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download Alice Sunshine - The Seventh Ring Of Saturn - The Seventh Ring Of Saturn (CDr) full album

Label: Not On Label - none Format: CDr Promo, Reissue, Limited Edition Country: UK Genre: Rock Style: Psychedelic Rock

Artist Chart History". A sample of the song as it appears in the film Hair carries the main loop of the Boards of Canada song of the same nameappearing on their debut LP. Leadbeater gave a list showing the characteristic type of magic for each ray. The Wrecking Crew. In the third volume of the Secret Doctrinepublished posthumously, Blavatsky described the "Seven Primeval Rays" as a group of celestial beings also known as "Gods" or " Angels " or "Powers".

Moses was of the race of the Chaldeans. The other planets which circling around the sun lead the dance as round the King of heaven receive from him with the light also their powers; while as the light comes to them from the sun so from him they receive their powers that he pours out into the Seven Spheres of the Seven Planets of which the sun is the centre. Dunlap wrote that the idea of spirit as the ultimate cause is present in all of the great religions of the East which in the terminology of his time included the area now known as the Near East or Middle East , and that this idea can be found in "the Seven Rays of the Chaldaean Mithra and the Seven Days of Genesis.

From the Sun came fire and spirit. Dunlap compared the nimbus of Apollo to the seven rays of Dionysus , presiding over the orbits of the seven planets. The seven rays are found also in the Chaldean mystery of "the God of the Seven Rays, who held the Seven Stars in his hand, through whom as Chaldaeans supposed the souls were raised.

In the late s, art historian and writer Ananda Coomaraswamy was curator in the department of Asiatic Art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and built the first large collection of Indian art in the United States. His writings in the field of perennial philosophy and the Traditionalist School included complex essays collating symbols of ancient wisdom and metaphysics from widely diverse cultures including Indian, Islamic, Chinese, Hellenic, and Christian sources.

He wrote that the seven rays of the sun appear in both Hindu and Christian symbolism, representing similar concepts, and in particular the symbolism of the seventh ray that "corresponds to the distinction of transcendent from immanent and of infinite from finite. Syncretism is one of the core principles of Theosophy , a religious philosophy originating with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky from the s, and the seven rays appear repeatedly in the related writings.

Theosophy holds that all religions are attempts by the " Spiritual Hierarchy " to help humanity in evolving to greater perfection, and that each religion therefore has a portion of the truth.

Blavatsky wrote in the first book of The Secret Doctrine of an " analogy between the Aryan or Brahmanical and the Egyptian esotericism" and that the "seven rays of the Chaldean Heptakis or Iao, on the Gnostic stones" represent the seven large stars of the Egyptian "Great Bear" constellation, the seven elemental powers, and the Hindu "seven Rishis.

In the second volume of the Secret Doctrine , Blavatsky discusses the "seven nervous plexuses of the body" and the seven rays they radiate, stating that this principle is found in the Rig Veda , in the mythology of Ahura Mazda , in the beliefs of the Incas, the Chinese Yao, and the Egyptian Osiris, who "when he enters the ark, or solar boat, takes seven Rays with him.

This is the Solar lion and the emblem of the Solar cycle, as Garuda is that of the great cycle, the "Maha-Kalpa" co-eternal with Vishnu, and also, of course, the emblem of the Sun, and Solar cycle. As well remarked by C. In the third volume of the Secret Doctrine , published posthumously, Blavatsky described the "Seven Primeval Rays" as a group of celestial beings also known as "Gods" or " Angels " or "Powers".

These are also believed to convey "Divine Qualities". Leadbeater gave a list showing the characteristic type of magic for each ray. This list indicates what he regarded as the most compatible type of magic to be performed by persons on each ray although anyone of any ray can do any of these various types of magic.

According to Alice A. Bailey , each person has a soul ray that remains the same through all their incarnations, and a personality ray that is different for each incarnation. Each ray is also correspondent with certain Masters of Wisdom, and with particular planets, cycles, nations, etc. The seven rays are the basis for what Alice A.

Bailey called New Age Psychology —she divides everyone in the human race into these seven psychological types. Bailey stated that the seven rays that reach us on Earth locally originate within the "Solar Logos," i. Bailey and Benjamin Creme , the seven rays are focused to the Solar Logos, through Sirius , the seven stars of the Big Dipper in the Great Bear , and the seven major stars of the Pleiades form the "Galactic Logos," the consciousness of the "Divine Being" of the Milky Way Galaxy , and have their ultimate origin within the mind of God.

On the local planetary level, it is believed that the seven rays are transmitted from the Solar Logos through the God of our planet, Sanat Kumara , then through the spiritual hierarchy of our planet which includes the "Masters of Wisdom" [38] Some writings term them the Ascended Masters or the Great White Brotherhood. Each of the seven rays is believed to be associated with a different kind of occult energy , and a different color.

