diversity of America s musical heritage. Start display at page:.

Download "New World Records. Celebrating the richness and diversity of America s musical heritage". Kelley Payne 1 years ago Views: View more. Similar documents. Curriculum Vita. Samuel Adler. Bradford Gowen piano. Sonatine voor piano deel I. Sonatine voor piano deel II. Sonatine voor piano deel III. Chaconne voor piano.

Robert Evett. Etudes voor piano nr. George Perle. Sonate voor piano, "Sonata breve". Sonate voor piano, "Sonata breve" deel I. Sonate voor piano, "Sonata breve" deel II. Sonate voor piano, "Sonata breve" deel III. Henry Cowell. Wendell Keeney.

The road to Terpsichore. The road to Terpsichore deel I. The road to Terpsichore deel II. The road to Terpsichore deel III. The road to Terpsichore deel IV. The road to Terpsichore deel V. Fantasy, aria and fugue. Frederic Goossen. Fantasy, aria and fugue deel I. Fantasy, aria and fugue deel II. Fantasy, aria and fugue deel III. Canto nr. Gerelateerde artikelen Basiscollectie klassiek:


Loved And Lost - Various - Roots Of Rhythm And Blues: A Tribute To The Robert Johnson Era (Vinyl, LP, Flick Of The Wrist - Queen - Sheer Heart Attack (Cassette), Howland Road - Diorama - Diorama - MP3 Collection (CD), Prelude - Paul Anka - The Painter (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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