Alice A. Bailey and the Church Universal and Triumphant assign different colors and in some cases different Masters to each of the seven rays. In Letters on Occult Meditation , Alice Bailey indicates that there is no simple correspondence between the rays and these colors. Bailey the Masters live in immortal bodies at a residence on the physical plane at the indicated location although a given Master may physically travel extensively incognito to various locations, become invisible , teleport to various locations, and walk through walls, as well as influence humans telepathically and travel on the inner planes , as required by the demands of his spiritual work.

According to the Church Universal and Triumphant, and other Ascended Master Activities , each Master is believed to serve at a Retreat on the physical or etheric plane at the geographical location shown after their name. For both Alice A. Bailey and the Church Universal and Triumphant, each ray has a jewel which is believed to focus the energy of that ray, which is indicated. Gold Ruby. Diamond with pearl. Table Mountain, Wyoming , United States. In the mid-to-late 20th century, as the New Age movement gained in popularity, the concept and imagery of the seven rays appeared in a variety of settings.

In esoteric astrology , the seven rays are considered to be split into three groups: Jackson the student passes through a sequence of levels by mastering the "key" to each level. The key for the second level is known as the key of "oneness" and is attained by passing through each of the seven rays. According to psychic counselor Samantha Stevens, an individual can use affirmations , candles, color therapy , vibrational medicines and other methods to contact "archangels," which she defines as the "seven rays," based on Buddhist and Christian theories: In recent years, there was the creation of a secretive group named "The Keepers of the Seven Rays".

Their philosophy is the human being has seven emanations in which it finds itself, or connects with the Higher Self. These emanations are extensions of the Higher Self or otherwise called the Higher Will.

Metaphysical philosopher Gurdjieff writes frequently of his "Seven Rays of Creation". The First Ray then manifests itself in the 2nd Realm, the realm of Galaxies. From Planets to Organisms on the planets, etc.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Walker History of the Life and Institute of St. Ignatius de Loyola: God has sometimes announced beforehand the rise, works, and merits, whether of certain Orders whom He has sent to the assistance of His Church or of their founders. We find examples of this in the dream He made known Norbert, surrounding the head of the crucified Redeemer, and the pilgrims who came to him from the uttermost extremities of the earth Essays on Catholic Education in the United States.

Ayer Publishing. CS1 maint: Extra text: The native will be wise, kind and just. He will enjoy wealth and will be of religious temperament. However, whether Saturn is benefic or malefic in this house, it will be decided by the planets placed in 8th house. The state of finance of the native will be decided by 7th house, the number of male members in the family by 6th house and age by 8th house. In this house Saturn gives good results.

This house is the pukka Ghar of Mars. When Ketu aspects this house or is placed here Saturn will give very good results. The native will be healthy, wise and very intuitive.

If the native is wealthy he will have few male members in the family and vice versa. As long as the native abstains from wine and non-vegetarianism, he will enjoy a long and healthy life. This house belongs to Moon. So it will give mixed results in this house.

The native will be devoted to his parents and will be of loving nature. Whenever the native is suffering from bad health, the use of things associated with Saturn will give good results.

When Saturn is malefic in this house drinking wine, killing of snakes and laying the foundation of the house at night will give very bad results. Drinking milk in the night will also give bad results. This house belongs to Sun, which is inimical to Saturn.

The native will be proud. He should not construct a house till 48 years, otherwise his son will suffer. He should live in the house bought or constructed by his son. He should keep articles of Jupiter and Mars in his ancestral house for welfare of his children. If the native has hairy body, he will be dishonest. If the work related to Saturn is done at night it will always give beneficial results.

When marriage takes place after 28 years it will produce good results. This house is influenced by Mercury and Venus, both friends of Saturn. The professions associated with Saturn, like machinery and iron, will be very profitable. If the native maintains good relation with his wife, he will be rich and prosperous, will enjoy a long life and good health.

If Jupiter is in 1st house, there will be gain from government. Saturn becomes malefic if the native commits adultery and drinks wine.

If the native gets married after 22 years his eyesight will be affected adversely. In 8th house no planet is considered auspicious. Retrieved 19 December Retrieved 20 January Retrieved 28 October The 5th Dimension.

Off-Broadway Broadway original. Hair film soundtrack. Grammy Award for Record of the Year. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: CS1 Italian-language sources it Articles with hAudio microformats All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from September Singlechart usages for Belgium Wallonia Singlechart usages for Ireland2 Singlechart called without artist Singlechart usages for Dutch Singlechart usages for Swiss Singlechart usages for UKsinglesbyname Singlechart called without song Singlechart usages for Billboardhot Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from October Interlanguage link template link number Articles with trivia sections from May Namespaces Article Talk.

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